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Sunday 1 October 2023

Google Gemini

Google Gemini

A small group of companies has recently got permission from Google to access an early version of conversational AI software that is highly anticipated. As Google allowed outside developers to access Gemini, it can be said that the tech giant is now close to incorporating this in its consumer services as well as selling this to businesses via the cloud unit of the company.

 The intention of Gemini is to challenge OpenAI's GPT-4 model, which has started to create meaningful revenue for the startup. The reason is that financial institutions invest money to access the model & the ChatGPT chatbot it powers. Sundar Pichai, at the Google I/O developer conference in May 2023, announced Gemini, which is Google's upcoming AI system. Google DeepMind division developed the large language model (LLM). It is able to challenge AI systems such as ChatGPT from OpenAI. Let's learn about Google Gemini.

What Is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is a large-language model collection that is able to power everything from Chatbots to features that summarize text or create original text depending on what people are willing to read, such as email drafts, music lyrics, or news stories.

This one is an underlying technology of AI chatbots. According to the company, it will let users create content depending on text inputs. Besides, it will help software engineers to write code. Google said that this language model was made from the ground up to become multimodal, efficient at tool & API integrations. It is made with the intention of enabling future innovations such as planning & memory.

Google To Take On OpenAI:

Gemini is one of the biggest bets of Google to take on OpenAI which developed GPT-4. In order to bring returns to the company, the model has begun its tasks already because Microsoft has incorporated the tech into OpenAI's GPT-4, Office 365 apps, and DALL-E models. Apart from financial institutions, other businesses also pay to access this model.

Some reports said that Google was playing catch-up after ChatGpt was launched by Microsoft-backed OpenAI last year. Sundar Pichai said that Google was willing to ensure its models' safety before these get released for businesses.

 The company is making some plans to bring Gemini to power several services like Bard chatbot, enterprise apps, and so on. Google hopes now that by doing so, it can challenge Microsoft Azure in a better way in offering AI capabilities to apps.

Can Google Gemini Leapfrog GPT-4's Revenue Stream?

OpenAl, with its GPT-4 model, has been generating waves in the financial sector. Google, the tech giant, has invested millions in computing resources & personnel to make this model a market leader. Google also aims to integrate this model across Bard chatbot, Workspace software, etc.

All New Updates Of Google Gemini:

We have given here all the new updates related to Gemini:

  • Google Gemini Will Be Multimodal:

According to the statement of Pichai, Gemini has the mixed strength of DeepMind’s AlphaGo system and extensive language modeling capabilities. You should know that the AlphaGo system is popular for mastering the complex game Go. Its design is from the ground up so that it becomes multimodal. It can allow for additional natural conversational abilities. The CEO of Google gave hints at future capabilities such as memory & planning which may enable tasks that require reasoning.

  • Gemini Can Use Tools And APIs:

Jeffrey Dean, who is the Google chief scientist, said in an update to his professional bio over the summer that Gemini is going to be the next generation model.

According to him, it would use Pathways, Google's new AI infrastructure, to allow for the scaling up of training on diverse datasets. He gives a hint that Gemini is going to be the largest language model till now. It may exceed GPT-3's size with over 175 billion parameters.

  • Expected To Come With Various Sizes And Capabilities:

The CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, gave information about additional details. He said that techniques from AlphaGo, such as tree research and reinforcement learning can provide the language model with new abilities, such as reasoning & problem-solving. As per the statement from Hassabis, we get to know that Gemini is a "series of models," which will soon be available in various sizes & capabilities .

According to him, this language model may use memory, and fast-check against sources such as Google Search. It can improve reinforcement learning for increasing accuracy and decreasing hazardous hallucinated content.

  • Early Gemini Results Are Promising:

Hassabis reiterated in a September Time interview that the language model's target is combining scale & innovation. He said that the incorporation of planning & memory is in the early exploratory stages.

He added that in order to improve factual consistency, the model can employ retrieval methods to output entire blocks of information, instead of word-by-word generation.

He revealed that the model builds on DeepMind's multimodal work, such as Flamingo, which is an image captioning system. He said that Gemini is showing promising results.

  • Advanced Chatbots As Universal Personal Assistants:

CEO of Google, Pichai, in an interview with Wired gave an indication regarding how the model, Gemini, can fit into Google's product roadmap. He said that Bard and other conversational AI systems are not the end state, but waypoints will lead towards more advanced chatbots.

Pichai also expected Gemini & future iterations to become personal assistants globally, and these will be integrated throughout human's regular lives in work, entertainment, etc. He also reiterated that this model will mix the power of images and text.

  • Competitors Are Interested In Gemini’s Performance:

OpenAI CEO tweeted and reported that the model might outperform GPT-4. But officially, Elon Musk didn't respond to the follow-up question on whether the numbers that SemiAnalysis has given are correct.

  • Select Companies Have Early Access To Gemini:

According to a report, Google will soon be ready for a beta release as well as integration into services such as Google Cloud Vertex AI.

  • Meta Working On LLM To Compete With OpenAI:

Although the news related to Gemini is promising, Google is not the only company that is ready to launch a new LLM to challenge OpenAI.

The Wall Street Journal thinks that Meta is now working on an artificial intelligence-based model that will compete with the GPT model powering ChatGPT. Recently, Meta announced that Llama 2, which is an open-source AI model, will be released, in a partnership with Microsoft.


Google, the tech giant, has reportedly permitted a small group of companies to access Gemini, a next-generation foundation model. This model allows users to create content, summarize articles, and help them to write codes. We expect that this model will soon be available for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Google Gemini?

It is a multimodal AI. It is expected that the model will be capable of processing images and text, permitting features like written analysis of visual graphs.

  • How do I access Gemini AI?

The tech giant, Google is planning to make Gemini available to the companies via Google Cloud Vertex AI service.

  • Does Google have AI?

A vast range of products & services of Google use Google AI research.