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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Firedrive Enters, PutLocker Exits

Formerly known as PutLocker, Firedrive is UK based cloud storage and file hosting service offering free users, 50GB free storage with uploading of maximum file size of 1GB enabling the user to share, manage and store files from any location of the globe on any device. Files are accessible on any device along with the features which can be shared privately or publicly.

It is accompanied with several useful features like groups, public profiles, filedrops, advanced file permissions, document viewing and much more and is a perfect choice for students and professionals who would need to organize their personal and work, online. Firedrive is fast, easy and is packed with tons of security features wherein users can share with ease, their photos, videos, documents or audios with family, friends as well as co workers and can share, listen and view 150 plus file types.

Firedrive enables immediate access to media files without any downloads where video files automatically change to a streaming format, while audio files are playable through a web based player and images are embedded directly into the page. Users can also generate one time link and share it in an email, blog, instant message and forum wherein the user can copy the link and send it through Firedrive by email or social networks.

No registration is needed to share the file, all that is needed is a browser and the user can share using the one time line and also get notification when someone accesses it. Firedrive helps to share a file irrespective of it being big or small or even a whole folder and one can share multiple numbers of files or folders with the help of simple clicks enabling other to also add them to their Firedrive account.

When it comes to security and the need to share an important document with anyone, accessibility aspects should be taken into account. A password could be set for the files or folder that can be changed at any point of time. Users could also restrict access to viewers on all shared files by turning them to private without the need to delete anything and all the files uploaded to Firedrive gets automatically private.

One can also embed videos, audios as well as documents in blogs on website in the form of Power Point presentation, PDF, AVI, MP3, MP4 and much more which can be viewed by a large number of audiences at any location on the globe. To take advantage of the opportunity of 50GB free cloud storage service you could visit the site and get registered.

Firedrive makes use of industry standard encryption in order to safeguard the user’s account where the shared links are difficult to locate by search engines unless they are shared on public spaces like forums or blogs. Firedrive also has a mobile optimized website wherein the files can be viewed while on the go and new photos and videos can be uploaded though it is not as feature filled as the desktop browsers.