Thursday, 30 July 2015

Znaps – A Simple Designed Solution in Charging Phone


If one has ever had the opportunity of using the MacBook’s MagSafe connector or the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, they would get to know how convenient a magnetic power connector could be when compared to the iPhone’s charging system.

A Toronto based company known as Znaps has come up with a way out that brings about convenience to both the iPhone as well as Android phones with a Kickstarter campaign that is in progress of turning the smartphone’s charging port as well as cable into a magnetic charger. It seems similar to Apple’s MagSafe power connector that enables the user to plug and unplug easily, the power connector to a laptop with satisfying magnetic snap.

Moreover, it can also detach if and when someone tends to trips on the power cord. Znaps is a simple designed solution which tends to transform a charging cable utilising a pair of easy adapters which plugs into the Lightning or microUSB port towards the bottom of the mobile device and to the end of the cable. As the two adapter are in place, one can `snap and charge’ or snap or sync, without even looking.Znaps seems to bring about an enhancement to the iPhone and Android devices though consumers would need to wait for some time before it is made available to the customers.

Znaps Connector Compatible with Lightning/MicroSD Ports

Founders of Znaps had turned to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the purpose of support in putting the adapter into production. The campaign being barely a quarter of the way through with only 24 days remaining where Znaps has already collected $437,295 out of its $94,221 goal which is 464% of Znaps’ goal.

The Znaps connector is said to be compatible with Lightning and microSD ports and is also reversible. This means that one will not have the need to fiddle with it in order to fit it in the right position since the Znaps, which is a tiny magnetic adapter adapts into the device’s charging port – Lightning for iOS devices, MicroUSB for Android, together with a separate magnetic adapter that fits over the cable connector.

Thus the user could just place the phone’s charging port close to the charging cable and it snaps in with the power of the magnet. It can get disconnected without much damage if it is pulled on the phone while it is still being charged.

Water Resistant – Power to Protect Sensitive Area – Power Socket

Besides this the Znaps is water resistant having the power of protecting the most sensitive areas on the phone which is the power socket wherein the adapter tends to lower the risk of any water damage to the phone. The Znaps magnetic adapter comes at a cost of $9 and wheninserted in the iPhone 6 or any other iOS or an Android device, it helps in charging the device instantly.

Due to the magnets in the adapter and cable, one can charge the mobile device by bringing it near the cable that tends to snap into the right position. The shipping of Znaps would probably begin somewhere in November and those interested in MagSafe type of charging technology for their iPhone or Android phone could pre-order the Znaps adapter or they could fund the Kickstarter campaign, opt for a custom pledge and get hold of their Znaps adapter by the end of November of in December.

AI Triumphs at Pictionary-Like Sketch Recognition Task


Sketch-a-Net – Sketch Recognition Job

Softwareknown as Sketch-a-Net accurately identifies a sample of hand drawings which has been developed by researchers in London and this artificial intelligence system – AI, has beaten human at sketch recognition job.

The researchers recommended that their program could be adapted in helping police to match drawings of any suspects involved in any crime incidents, though according to computing experts,a lot of work needs to be done. Earlier sketch recognition attempts have examined drawings as completed work wherein specific features were extracted and thereafter classified in the same way the photos tend to be analysed.

The Sketch-a-Net could make use of the information about the order the hand strokes were made in. Whenever computer equipment is utilised in the development of a drawing, the follow-on data comprises of information with regards to when each line was made and where, wherein the team at Queen Mary University took the benefit of this added statistics.

 According to Dr Timothy Hospendales, from the University’s Computer Science department, states that the `normal computer vision image recognition looks at all of the pixels in parallel, though there is some additional information offered by the sequence and there is some regularity in how people do it’.

AI Software Achieved Score of 42.5% Accuracy

He has informed BBC that in the case of an alarm clock for instance, people usually tend to start by drawing the outline of the device before adding in the hands and then creating dashes to represent the hours. He further added that different shapes have `different ordering and that is what the network learns to discover’.

The drawings in the test were from a collection of around 20,000 sketches that were known as the TU-Berlin dataset that had been utilised in earlier image recognition jobs. On examining the image library, Sketch-a-Net seemed to have a certain edge in determining some of the drawings’ finer details.

For instance, it was capable of matching drawings of birds to the description `seagull, flying birds,standing bird and pigeon, than human were.Dr Hospendales states that it has been described as being capable of solving the game Pictionary which he presumed was a nice explanation. The AI software achieved a score of 42.5% accuracy at that definite task when compared with the volunteers’ 24.8%.

Used in Matching Sketches of Suspects

The researchers recommend that their software could be utilised in matching sketches of suspects. According to Prof Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey’s Computing Department, he defines the research as `promising’ but states that it could be some time before its potential could be realised.

He adds on, that `neutral nets have proved to be extremely successful in the past since the foundation for recognition and classifications systems. But the latest application could be obviously at the initial stage and quite a lot of developments and testing would be needed prior to seeing it emerge in a real world application.

He thinks it is one of the several areas in which they could see people using the AI in order to improve on human abilities’. The peer review research would be discussed further in September at the British Machine Vision Conference.

Microsoft's Latest 'Garage' Project Is A Dead-Simple Email App for iPhone


Microsoft’s Garage – New Email App `Send’

Microsoft is back with another application of the Microsoft unit Garage and has now launched a new standalone email app which would presently be available only for iPhone users in Canada and the U.S. The latest app from Microsoft is a new email app known as `Send’, which has its focus in reducing the time taken to check and respond to email while on your phone.

With the Send app the idea is in making email perform just like instant messaging and do away with more formal email. The company has described this app as an `in-and-out’ email solution which emphases on simplicity and brevity and seems more like a messaging app.

 There could be instances when one would need to send a quick short note to their colleagues. Send app provides a quick messaging experience. This Microsoft Garage project is simple and fast wherein users could refer to past messages in Outlook.

Though one can use Outlook for this purpose, the latest app through the Microsoft Garage is built specifically for these brief communications. The Send feature enables to send message without the need to open the inbox or a new compose message window.

Turn Ideas Into Real World Project

Microsoft’s internal creativity enables employees and team to turn ideas into a real world project most of which have been cross-platform mobile applications. It tends to work on something which could be compared to an incubator within the company as project which tends to arise could be just perceptions trying to find options in achieving product market fit.

With the use of the app one could send a message directly to the contact, with simple conversations which is like sending a quick email to a friend or a colleague. Though tools like text messaging and IM are good for short messages, one does not often have co-workers’ cell number or an IM app on the work phone. `Send’ helps in sending quick simple text messages while it enables you to reach all co-workers and also have all your communication in Outlook.

 The Outlook team had mentioned in a blog post that `the app gives a simple quick text message like experience enabling the user to reach all co-worker with all communications in Outlook for later reference. This Microsoft Garage project is simple and fast to use and helpful in sending quick instant email messages when the need arises.

App – New Project for Mobile Platform

With the app, you can just send a message straight to the contact and keep the conversations brief. It is a good option of sending quick email to a friend or colleague without the subject headline, salutations, and signatures, necessary in the mail.

This app is the new Microsoft Garage project for mobile platforms. Send for iOS is now available for download while the Android version would be made available very soon.Microsoft has made it clear that it does not want to cannibalize its main Outlook email app with the latest and the company is said to be looking to focus on those situations when one would need to send quick messages to their co-workers.

`Send is tied deeply into Office 365 at launch, and people using an Office 365 business or school account could utilise the app. Office 365 links is used to surface the contacts emailed recently and most often. One will not see your full inbox in Send on the contrary the app will only contain conversation that one has started within it.

Microsoft has informed that with Send, with no signatures, subject line or salutation needed, their design principle was to make conversation fluid and fast for the app while keeping the people of importance to you at its core. It is all geared in short form conversation.

Meets With Organizations’ Compliance Policies

Instead of sending notes from meetings, it more on sending key facts or asking quick questions like `Where is the meeting being held?, or I’m running 10 minutes late’. Connection with Office 365 would mean that conversations are synced with Outlook enabling the user to continue the conversation from anywhere.

One can message anyone with an email address just like regular email. Only the messages that have been sent through this app will tend to be visible within Send though in Outlook all the messages will be visible from across both the services.

The need to exchange numbers, remember usernames or split conversation across platforms is not essential. Moreover one can even see when someone is typing a reply and there has not been a quicker way in reaching someone over email. Send does not show all the emails but only the ones started in the app thus keeping you in control.

Send messages meet the terms with the organization’s email compliance policies and are treated like any other work email. As for IT Pros, work is in progress in bringing more IT control to the app soon.

Send – Only for Office 365 Business & School Email Accounts

This is one of the efforts of Microsoft Garage that the company has promised and will be seen on Windows Phone and Android. Microsoft is said to be testing a new launcher app which would replace Android users’ home screens. Known as Arrow, it is a product of the company’s Garage program enabling employees work on interesting side project and release them to the world. Presently the app is in private beta and will be available only to members of private Google+ community.

Not much is being said about its existence by Microsoft and though a spokesman of the company had confirmed that the app is a Microsoft Garage project, he had refrained from sharing specific details of the same.

 Microsoft News, a blog unaffiliated with the company, tried to get its hands on a copy of the app and had published a run-down on its operation. Besides initial geographic as well as platform limitations, the Send app will be working only for Office 365 business and school email accounts. However once Microsoft tends to gather the feedback, plans are on in opening thing up in the forthcoming months. It would also be launching for Android as well as Windows Phone very soon.

Dyson AM06 Fan


Dyson’s Elegant Solutions – AM06

It is a known fact that Britain, is a rainy, windy island, having little reason for parasols, gazebos or other protective essentials to shield from the rays of the sun with heatwave and the issue of being forced to handle the consequences. With the development of the AM06, which is just one of Dyson’s elegant solutions, it could now be helpful in keeping cool in the heat.

It is a fan and not an air conditioning unit and does not produce cold air itself but draws air in through its base, speeding it up through a small directed opening for the purpose of creating a cooling effect. Unlike the old bladed fans, this is done in a smooth unbuffeted manner with steady flow of continuous air helping in regulating the temperature of the body as well as the room. The Dyson Cool AM06 is a replacement to the first venture into the desktop fan space, the AMO1.

The AM06 has been created to be 75% quieter than the earlier AM01 owing to streamlining the airflow path and utilises 40% less power than the AMO1 or the Dyson AM02 tower fan.It is easy to assemble which need to slot the large circular fan which is known as the air loop amplifier in the cylindrical base and on plugging it in, is ready to use.

Controlled by Small Magnetic Remote

The AMO6 is said to be controlled by a small magnetic remote by which the intensity of the cool air can be adjusted and if one would prefer it to remain static or turnaround from side to side.

A timer could also be set for the duration of the fan to run between 15 minutes and 9 hours which could be helpful if one would want to ensure that it will turn off while asleep. If the remote tends to get lost or misplaced, it can be turned on or off by using the standby button at the base and on pressing holding it can control the airflow.

To save the remote from being lost or misplaced, you could take the benefit of its magnetism by placing it on top of the amplifier for safety storage. The AMO6 is quite expensive priced at £259.99and if one intends to need its services for more than a few days or weeks a year, it is quite a price to pay for a really great looking fan and a cooler way to remain cool in summer.

Best Looking Air Multiplier

A larger, diameter of 30 cm airflow amp highlights the air multiplier’s sophisticated bladeless design while removing all of the base mounted physical controls of the fan, bar a power switch which gives it a smooth, organized finish. The AMO6 is an iterative latest rather than a main refresh and even though only small adjustments are being made to the still innovative looking bladeless fan, it is one of Dyson’s best looking air multiplier.

The AM06 is amazing and once the fan’s inbuilt timer hits the preferred cut-off point, it tends to shut down with just a gradual decline in the airflow till the machine gets completely silent. It is also a very useful way in ensuring that one does not wake up all hot and sweaty and that the fan is already operating to keep you cool as you sleep away. The prices start from £220 for an Iron/Blue and White/Silver choice, the Dyson Cool AMO6 is far from being cheap.

Why Should You Invest in the Best Properties in Bhubaneswar?

In these questionable times, it is constantly shrewd to stay one stage early and contribute appropriately so that your old age is an agreeable one. All over you look there are talks of how you ought to secure your future. As it’s said that reserve funds are the winning without bounds, so to secure it individuals hope to contribute. Putting cash in something advantageous is the best utilization of your monetary influence because individuals just can't keep the cash in place without spending some of them. When you put resources into something then your cash right away turns into a benefit and can use in the season of critical need.

Of the considerable number of types of venture, the property speculation is considered as the most productive separated from the interest in gold. It is so in light of the fact that, the cost of property is always on the up in the diagram and it will remain as such apparently for a drawn out stretch of time. Property speculation is somewhat a hot most loved at this time with such a large number of individuals hoping to put resources into this. So in the event that you are hoping to put resources into one to secure your future, you are on the right way. The real estate Bhubaneswar has seen an extensive ascent in its interest in a previous couple of years.

It is so just because this is the best place to get settled and begin your new existence with every one of the offices and essential courtesies effectively accessible. The interest has expanded as a result of the inside and out the advancement of this city in every angle like in the business field, the business enclosure, the political territory and the IT division as well. The inside and out advancement has given bunches of individuals extensions to make great professions and develop as people. In any case, purchasing the right property from every one of the properties available to purchase in real estate Bhubaneswar is basic to make the right utilization of your cash
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The city is a center point of land. Flats in Bhubaneswar are putting forth various offices and focal points today to purchasers. Clients truly get the opportunity to look over a wide mixed bag of reasonable costs and with every one of the lavish comforts suitable for the present day life.

There are various designers who have made their imprint on the land division of this city by giving quality finished items to their clients inside of their financial plan. Then again, Kolkata isn't a long way from the rundown of favored area of forthcoming home purchasers. Other than new, old houses and resale loft in Kolkata are likewise getting their notification.

When you start your pursuit, pay consideration on the foundation of the land developers you are going to manage. It is prudent to pick developers with a broad foundation. They are liable to be dependable and give you a bother free administration at financially savvy rates.