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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

MOZA Mini-MI Gimbal is a Handy Accessory for your Smartphone

MOZA Mini-MI Gimbal
The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal is a very useful accessory for your smartphone. With most of the smartphones, you can take HD videos. However, when making these videos while you are walking and talking becomes a bit difficult. Here is where the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal will sort out the problem. It provides your smartphone with a stable cradle. It helps to stabilize camera movements and capture perfect shots. The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal also provides a wireless battery boost. It is available at the PCWorld Shopor the PopSci Shop for $94.99. It is a very handy accessory which you can even gift your loved one.

What is the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal? 

The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal is compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market. It comes with a freely moving head which remains balanced every time.

It features built-in controls so that you can begin recording with a single tap. With the companion app, you can focus, zoom and time your shots. There is a whole load of professional photo and video settings via the companion app. The built-in buttons together with the companion app helps you get the perfect shot. The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal allows you to focus, zoom, take panoramic views, carry out slow-motion time-lapses and much more to enable you to get stunning videos and perfect shots. All this you can do from the handle’s built-in buttons.

With the help of the zoom dial, you can zoom in without any need to touch your smartphone.

The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal also comes with eight follow modes which helps the user to capture moving videos by keeping the main subject within the frame. By using the eight follow modes you can get good cinematic motions.

The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal comes with a wireless charging technology and keeps your smartphone charged while you are shooting. The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal helps to stabilize and energize your device with the help of the built-in wireless charging technology.

When you are busy shooting videos, the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal keeps your device charged through the 5V micro USB port. With a 2,100Ah battery, you can carry on video shooting for the entire day.
The MOZA Mini-MI gimbal is a very handy accessory for your smartphone which enables stabilization of the device to get stunning shots.

The Sport Gear mode that comes with the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal helps you to create very quick transitions.

The Inception mode allows for Dutch tilt shots. 

The MOZA Mini-MI gimbalis very handy for videographers and photographers. It allows for a continuous yaw, tilt and roll movement through 360 degrees, 165 degrees and 310 degrees respectively. If you want to film videos from your smartphone without any shaking of the hand, then go in for the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal. Though it can be obtained from the PCWorld Shop or the PopSci Shop for $94.99, you can get it for $75.99, by using the Cyber Monday offer code, CMSAVE20.