Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Delete Your Data From Your Android Phone Safely

There have been numerous ways through which a user can delete their data when switching between iPhones, but what about the users relying on Android phone. If you are looking to sell your phone or even to lend it to a friend, then you need to make sure that all your data is deleted from your phone. The steps might vary depending on the type and model of the Android phone and also the device manufacturer. There have been changes in the settings and name of certain menus in different models of the Android phones, but at the end the basic steps of deleting the personal data will mostly be the same.

1. Data from the MicroSD card:

The first thing that comes to our mind when changing a phone is the data available on the microSD. Usually if one inserts their SD card from the old phone to the new phone then the data like videos, photos and music should be easily migrated over. In case your latest phone doesn’t have any slot for SD card or by any reason you don’t want to carry over the card then first thing you need to do is to backup all the data and then format the card. The simple steps are:

1. Connect your phone to computer and you have necessary application available for data transfer

2. Now click on my computer and navigate through your phone and copy all the data to your computer

3. Unplug your phone and reformat the SD card.

One can even format the card on their phone by going to the settings and clicking on erase the card. However there are people who can trace your data from your card. To avoid this, one should copy some other data about the size of the SD card and delete it. This will replace the old data and your old data will be gone forever.

2. Back up data on the phone:

Apart from deleting the personal data, you might to back up your contacts and other information. Google account has been a benefit for Android users as they automatically back up your data but one can manually do this by going to the setting options and choosing back up my data. This will lead them to Google account to further back the different types of data available on your phone.

3. Deleting everything

Once the data has been back up, completely delete all the data from the phone. Carrying out a simple factory reset will ensure all the data on the phone is deleted. Users will just have to go to setting and they have the option of Factory reset.

4. Restore data to another phone

If a user has followed all the above mentioned steps then they will be able to restore their data to another device. If you have your microSD, just insert in the new phone and all your music, photos and videos will be automatically restored. If not you can just sign in you Google Account and get all your contacts and photos that were backed up.

Researchers Evaluating Powerful Batteries for Modular Grid Energy Storage

Grid Energy Storage
TransPower’s GridSaver, which is the largest grid energy storage system, is currently being analyzed at Sandia’s Energy Storage Test Pad, located in Albuquerque. The laboratory-based characterization of the Gridsaver has been started by the Sandia National Laboratories. According to David Rosewater, Project lead, the laboratory is currently investigating the frequency regulation of the system; they are investigating as to which grid operator will be required for the moment-to-moment difference management between demand and the electrical supply.

The data that will be generated after the characterization of a large system like that of Gridsaver will help in improving the operational performance, technology identification and gaps in the research. They will be able to provide feedbacks to the manufacturers so that they improve the performance of system, safety and reliability.

There are other tests which will help Sandia’s to validate the energy storage and their characterization protocols. This has been developed by national laboratories and industry, according to the preset standards for measurement and energy storage performance. According to Rosewater, carrying out independent evaluation will enable to the industry to receive feedbacks so that they can improve performance, standardize metrics for reporting and characterizing and safety.

Electricity, utility and transmission providers and regulators often want to ensure that their equipment is proven reliable and safe before they can be allowed to operate on the electric grid. Although they are concerned with the safety, integrators and energy storage manufacturers are time and again unable to provide the necessary logistics which can enable long term monitoring and testing of the equipments.

According to Rosewater, although the industries need these standards, they are deprived of the same. They are hoping this protocol will provide them with information will help them to compare lead-acid battery, flow battery, flywheel and lithium-ion systems. Sandia’s Energy Storage Test Pad and Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory test have been able to prove the specifications given by the manufacturers’ concerning energy storage devices through application-specific cycle testing and characterization.

These systems will help the users to evaluate the system parameters which include the performance specifications, storage device efficiency, balance and reliability of the plant operation.

According to the Rosewater, the job of the operators has become more difficult since the state, national and local policies are pushing for a cleaner and much more accurate electric grid for a significant increase in the variable renewable generation. He says that Storage will help in mitigating that variability as to when the storage is reliable, safe, cost-effective and sustainable.

According to energy storage program manager in the Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, Imre Gyuk, development of an energy storage system required complex incorporation of many components further than just battery. This includes sophisticated power controls and electronics.

Mainly for communications. Sandia’s is focusing on assessing the complete system. Currently there are 4 challenges that have been identified by the office namely, validated reliability, the cost of energy storage technologies, safety documentation and a regulatory environment for acceptance of the industry.

Researchers Are Promoting And Increasing the Switching Contrast Of an All-Optical Flip-Flop

The switching contrast of an all optical flip-flop has been increased by 28 dB and this has been done by the researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology based in New York. Due to this increase the resultant switching contrast; have been achieved at now 36.6 dB.

This development will be adding a lot of benefit and will allow increased performance of a whole range of the photonic techniques like for example, all-optical label addressing, all-optical packet switching, and square-wave clock generation.

Apart from these, other photonic devices like passive nonlinear media and even housing semiconductor optical amplifiers will show a leap in terms of their performance.


When it comes to all-optical flip-flops, they give a path for the sequential signal processing. This is completely opposite to the signal processing which is combinational in the optical domain. Devices based on the combinational processing get the added advantage of latchable control signal due to the sequential-processing nature of all-optical flip-flops.

According to Drew Maywar who is among the authors of letter, the University of Tokyo, and Eindhoven University of Technology as well as optical-packet switching which was performed at the University of Ghent made use of optical flip-flops to drive data-wavelength converters, which helped them to attain a wavelength that can help in the routing of the optical packets?

According to Drew, there are some of the optical flip-flops whose switching performance is very poor and have specific polarization states. The cycle switching time is more than 1 ns which is not ideal for many applications.


Nonlinear polarization rotation and optical dispersive bi-stability were the two disparate physical processes which were exploited by the team to achieve the contrast enhancement of 28 dB. This resulted in the increased switching contrast due to the bi-stable polarization rotation in combination with the linear polarizer.

According to Drew, the research team was able to develop a latchable polarization switch. One of the advantages of the enhancement was that it was able to outperform against the performance of standard method that was being used to measure contrast.

According to the previous standards in order to achieve a contrast of 5 dB, oscilloscope and photodiode were more than enough, but once the contrast technique was improved, the upper bound for the contrast was increased to 15 dB.


Currently, Drew is expecting that their latest work can be extended to other forms of resonators like distributed feedback structures, rings, vertical cavities and loops. They are hoping it to be extended to nonlinear media like SiO2 and In P.

They are hoping that the new flip-flops become the building blocks for devices contributing to large functional photonic subsystems. The team will be working on making the miniatures of the all optical flip flops.

Mayway hopes that the all optical flip flops will be continuously researched on contribute to the future. They contribute to improving the performance of switch and is able to tackle drive power issues.

Pentaho Training

In these days Pentaho is a very powerful tool who has the ability to provides a group of open source Business Intelligence (BI) items called Pentaho Business Analytics giving information mix, OLAP service, reporting, dash boarding, information mining and ETL capacities.

Combination of Pentaho (Penatho Data Integration) with Hadoop joins together the consistent accessibility and great versatility of Hadoop with Pentaho's visual interfaces for information ingestion, control and coordination, and also information visualization, investigation and discerning examination. This makes the procedure easier for software engineers, information researchers and business investigators to incorporate and dissect both enormous information and customary data bases. Pentaho Business Analytics give user friendly visual improvement apparatuses and huge information examination that enables clients to effectively design, model and investigate organized and unstructured information sets in Hadoop. Pentaho streamlines the end-to-end Hadoop information life cycle by giving a complete stage from information arrangement to perceptive dissection.

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Pentaho 1
Pentaho's advanced, disentangled and interactive methodology enables business clients to get, find and mix numerous sorts and sizes of data. With a range of continuously created analyzation, from fundamental reports to prescient displaying, clients can investigate and envision data crosswise over different dimensions, dependence on IT. In the meantime, a genuine intended for-versatile experience guarantees clients are productive regardless of where they are.

Pentaho data coordination gets ready and mixes data to make a complete picture of your business that drives noteworthy bits of knowledge. With visual instruments to dispose of coding and complexity, Pentaho sets many sorts of data and all data sources at the fingertips of business and IT clients apparently equivalent.

Inside a solitary stage Pentaho solution gives visual big data analytics apparatuses to extract, get ready and mix your data in addition to the visualizations and analytics that will change the way you run your business. Notwithstanding the data source, diagnostic necessity or nature's turf, Pentaho also has the ability to allow you to transform huge data into big insights.

Pentaho’s online trainings are perfect for clients with an extensive group of business intelligence experts who wish to get on job and up to date training. This training gives a full insight to the tool by giving on hand training through real time examples of problems. Through a mixture of intuitive, example oriented and self-paced training benefits become endless.

3D Printed Heart saved Baby’s Life

3D Printing – Life Saving Surgery

Advanced technology has given rise to improvement in the digital world which has enhanced the life style to a great extent. 3D printing or additive manufacturing – AM can be referred to various processes in printing a 3 dimensional object.

3D Printed Heart
A 3D printer could be a type of industrial robot. This has also proved to be of immense help recently where surgeons used3D printed model of the infant’s unusual heart in preparation for life saving surgery.

These surgeons give credit to the 3D printing which helped them to save the life of a 2 weeks infant in need of complicated heart surgery. With the use of MRI scan data, the surgeons, at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, New York City, 3D printed a copy of the heart of the infant which was unusually structured and with holes for a surgery which would have been dangerous as well as complicating.

The 3D printed heart provided an opportunity to the surgeons in studying the organ and helped in developing a detailed surgery strategy. According to Dr Emile Bacha who performed the surgery, informed Connecticut local media that the infants’ heart had holes which was not uncommon with CHD though the chambers of the heart were also in unusual shape, like a maze.

Technique like a Road Map

This technique proved to be of immense help unlike the past instances wherein they had to stop the heart and look inside to decide what should be done. The technique helped like a road map in guiding them on and they were capable of repairing the child’s heart with a single operation.

Matthew’s Hearts of Hope had funded this project, which is a Connecticut based foundation and it is said that another 3D printed heart is in the pipeline, the details of which would be following somewhere next month. In normal situation, a surgeon views the heart for the first time when the chest is opened up, but now it is no longer the same. They now have the ability to plan the surgery much in advance on seeing a 3D Heart of an infant or a child.

3D Printing in Modern Machine

Another incident has also proved to be successful with this cutting edge medical technology where a Kentucky surgeon Erle Austin with the use of 3D printing was able to conduct the most difficult surgeries.

He had informed Maker Faire in Rome that he was using 3D printing to understand a complicated heart. Austin, like the surgeons at Morgan Stanley, had used the technology to know his approach to heart surgery at Kosair Children’s Hospital on a young child. Austin printed a copy of the heart in three parts with the use of experimental version of the Makerbot Replicator 2.

He stated that since he had an identical reconstruction he could take the front of the heart and see inside and thus make a plan on how to go about with the flow of blood and move the obstruction in the heart. The NHS is planning the use of 3D printing in modern machine while US is pioneering this high tech biomedical research and the Ministry of Defence has expressed interest in such a type of a project.