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Friday 21 September 2018

What You Need To Know About Google Titan Security Key

In this digital world, no accounts are safer because there is always a scope for the malicious hackers to get into the accounts and steal our information. As so many people are struggling to safeguard their accounts, Google has launched their new “Google’s Titan security key” to preserve and protect your accounts online.

In general, to protect your online accounts from hackers, you have to be careful in keeping a secured password and also you have to be reasonably good with the memory or else you will simply miss your password. Even when you have both, there is still a possibility to sneak through from your account for hackers. So, to add another layer of protection the new Google’s Titan security key will be helpful.

Google has started selling its new small piece of hardware from Aug 31, and it is called as the titan security key. It is specifically designed to add an extra layer of protection to your online accounts and online security.

Although Google has launched this extra layer of security, but it also has faced criticism for producing the Google titan security key in China through the partnership of feitian, company. I am saying according to the report of CNBC.

Now, after seeing this most of you might be curious to buy this Google’s Titan security key. And some might think what is precisely titan security key and how it’s going to help them. If these questions are wondering in your mind means don’t worry, I am going to explain them in this article.

What is Google titan Security Key?

Google Titan security key is a piece of hardware that acts as the extra layer of protection to your online security. This tool is following FIDO standards for two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify a user’s security key, and then it verifies the address of the login page.

This device is particularly helpful for high-value users such as IT managers and admins. The titan security keys work only work with the popular browsers, which supports FIDO standards.

The hardware chip in the Google security key includes a firmware specially engineered by Google to verify the keys.

Now, then we have learned about Google titan security key. Let us go into the further steps of Google titan Security key.

Features of Google titan Security Key:

Google’s new titan security key is having good features to protect us from online threats. Although most people hesitate to buy Google’s Titan security key, its features will attract you to buy this product.

Phishing Resistant 2FA:

The Google’s Titan security key provides the cryptographic proof that users are connecting with the legitimate services, which they originally registered their security key. So it will help you to stay away from all kind of the phishing attacks. Along with that, it has a two-factor authentication option as well.

Tamper- Resistant Hardware:

The small titan security key has a hardware chip that is specially designed by the Google developers, which help to verify that the keys haven’t tampered. These chips are specially designed to resist any physical attacks such as extracting firmware and secret key material.

Broad Browser Support:

This new tool is compatible with the all the FIDO standard browsers including Google Chrome. These are available in two form factors such as (USB/NFC/Bluetooth and USB/NFC).

Enhanced Security Key Enforcement:

Titan security key can provide security key enforcements to the available Google cloud customers. It allows all the admins to use these security keys in their organization as well.

Growing app ecosystem:

Titan security keys can also be used in authenticating the Google and other services which the help of the FIDO standards. Therefore, this is also a useful feature for all the people who strive to protect their accounts.

Advanced Protection Program:

The new titan security keys are compatible with the superior protection program of Google. It is one of the most robust security offerings in the Google. This feature helps to protect your Google accounts of anyone at the risk of the targeted attacks.

These are the new features of the Google’s Titan security key. Now, let us get into the other factors such as price and other aspects.

Google’s Titan Security Keys Brief:

As you, all know security keys are standard in the corporate environment. Moreover, people generally utilize it in the corporate world to make sure that only authorized users are accessing remote apps and other sensitive applications of the company.

They use these kinds of keys apart from the password, Pin, Biometric, and 2FA or two-step verification systems to protect their networks from hackers.

Google Titan security key exactly does that secures your accounts, and it works seamlessly with its Google owned products like Gmail, G suite apps, and so on. You can also use this with other websites and apps as well. As this key is fully compactable with the FIDO rules, it simply stands out in online security.

Now, most of you might be wondering about what is FIDO right “FIDO is nothing but a new set of technology agnostic security specification designed for strong Authentication. More than 260 companies accept it, and they are part of the FIDO alliance some of those companies are Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, and Microsoft, etc.

As said that Titan security key is phishing resistant. So you can protect your accounts from devastating phishing attacks. Google has even said that since it has rolled out the titan security keys to its staff, it hasn’t been a single phishing attack got through the security key. So that strengthen the security key it can save you a lot.

Google Titan Security Price:

Google has started selling this from Aug 31st, and you can start making the purchase of the Titan device from the Google. Google is selling this tool for $50 in Google online Store. If you want to purchase the Google titan security, then you can buy it on Google online stores.

Most of the people think that this little key isn't worthy of $50, but I bet you, this is key is better than its price. It helps you to stay with peace of mind as it provides the security that is priceless.

So, this is it all about the google titan security key.


Now, in this Google’s titan security key post I have explained everything about the Security key.

It is up to you; let us know your views on the Titan security key.

Whether you like the security key or you don’t like it either way comment below.