Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Want a cut edge screen with high resolution for your laptop?

Asus ZenbookUX305
Today in the technological world, it is really the in thing to have a sharp screen with high resolution. If that is your criteria too, then your first catch should be none but the Asus ZenbookUX305, which gives you a screen like never before. This means that the high definition movies that you will watch in it are bound to be even more enjoyable experience.

You can use this product as both a tablet as well as a laptop. The screen is so sharp that even the blurred images have a brighter view in this. And if you are a gamer, then the experience while you are playing games in it is quite pleasurable. It has a screen that is bound to attach you with itself.

What are its basic features and where is it suitable? 

This screen has a resolution manager so that whenever any low-resolution picture is downloaded from the internet, when enlarged the picture does not become blurred in any way and it remains intact. It is best suitable for the following places.

This product is best suited for: 

  • Businessmen who have to conduct presentations in the presentation hall. Due to the sharp screen, the presentation comes out to be in a nicer form. If there are situations in which graphical represents are to be used, then it becomes best when the resolution is good as because there are minute things to be noticed in it. 
  • Secondly, for the people who are involved in the field of designing, film editing, and doing Photoshop, the clearer image makes the work far easier. The better the resolution is, the better is the working with the tools in this field. And for the professionals, this is almost a must have. The designing are better shown and the resolution gives the picture perfect image of the designing so that you can get hold of the flaws and correct it.
  • For the people who love watching movies in their laptops and tablets, this is indeed a great catch. If you are fond of watching movies, then try this one out, as it will leave you craving for more. And once you get used to it, you will no longer like to watch the movies in the low resolution anymore.
  • For the ones who are game addicts, the sharper the screen the better the game is played. Almost every gamer would kill to have a screen like Asus is offering right now. Gamers, you need to change your strategy to be the winners. Try using this high-resolution screen for once. When you get to have a mind-blowing experience of it, then you no longer will want to play in the low screen resolutions anymore. You can grab every detailing of the game and therefore, you will be able to go play in a better manner than before.
Overall, you can have a taste of this cut edge screen, which will open a new door for new experiences for you.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Printable Solar Panels Coming Soon To Change the Way Energy Is Used

Printable Solar Panels
A group of Australian scientists and researchers have claimed to make breakthrough in the field of energy by successfully developing printable solar panels. This group comprises of the scientists from esteemed Australian National Science Agency, popularly known as CSIRO in collaboration with two major Australian universities i.e. Melbourne and Monash. This group had been researching for developing the power cells, which could be printed on plastic as a part of the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium since 2007.

This research team consists of 50 scientists from varied backgrounds such physics, engineering and chemistry, all coming together to give right shape to this innovative and courageous project. With their success in producing the printable solar panels, we are hopeful that very soon it would be used in low-power applications in near future.

Features of Printable Solar Panels

The printable solar panels are highly cost effective and immensely cheap in manufacturing and day to day operations. Its looks and the manner of working is widely different from the traditional silicon solar rooftop panels. The best thing about it is that it could be made semi transparent or could even be used for a tinted window scenario.

Printable solar panel offers a wide amount of possibilities in industrial, commercial and personal use because of its low cost, flexibility and lightweight. 

The Future of Printable Solar Panels

Researchers are optimistic in their view regarding the use of the printable solar panels in upcoming years. The printable solar panels could be used in a whole range of applications such as temporary structures, consumer product packaging, window and window furnishings, remote locations and developing communities.

A lead researcher also asserted that very soon the electronic accessories like the iPad covers, skins of iphone, laptop bags, tablet covers would be developed up of printable solar cells, which would give these the ability to collect some energy and power the electronics.

How the Printable Solar Panels Are Made

Researchers had used the commercial printer where with the use of solar ink they easily happened to print solar cells. Printing solar panels were as simple as printing plastic bank notes. However, the research for a suitable printing was in development since 2001.

Researchers had developed this simple technique by printing their solar inks in a roll-to-roll process onto process just like the PET method. This printing is usually done in open air along with the use of the off-the shelf printing equipment which were exclusively adapted for using the solar inks.

This project was aimed at developing panels which varies in colour and looks at the same time being lightweight and conformable while delivering a stable voltage even in indoor surroundings.

Printable Solar Panels Does Have Great Commercial Potential

Solar Cell Consortium had applauded this successful venture of the Australian scientists and had said that this technology does have the potential of dramatically reducing the dependence on the traditional sources of electricity not only in Australia but also across the world. This also have the potential to be used in developing countries where it is very hard to find cheap and easily deployable energy source.

Now Take Photos in Complete Darkness with Quantum Camera

Quantum Camera
Now low light is no disadvantage for Cameras as they are getting innovated to take better images even in low light. With this theory Researchers of University of Glasgow have got the inspiration and they are working towards creating an image that will be capable of working even with less than 1 photon per pixel. This team has been able to achieve this milestone which was seemingly impossible through combination of two esoteric technologies namely compressive imaging and photon heralding. The process involves seems to be very clear and simple leaving aside the amount physics and math that went under it.

The first part of this peculiar science is heralded imaging. Also known as “ghost imaging”, this is based on heralded photons. Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) process can be used to produce pairs of quantum-entangled photons under certain situations and then they can be split apart. At most of the time, if one of the photon is detected even the other one gets detected.

How the imager works? 

The imagers utilizes a beam splitter which send one out of each pair of photons it has created through the object that needs to be imaged and through a highly sensitive single-pixel detector. The other pair goes through high-speed camera. When a photon is sensed through a target object it leads to the activation of the detector. After this the detector send signal for shutter to open up for about 15 nanoseconds. This amount of time eliminate all the background noise and record the position of the second heralded. This allows it to take the picture of the photons quickly. A delay of 70 nanoseconds has been added to the path of the camera which allows enough time for the shutter to release signal to camera from detector.

Although one can’t avoid the shot noise which comes from the Poisson distribution of photons, this kind of heralded photons enables the imager’s light requirement get as low as one photon per pixel. Compression imaging is used to deal with this noise and go further which is less than one photon per pixel. Compressive imaging utilizes frequency domain information by relying on inherent redundancy of information in natural subject.


So Quantum camera can take photos in complete darkness and it will need only one photon per pixel. This amazing camera is not meant only for show purposes. The research team hopes it will drive the growth of cameras for scholarship researches, wherein they are required for investigating and analyzing subjects which are extremely light sensitive, for example certain kind of biological specimens. So when it comes to complete darkness, it’s time to ditch all the high end cameras with limited functioning in darkness and move ahead to the next generation of Camera- Quantum Camera.

Explore the Features of the Smart Products Newly Launched By Apple

The iPhone 6, Apple Watch and the iPhone 6 plus appear as the new launches that are being announced in the recent times. However, there still exist certain questions the answer of which remains unclear. The products that accumulate manifold technical outputs include certain details that were not discussed during the event.

Venue for the Event
The event took place at Flint Center, California where the audience learned multiple technical features that inspire them to know more. Simultaneously, Apple left some topics that require proper attention and clear answers that would help the users to get familiar with all the features of the products. Hence, you can easily operate the technical devices that accrete the advanced attributes.

Know the Technical Questions Without Answers
Here you can ascertain the major topics, which need answers revealing the suitable usability:

Ø The display of the Apple watch accumulates the smart features but the specifications such as the screen size, resolution etc. still do not bear a feasible response. However, you can guess from the format of model but you cannot get any definite answer.

Ø Apple announced the features for the smart watch that is yet to get into the hands of the users. So, you have to wait for some months with the intention to use the advanced features from Apple. However, it is not clear why the users need to wait to avail the smart watch from Apple.

Ø The functionality of the Apple Pay that is incorporated on the Apple watch does not reveal the clear answers that help the users to know the exact performance. Therefore, it appears as the confusing fact how to use the application once you purchase the product.

Ø Users are not confirmed with the battery life of the Apple watch that would help you to analyze the entire product better. So, while you are purchasing the product you cannot get an idea how long you would be able to utilize the watch with the perfect functionality.

Ø The smart watch comes with a golden case that increases the confusion regarding the accurate price. Starting price was disclosed as $319 but still arises the misperception due to the gold case option.

Ø Another feature, iCloud that provides the security measures reveal only regarding the Apple pay. However, it remains in a confusing status regarding the security of the other features.

Overall, the above-mentioned features need the clear explanations enabling the users to obtain a perfect ideal knowing the complete functionality of the products.

Final Verdict
Before you buy the particular products, make sure that you are familiar with all the information that would help you to select the suitable alternative. Moreover, you need to select the ideal destination from where you would receive the genuine product with all the optimistic facets.

Finally, you can obtain the product accumulating the smart features that gain the real time admiration. Choose the specific option ensuring that you are able to meet the budget accordingly. Therefore, after you comprehend the complete system you can start utilizing the smart features according to your needs.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Whatsapp on its way with free voice calling

Well, how many of you here are whatsapp user? Do you like to spend much of your time on it messaging your dear ones? Fortunately, whatsapp has been succeeded in reaching over 600 million users which proves that it has become the best means of staying in contact with their dear ones.

And if the reports are to be believed, it says that it will soon come up with free voice calling feature for its users, so that apart from messaging, sharing images, videos and all, they can even spend hours and hours talking on phone restlessly, without costing them a paisa.

The rumors got the air after the mobile messaging service whatsapp changed its interface. The change made in its interface is that the app has been enabled with other language translations which are helpful at the time of receiving a call via whatsapp. This change in its upcoming interface makes it clear that the free voice calling feature in the latest version of this messaging app is on its way.

WPCentral revealed that, some of the volunteers were asked to translate new strings, which used to translate the app’s Hindi version. These translations include words like Hang-up, Incoming call and Outgoing call. This truly indicates that functionality of voice calling is to be observed soon in whatsapp.

First of all, this messaging app has gained much popularity within no time due to its amazing feature. Most of the people prefer it as they do not have to frequently recharge separately for messages and even because it gives many additional facilities like sharing of images, videos, and many more. Apart from these, it given provides an option of audio recording that can be sent to any of your contact.

And now with this addition, god knows to which pick its progress graph is going to rise or will it just go beyond the expectations. One can say it has a major and sensible step taken by the whatsapp to boost and broaden its users which will help them to rank No.1 in the list.

This step will definitely cause a great damage to the already existing voice calling services like Viber, Line and we chat, which are still struggling to form a strong base in the market in order to have their existence.

Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum recently cleared the air by announcing that the voice functionality will be featured first for the Android and iOS interface and later followed by some Nokia and Blackberry handsets.


It seems to be great news for the entire whatsapp user as now they can even call up their friends for no cost and have a late time talk. This will definitely help them attract more users and stand first in the list. It seems to be a great addition, but suggestion is that do not make fatal use of it, i.e. the use must be limited without getting yourself much involved in it.