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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Twitter app for Windows Phone

The Twitter app for Windows Phone has received an update that brings a particular set of filters for photos and the ability to read the Vine video clips directly from the tweets. The Twitter app for Windows Phone will be more benefit because of a significant update which brings a little more for Android and iOS versions. On the menu it there is an integration of the camera application to take pictures with the camera directly or drop it into the photo folder. There are also eight filters (vignette, hot, cold, 1963, 1972, golden hour, and antique, black and white) that allow you to customize the shots before the tweeter. It is now possible to save pictures received in messages. Another important new feature is the ability to play video clips directly Vine in tweets. The application also includes a series of bug fixes. It is now available on Windows Phone Store.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Vine available on Android!

13 million iOS users have tested this application to publish short videos on Twitter. With Android, Vine should beat his records. Vine today takes on a new dimension, becoming compatible with Android Smartphones. Dedicated to the green robot version is indeed available on Monday on Google Play. This version does not yet include all the features of the iOS version (the front camera, research, references, hash tags, and the ability to share videos on Facebook), but these will be available soon. Remember that Vine is an independent service with which you can save and share a very short clips, 6 seconds or less directly on Twitter, Facebook or Vine.

Originally Vine is a start-up that Twitter acquired last October for an undisclosed amount before the product is available. The iOS app was launched in January and has 13 million users worldwide, including many brands that use the tool for the promotion or teasing. With Android, Vine will quickly into record even if some shadows darken the picture somewhat. Faced with massive clips of pornographic publications, the publisher had to take drastic measures. The latest version for iOS is well equipped with an age restriction is officially reserved for more than 17 years, as other applications where users may come across offensive content. Previously, it was in the "over 12". Then, the termination of undesirable practices is facilitated and an option to block a profile or report it to the moderators of the service was added. A reporting system for a particular video still existed.