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Saturday 26 July 2014

The Attempt of Recreation of Jupiter's Core

Jupiter's Core
Rise of Science and Technology

Science and technology with time has really become advanced and more developed in order to open up larger scope of knowledge for the people at large. Likewise recently, the scientists have also experimented with ways out with the use of laser techniques for the recreation of Jupiter's core.

It may at once sound quite improbable and quite impossible as far as the recreation of the planet's core is involved, but the fact remains unchanged that the scientists have actually taken an endeavour to do such a job.

The Attempt of Recreation

Nevertheless, the very core of Jupiter is something that can be really unpleasant. However, in order to know about the formation of such heavenly bodies like planets, it becomes a matter of importance to get a better understanding on the very components of the planets.

Thus for gaining such information and more, a team or panel of scientists at the famous Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory had recently made the use of diamonds along with the lasers for the recreation of such similar conditions.

Brief Overview on the Experiment

In total, the scientists sued 176 lasers that included the world's largest laser as well, for compressing the diamond. The chosen diamond was actually subjected to about 50 millions atmospheric pressure or 14 times of the pressure that is present at the Earth's centre. The main reason why diamonds were selected in this experiment is because diamonds are made of carbon and carbon is also the fourth most abundant and found element in the whole universe.

The machine that is used in this experiment is sphere has roughly about 30 feet diameter. The diamond is on the side of a can that is one centimetre high at the very end of a cone. Following this, the ultraviolet rays are typically shot into the top as well as the bottom ends of the present coke can.

Having got the laser shots, the coke can later convert these ultraviolet lights into typical x-rays. In simple terms, the can turns into a uniform x-ray oven. This x-ray bath helps in causing a series of many reactions sending pressure waves inside the present diamond, resulting it to compress.

The entire process, at an approximate, lasted for about few nano seconds, after which the diamond got exploded. As Ray Smith, LLNL physicist, says, “The experimental techniques developed here provide a new capability to experimentally reproduce pressure-temperature conditions deep in planetary interiors.” With such experiments, scientists can also be able to know more about conditions in other planets as well.

Multiple Facets

This whole experiment not only gave rise to similar conditions in planets like Jupiter but also gave rise to the capabilities of diamond, the hardest element known to man as well. Some of the scientists also did not think that diamond would become that stiff as it resulted to.

Definitely, it was supposed and expected to get harder and harder as the compressing took place, but the speed was quite unknown. With these experiments, materials are seen to have different perspectives as well. Like these diamonds, it can be rightly expected as well that other materials also may not be as simple as they seem to be.