Thursday, 25 August 2016

Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?


Recurrent Charging – Toll on Lithium-Ion Batteries in Phone

Is overnight charging of your phone a good idea? There seems to be a short as well as a long answer to this query as The New York Times had recently discovered. If the user seems to be the type of a person who tends to change phones every two years or so, it would possibly not make much difference to the battery life of the phone if left to be charged overnight. According to experts, these people are not aware of the damage done to their phone batteries when they need a new device.

Edo Campos, a spokesman for Anker states that recurrent charging tends to take a toll on the lithium-ion batteries in the phone and it is not because they have been overcharged which produces phone charger. Smartphones seems to be smart and know when to stop charging. Android phones and iPhone are said to be furnished with chips which tend to guard them from absorbing extra electrical current once they are completely charged. Any damage due to overnight charging of the phone with an official charger or an off-brand charger should be insignificant. However, the act of charging is itself considered to be bad for the battery of the phone.

Charging Fast - Limits Life Span of Battery

Most of the phones tend to utilise technology which enables their batteries to receive more current faster. The founder, chief scientist and chief technical officer of the wireless charging company Ossia, Hatem Zeine has informed that the technology permits phones to regulate the amount of charge which a charger has the potential of providing. The technology is said to permit power to pulse in the battery in specific modulation, increasing the speed where the lithium ions in the battery tend to travel from one side to the other thus causing the battery to charge much more quickly.

However, this procedure inclines to also lead lithium-ion batteries to disintegrate quickly than they would otherwise.Mr Zeine informs that when you charge fast all the time, you are likely to limit the life span of the battery. Mr Seine advises that if one considers preserving a lithium-ion battery beyond the lifetime of the phone or tablet they could use a charger which is meant for a less powerful device but he does not guarantee that it would work.

Temperature Beyond 95°F – Permanently Damage Battery Capacity

He adds that if one utilises an iPhone charger on an iPad Pro, for instance, it would charge very slowly. If the electronics seems right, they could actually preserve the battery since one is always charging it slowly. Mr Campos advises that individuals who are keen on preserving their batteries should ensure that their phones do not get overheated since high temperatures could further stimulate the lithium-ion in the batteries which could lead to faster deterioration.

Apple’s website has mentioned that the temperatures beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit could permanently cause damage to the battery capacity.Mr Zeine and Mr Campos have both noted that considering the continuous demand for new cell phones, charging them overnight may not be a matter of great concern for several people.

 Mr Campos quoting a 2015 Gallup survey which showed that 44% of smartphone users intended to upgrade their devices as soon as their providers permitted it, generally after a couple of years, the length of time it takes for batteries to show signs of wear, had mentioned that all this actually does not make much of a difference for the consumers.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Google Duo Makes Video Calling Between Operating Systems Easier

Google Duo

Google’s Duo – Video Calling App

For years, Apple and Google had been competing with each other for dominance over mobile users, with Apple submitting its greater devices such as the iPhone. Google on the other hand had battled back with its Android operating system together with a sequence of mobile apps which seemed to quite flexible and well-matched with broader set of devices than the apps of Apple.

Recently, Google had featured that strategy with the release of its new mobile app, the Duo, a video calling app which is said to be a direct substitute to the FaceTime of Apple. The app tends to fit precisely in the playbook in mobile of Google.

Google had progressively provided its software as well as internet service comprising of Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Photos to iPhone users and all these apps had been convincing substitute to the proprietary apps of Apple such as Apple Maps, Photos and Notes since they tend to function on a broader variety of devices inclusive of Macs, Android devices, Windows PCs and iPhones.

FaceTime can only be utilised to call others having the Apple devices though Duo enable the user to place video calls between Android as well as iPhone users and substantially increases the number of people with whom one intends to have a video discussion.

Great Product/Increase Use of Video Calling with Android Users

Google had mentioned in a statement in an indirect shot at Apple that one should not have to worry about whether your call can connect or if your friend is utilising the same type of device one is using. It is no wonder that almost half of U.S. adults do not make video calls on mobile.

All this encouraged the strategy of Google in attracting iPhone users over to Android. It is said that Google’s apps usually tends to operate better on Android devices than the iPhones and hence more users seem to get hooked on the core apps of Google with less reason for being loyal to Apple.

The head of communication products, Nick Fox had stated that the top priority with Duo was to create a great product and to increase the use of video calling with Android users. However he adds that making the Android much more attractive than the iPhone owners had been a secondary motive. He informs that the appeal of Duo was that it seemed to be simple to use, was fast and much more extensively accessible.

Switching – Android to iPhone – Highest

He commented saying that their view is video calling and should work for all. If one can only call half the people they know, that is very limiting. Apple does not seem to be concerned by the moves of Google.

When the falling sales last month had been reported by the iPhone maker, Timothy D. Cook, chief executive of Apple had highlighted that the rate where people were switching from Android-based devices to iPhone had been the highest the company had ever seen.

He had mentioned in a call without revealing the precise figure that their year-to-date iPhone sales to switchers were the greatest they have seen in any nine-month period. A spokeswoman of Apple had refrained from commenting beyond the comments of Mr Cook.

Putting a Computer in Your Brain is no Longer Science Fiction

Kernel – Small Chip Implanted in Brain – Neurological Damage

Bryan Johnson, a technology entrepreneur, like several in Silicon Valley foresees a future wherein intelligent machine could perform many things such as drive cars on their own and anticipate our requirements before we tend to ask. From his modest office in Venice Beach, his science-fiction-meets-science start-up, Kernel has been building small chip which could be implanted in the brain in order to assist people suffering from neurological damage which could be the result of strokes, Alzheimer’s or concussions.

Top neuroscientists building the chip call it a neuroprosthetic and hopes that in the long run it would be capable of boosting intelligence, memory as well as the other cognitive responsibilities. Johnson admits that the medical device will take several years but he can afford to wait. In 2013, he had sold his payment company, Braintree to PayPal for $800.

Earlier Mormon raised in Utah, he expresses regarding the project with missionary like passion and focus. He further added in an interview regarding the company that he had not spoken openly before, stating that `human intelligence is blocked-in relationship to artificial intelligence and the blocked-in is the degeneration of the body and the brain and this is a question of keeping humans front and centre as we progress’.

Support Cognitive-Enhancement Businesses

Johnson is said to be one out of a set of leading entrepreneurs who is of the belief that Silicon Valley could pay a role in financing large-scale scientific encounters, the types which could intensely enhance home life that could go further than building software. Several of their ventures have been drawn from the values of software.

 Venture capital firms such as Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel’s Founders fun, Khosla Ventures and several others, in the last two years had invested in start-ups which centred on `bio-hacking’, with the idea that one can engineer the body as one would, a software program.

They have subsidized the companies which focus to arrange the bacteria in the gut reprogram the DNA one is born with or conduct cancer biopsies from the blood samples. They have also supported cognitive-enhancement businesses such as Thync that tend to build headset which sends mood-altering electrical pulses to the brain as well as Nootrobox which is a start-up making chewable coffee complement that associates doses of caffeine with active elements in green tea, thus leading to a accurately planned, zenlike high.

Speed up Scientific Breakthrough

It seems easy to discharge these attempts as the hubristic, techno-utopian illusions of self-involved choice are of the belief that it could challenge death and human deterioration. Though there is no lack of hubris in Silicon Valley, it is also sure that some of these projects would speed up the scientific breakthrough and seal some of the gaps which may have been left in the process of declining public subsidy for scientific study, according to the professor of bioethics and medical humanities at North-western University, Laurie Zoloth. Besides this, techies have been encouraged by the statistic that several biological as well as health challenges progressively comprise of data-mining together with computation which look more like problem than one would know to resolve them.

Kernel is said to be a cognitive improvement and the concept depends on the work of Theodore Berger who was a pioneering biomedical engineer directing the Centre for Neural Engineering at the University of Southern California and is said to be the chief science officer of the start-up.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Airline Cabins Of the Future- A New Golden Age of Travel


Air Travel Experience Renovated with Technology

In comparison to the air travel photos of the 1960s which portray smartly attired, champagne sipping passengers in a spacious airliner cabins, the present scenario is that of cramped seats with overcrowded airports which appears that our flying experiences seems to be gradually getting worse. The aviation industry has invested immensely in order to demonstrate sentimental passengers, the mistake.

Though the aircraft may seem to be the same to those of the supposed wonderful years but each aspect of air travel experience is being renovated currently, with the use of technology. At the front position we have the aircraft cabins and the fundamental to their transformation is that of a wireless connection. With every passenger practically using a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the inflight Wi-Fi tends to open up new means of commitment with the travellers and redefine their flying experience.

Mobile technology has already being playing an important part in improving travel accompanied with electronic boarding passes to last-minute bids on biz upgrades on class. Other airlines such as KLM had also begun sending boarding passes as well as flight alerts, through dedicated airline Facebook Messenger chat bot.

Inflight Entertainment/Personal Devices

However, the one area wherein mobile could be accurately transformative is the inflight entertainment together with personal devices being a gateway to a range of up-in-the-air services. Though built-in-in-flight entertainment systems seem doubtfulto disappear, especially on long-haul flights, they could work in tandem with the own devices of the passengers.

Panasonic had unveiled Waterfront, earlier in 2016 which is a system that permits passenger in utilising their mobile handset in order to control the built-in entertainment of the aircraft. Aerospace companies Thales and B/E have also been utilising mobiles in personalizing passenger experiences.

On syncing the handsets, the seats tend to know the preferences of a passenger and could also restart a movie at the precise place they could have left in the earlier flight. Some of the airlines are discarding the implanted entertainment systems completely and are opting for he handsets of the passengers in delivering inflight entertainment, which is a change that significantly lessens aircraft weight and more cabin space.

Cost Effective/Flexible Means of Quality Inflight Content

Internet connection is not needed and passengers could only link their devices to an in-plane network. AirFi, Netherlands-based is mostly preparing low-cost airlines which tend to fly short-haul single-aisle aircraft often and does not have entertainment systems. The portable wireless system of the company beams pre-loaded content on the devices of the passenger.

The AirFi terminal tends to perform like a normal Internet router which is lightweight and can be installed in a luggage compartment with ease. Job Heimerikx, AirFi CEO had stated that it is cost effective as well as a flexible means of providing quality inflight content to the short haul market. He further added that `there are customer service and a commercial angle to the system and passenger could access a broad range of movies together with other kind of entertainment though they could also utilise it to order food or shop duty free.

It seems like an evolution of the traditional inflight magazine but since it occurs at online stores, one could make it really personal’. This conception tends to flourish on obtaining a captive audience.

Capture the benefits of Java Logging

 Java Logging

Java Logs Specific Formation/Analysis

Provision of accurate information in leading one’s business to great height could be easy if the right approach is utilised. Machine data provides the incredible valuable statistics regarding your business operation and with the help of friendly platform, things tend to get easy in accomplishing your goal. helps in real time BI solution for online marketers, with their plan of action. Individuals could send in their choice of logs and the powerful processing is taken care of by the service provider.The need of any installation or agent does not arise since it tends to run completely on the cloud. You could follow the simple guidelines wherein your logs can be integrated with easy and centralized into the log analysis platform:

  • Any kind of logs, machine events or metric from any location can be sent 
  • The need of any proprietary code on the server is not essential. You have the choice between agentless or a log shipper 
  • Scale on demand without automated overage penalties 
  • Establish information utilising logical fields tag sets and metrics

Java Provides Plenty of Logging Libraries

Java tends to provide plenty of logging libraries beginning from java logging Util to some classy ones like the SLF4J and Log4J2 wherein to make it more multifaceted, each open source library tends to come with its specific logging standards which is said to enhance a layer of complexity to java logs specific formation as well as analysis. Java logging seems difficult to manage due to stack traces which have a tendency of getting split into multiples lines making them complex to link to the unique log event.

Java tend to take a tailored as well as extensible approach for logging and though it offers a basic logging API through the Util logging package. One could use instead one or more substitute logging solutions which tend to provide various methods in creating log date but share the final goal in delivering logs from your application to the desired destination. Java logs could be swiftly controlled making it a dominant tool for Devs as well as Ops which are likely to pay attention to app in production. Utilising the json format could also assist in handling the java logs accurately.

Mapped Diagnostic Context - MDC

Logging in json seems to be a decent notion for Java logs and using the json format could be beneficial in dealing accurately with java logs. Since java logs tends to be fragmented into multiples lines, the parsers could find it challenging in relating them to the original log event. Logging can be great and it informs the administrators as well as the developers of what takes place at a particular time but the user needs to embellish them with appropriate elements.

 In order to enhance log events, in Java the user could re-write messages in your code while introducing = systems. Alternative choice in improving the logs is to utilise Mapped Diagnostic context – MDC of Java which are great though for certain reasons only string form are permitted and hence offering numerical values for metric along with MDCs does not seem to be a good choice.