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Thursday 2 January 2014

Cold Alley, the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 8.1

Cold Alley

With Microsoft has released the first flight simulator for Windows 8.1 and RT namely the Cold Alley. For about 6 Euros catapult this is not only in the air, but fly in single player mode through different chapters, combat missions, and give orders to his own squadron.

Cold Alley offers a variety of different modes and over a dozen airplane models and fighter jets, since it does not need high requirements on the flying skills of pilots - therefore, it should also attract casual gamers. In game modes such as dogfight, Survival, FFA, Team Death match, Capture the Flag or base defense you can prove your talent and skills learned.

The cockpit can be interactively operated and transfer gives full control to the appropriate players. In more difficult missions you can turn the autopilot option on or off, depending on how you want to put your skills to the test. Microsoft offers Cold Alley the Flight simulator with realistic 3D graphics.

Cold Alley runs either via arcade or simulation control and leaves swirl through the air the player at sunrise, storm or night. Cold Alley is now available for download for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT.