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Thursday 8 March 2018

Porsche Could Build Flying Cars, Says Sales Chief

Porsche Sales Chief Claims That They Can Build Flying Taxis

Flying cars may soon become a reality rather than staple feature of science fiction literature sand entertainment shows. Porsche is gearing towards bringing flying cars to consumers in a bid to shake up the automobile industry. It will soon be joining a group of companies to come with reliable designs of the flying cars. After the success of the electric cars spurred by the Tesla most of the automobile are simply looking forward to bring a definite shift in the traditional transport arena by doing with the conventional cars with self-driving vehicles and flying cars.

Porsche flying car reducing the commuting time

Uber has already started the trial of the self-driving vehicle which will effectively work as a taxi through it very own ride hailing app. It wouldn’t need a driver as the name suggests which will help in saving on the internal space ad get more people board the car at the same time. Porsche is thinking about lowering the commuting time drastically with the launch of the flying cars. Porsche official stated that at the moment it takes 30 minutes to reach the Stuttgart airport from the Porsche plant in Zuffenhansen but flying cars easily reduce the duration to just three and half minutes.

Similarly Volkswagen is also in the fray to come with a reliable and first flying car for the masses. It has collaborated with the famed auto designer Ital design and Airbus to come with a working prototype of the Geneva auto show. This car is tentatively titled Pop.Up and it happens to be a two-seater vehicle designed with ability to avoid the gridlocks present on the city roads.

Here comes the competition for flying cars

Porche isn't the only one with the aim of bringing flying cars to fruition and launching it for the masses in upcoming days. At recently started Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland automobile manufacturer are showcasing their attempt at creating the flying cars. One such notable flying car is PAL-V Liberty which happens to be most robust aero car to be displayed in the show.

The good thing is that it does look like a car rather than being a skirmish between a car and airplane. Its design feels quite suited for the super special racing circuit than the usual roads it is planned to play upon. It boasts of two side-by-side right in the front along with the unique tricycle design and a rotor isplaced right at the top which unmounts when the need arises.

Porsche flying car will not be completely automated rather it will offer certain amount of control over itself to the commuters. But passengers aren’t required to get a pilot license in order to take trips in the flying cars because the major aspects of the flying will be taken care of the automated features. Porsche is certainly feeling the heat of the competitors with similar ideas and prototypes in work for the ultimate flying car which will be launching by the mid 2020’s.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Porsche Takes Aim at Tesla with a Stunning Electric Concept


Mission E Concept – Combination of Excellent Range/Performance

Mission E concept which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently comes with a combination of excellent range together with performance in a package which could make Elon Musk apprehensive. The German car maker claims that the four door Mission E would be capable of driving roughly on a range of 310 miles and can blitz from 0 to 62 mph within 3.5 seconds and the Tesla Model S seems to be the only electric car with these numbers where its range topping P90D model is of almost 300 miles hitting 60 in 2.8 seconds.

Moreover, Porsche also states that the Mission E Battery could attain 80% charge of its capacity in about 15 minutes which competes with the Model S that need around 30 minutes to reach the same level of charge. However, the Tesla does seem to have a substantial advantage over the Porsche and it truly exists.

A Porsche spokesperson has informed Sources that the production of the car would be a possibility in the near future but noted that it would probably take around five years for the development of the battery technology. The Mission E is but an idea, a sensual body on a drive train which would or probably not be real or deliver the number quoted.

Mass Market Battery

Moreover, the Mission E also has a longer range than Tesla’s Model and should run for 250 miles after a charge of 15 minutes versus 170 miles from a 30 minutes charge.. The company however, offers an incentive, a mass market battery electric which must meet the fuel emission standards from US and European authorities.

Porsche had offered plug-in hybrid version of the Panamera and Cavenne already and it has seen some success racing a 911 hybrid and the gas electric 918 Spyder is quite amazing. The automaker had revealed nothing about the battery besides mentioning that it utilises the `fastest lithium-ion technology’ and extends from the front axle to the rear like the Model S.

The propulsion system is the consequent of the 919 and two motors tend to generate 600 horsepower, driving all the four wheels. The car has got all the wheel steering, which is a system used in the 918 Spyder, 911 GT3 and 911 Turbo in order to develop the stability at speed.

Low Sweeping Roofline

The Mission E is about 4 feet, 3 inches tall having a low sweeping roofline which cuts through the wind and a problem for any reasonably tall backseat passenger. It is not far from the Model S but completely beats Elon’s ride for sleek looks and is similar to the stillborn Fisker Atlantic. It looks like what the Panamera should be having all along.

The interior of the Mission E is theoretical silliness. Porsche had informed about a 3D display which tends to move as the driver changes position, eye tracking and gesture control and holograms. A camera in the rear view mirror tends to tell if the driver is in a good mood, displaying a matching emoticon in the dashboard since the Germans are of the belief that one need to be alerted to the fact that one is having fun. Porsche will now have to take up the challenge to Tesla in real life