Friday, 24 February 2017

Getting Started With Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication
A number of studies and reports have suggested that the passwords commonly used by the wider internet user are extremely terrible. For a number of years the most commonly used password happened to be the 123456 and it has been seen people tend to use same password for multiple accounts which isn’t a good sign. Over the years a number of companies has been attacked & hacked which resulted in leakage of user’s data. This data is later on sold online for millions of dollars wherein the username, passwords, financial details as well as other personal information is made available to the bidder or buyer.

In order to do away with the shortcoming of normal passwords a number of websites are making use of the two-factor authentication process. Two factor authentication means that the users will be required to prove two forms of identification in order to prove their ownership for the said account.

What is Two factor authentication?

It should be noted that in the two-factor authentication brings an added level of security to the accounts. In the first factor there happens to be a password while second factor add a new level of security for unlocking the account. The second factor requires user to take the ownership of the account through an email, list of TAN codes or PAN or a direct text message to phone.

Most of the websites which has brought two-factor authentication rely on the direct text message or call to the device in second factor to authenticate user login. Facebook is an example of a website making use of the two form authentication wherein once the this system is activated by the users then it isn’t possible to get online or have a look at the News Feed without going through the due process. Quite ironically Facebook has also launched the support for a unique physical key with a button which will be used to prove that the user is a real person.

And advanced layer of security

This method has been described as a highly secure way of protecting the personal data as well as information. In case a hacker gets hold of the user’s password then he wouldn’t be able to get access to the account without entering the passcode which are sent either to the phone or email. This system does away with the secret question which happened to be too easy to guess or research in the past.

Websites which are making use of Two-factor authentication

Google has first started introducing the two factor authentication wherein users are required to enter their regular passwords followed by a text message or phone call to enter the verification code. WhatsApp has brought the same security feature on its platform wherein users are required to create a six digit passcode which will be used to install WhatsApp under the same account name on a different device. SnapChat has also brought the two factor ‘Login Verification’ wherein users have to enter sent via text messages to their phone in order to log-in to their account.

Long Lasting Flow Battery Could Run For More Than a Decade

Flow Battery
Everyone on this planet is acquainted with a gadget that runs on battery. The most frequent use of gadgets that require battery backups are smartphones, laptops and many more. The one who are using them are well acquainted with the trouble of charging it because as we start to use the gadget more frequently, the capacity of the battery begins to retard. But, now you can be saved from the hassle of frequent charging as the researchers present at Harvard after a long research have developed a battery that will run for more than a decade relieving you from the trouble of frequent charging. The problem of longevity is a very big problem of the devices that run on battery. As in due course of time they simply wear out.

The man who is behind the idea of such an invention, Michael Aziz, professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at Harvard have said that Lithium batteries do not even stay up to the time period that they promise to stay for. They do not even live up to 1000 complete charge or discharge cycle. Whereas, the battery which is just developed that promises utmost longevity loses only a single percent of its durability after being charged thousand times.

The whole crux behind this innovative battery is the presence of a flow battery concept which is powered by two components that have a chemical base that too soaked and dissolved in a liquid that are made to be pumped via the battery system. These flow batteries accumulate the energy in the external tanks, the more big is this tank the more energy will be derived from it.

Since, the electrolytes are made to be dissolved in the neutral water, this is the most durable battery evolved till date that you can even keep in your basement. This was confirmed by Roy Gordon who was studying the whole process side by side. It is further said that if its gets spilled on the floor, it would not damage the concrete and since the medium is noncorrosive, you are free even to use cheaper materials to add up to the components of the batteries like tanks or pumps.

Compound ferrocene is the key element used in the battery which is known for its electrochemical properties and also has the touch of gasoline. A post doctorate student Eugene Beh have confirmed that ferrocene is the ultimate material that works remarkably to store charge, which makes it the most reliable battery of all times.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Canon Announces Three New Cameras And None Of Them Shoot 4K Video

Canon has never failed to surprise its loyal customers, and has recently launched three new cameras. It will be up for sale in April, mirrorless camera M6, prosumer focused 77D, and entry level rebel T7i. While, all the three new cameras are capable, they are missing an important feature that videographers have been eagerly waiting for, the ability to shoot 4K. Though, not everyone needs a 4K camera, its use have become increasingly popular in the video world. 4K video cameras help budding videographers to capture professional grade videos and this missing feature has definitely failed to impress a few Canon fans.

Sorry! No 4K resolution 

4K resolution helps videographers to future proof the video projects, and this is quite helpful as most of the mobiles or even monitors have near 4K resolution screens. It is more of a creative tool, as videos with 1080p as it can be later used to pan, zoom, or use different crops in post production. If you are a budding or professional videographer and want a Canon gadget to fulfil your need of A grade videos you should consider buying their cinema cameras. Other options include EOS IDX Mark II, EOS ID C, and EOS 5D Mark IV.

Additional features available 

Well, in the first place it was Canon that let charge into DSLR videography, and thus the absence of 4K in these new cameras by Canon is quite conspicuous. 5D Mark II which was launched by Canon back in 2008 was not the first DSLR to be launched but it’s HD video made it much more popular than the cameras offered by Nikon, and it certainly sparked a resolution. Now, if 4K is not your first priority then this launch by Canon has a lot to offer. Canon’s mirrorless cameras and DSLR’s were kept focused on stills, but these new models especially T7i and M6 have extended those capabilities. All the three new cameras feature NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and most certainly make the process of shooting still and moving pictures easier.
T7i is all set to impress shooters

Canon’s T7i has proven to be a big leap for the company when compared to T6s and T6i. T7i is the company’s first rebel camera to feature dual pixel auto focusing system and DIGIC 7, latest image processor. This latest and improved system offers the camera an ability to zoom and focus within 0.03 seconds. According to latest reports this function is accomplished by the new 45 cross type auto focus point. Not only this, the camera also features a massive 3 inch LCD display. The screen will also be the home to the most interesting feature of this launch, the enhanced graphical menu system.

This menu system will prove to be a boon for new photographers, as it educates about the basics of photography. A camera which teaches photography? Isn’t that rare? Yes, it is, and seasoned photographers can very easily turn off the menu system. The menu will also showcase various points on photographic fundamentals like blurring the background, using aperture priority mode and so on.

What Does This Purple Bird Mean?

 Purple Bird
If you are an avid social media user then you must have seen a purple bird popping up the timeline out of nowhere in last couple of days. A trend has been in the Asian region of Facebook users wherein they are finding a purple bird in their News Feed every now and then which has left a number of users puzzled about its existence. This is a sticker for Facebook named Trash Dove which happens to be a cartoon baby of the American artist named Syd Weiler.

Inspiration behind the Purple Bird

Syd Weiller is based in Florida where he created the Purple Bird design in the September of 2016 and later on went to create a set of Facebook sticker in the month of January 2017. Trash Dove as called by the creator as made available to the public in later weeks to be used as emojis. The most popular version of its emoji is the one wherein bird happens to vigorously thrash its head up and down.

It has been available for quite some time for the Facebook users to utilize as emojis in their online conversations but it came into prominence in the Asian region with the help of a popular Thai Facebook Page. This particular Page started a dance off with a cartoon cat in the earlier weeks of February. And just within a week of this gimmick this helped in racking over 4 million of views and generated a loyal base of fan base.

Getting popular with each passing day

The popular of the Trash Dove was covered by some of the news channels in Thailand which further boosted the overall reach and might of this emoji. This move even compelled Weiler to post a Facebook ‘Thank You’ video on her Facebook page wherein she thanked Thailand for their incredible support love for her creation. It would be absurd to consider that everyone is a fan of the Trash Dove as petition has already been filed for its ban as a number of people have complained on being fed up with the purple bobbing head popping in their News Feed.

The reason attributed to its popularity in the Asian region is its unique blend of style, graphic and not so alarming bird tricks. Some find it extremely pleasing and exciting while some complains of it being annoying and distasteful. In order to reveal the inspiration or reason behind creating the Trash Dove, Weiler stated that she simply created it as dumb iOS stickers which can be used to spam friend and family in a non-offensive manner.

Trash Dove is the first case of breakout popular sensations on the internet as in the past year we have seen a number of memes likes Salt Bae and cash me outside gain huge traction within a short time. But these breakout sensations have been short lived as well as people got tired of it quickly.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

5 Reasons Why Moto G5 is Worth the Wait

Moto g
Since the time Motorola has fallen in the hand of Chinese smartphone giant Lenovo Motorola is opting for competitive pricing, more incredible specs but at the same time keeping up with its core design and tradition. Despite of being thrown into among some of the more popular and high performing brands like Sony, HTC and Samsung but Motorola has come unscathed as one of the most trusted brand in the world.

Motorola G4 was a mid-ranger which kick right punches last year and remained competitive in the onslaught of multiple offering from varied brand at the same price points. Motorola has set high hopes with its next generation of the Moto G5 which will help in gaining commendable traction in the next few months before market starts saturating with similar offerings. Motorola will be launching this smartphone at the MWC in Barcelona on 26th February. Here are five key points which showcases that waiting for G5 will be the eight choice for the interested buyers.

Moto G5 high performing hardware

Moto G5 will feature Snapdragon 625 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and this will help Moto in giving direct competition to the Xiaomi’s popular Redmi Note 4. Moto G5 will come with 2GB RAM but no confirmation has been made about 3GB and 4GB variant so far.

Moto G5 bright and lively display for consumers

Motorola has opted for Samsung successful and vibrant AMOLED panels for this particular smartphone. The last Moto G4 Plus came with the usual IPS panel but we are likely to get AMOLED screen for Moto G5 Plus. Quite incidentally a number of OEMs are opting for Samsung OLED screens instead of usual LCD or IPS panels due to ability to bring a captivating smartphone display experience for the end users. Lenovo went with Super AMOLED display for its mid end P2 smartphone so it is being speculated that Motorola will also opt for the same in G5 Plus. It might also happen that Motorola simply goes with the IPS panel in order to remain competitive by keeping the price down.

Metal unibody design is here to stay in Moto G5

Motorola is opting for all metal finish for the G5 line up. This is a great boost for the its flagship smartphone which till last year shipped with the plastic design but new metal deign brings a premium feel and elegance to the smartphone.

Turbo charge will be there in Moto G5

On battery side Motorola will be bringing a 2800 mAh and 3000 mAh on Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus respectively. Both of these smartphone will come with Turbo Charging support which happens to be Lenovo’s home grown fast charging technology allowing users to charge their device within a short time. The best thing about Mto G5 range is that Lenovo is willing to ship these devices with a bundled Turbo charger.
Camera upgrade is worth talking about

Moto G5 will come with a 12/13 MP rapid focus camera at the rear with Sony IMX362 sensor and complimented with f/1.2 aperture and PDAF while a 5 MP camera will be set for selfies.