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Monday, 18 November 2013

The Flipboard application for Windows 8.1 is available


The Flipboard application to browse online and view the information as a magazine is now available for Windows 8.1. With the official Facebook app, Flipboard was one of the expectations of users of Windows 8 in Modern UI environment .

His arrival was announced by Microsoft in the month of June. It is now offered in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 and at the same time for tablets like Surface. Flipboard -Windows- 8.1 application is similar to that proposed for iOS and Android, however, with an added bonus for Windows 8.1.

Once pinned to the home screen, the application takes advantage of the live tiles in order to display information directly. The principle of Flipboard is to allow the user to access information from various sources and in various themes like a magazine, turning the pages.

For Windows 8.1, it will be dragging the pages or the mouse wheel. Features of social networks are backed via Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to create his own magazine to share.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - VIII


Like before she M6, TF1 decided to set the time of the tablets, starting with the most popular of them, the iPad. Just landed on the AppStore, the application has already TF1 as a best seller. And for good reason, she can find most of the programs of the first string in catch-up TV and especially to share his impressions on social networks, Facebook in mind.