Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to Speed up the Google Chrome

This might be a wonderful information for you that how to speed up your Google Chrome Browser, that you can easily do without doing any extra things. By simply doing few things, you can easily improve the speed of your browser and you can enjoy the full browsing speed with your Google Chrome Browser. We all know Google Chrome Browser is owned by Google Corporation and in the meanwhile, you can experience the best browsing with the Google Chrome Browser.

The most of the people would have felt that their browsing speed has been reduced. This let them to feel bad and also with these few simple steps, you can easily improve the browsing speed of the Google Chrome Browser. In this post, has provided little information that allows you to improve the speed of your browser.

1. Disable the Plugins: Google Chrome Browser has provided various plugins that allows you to improve the user usability. But in turn, it will reduce the speed of the browser. Generally Google Chrome Browser has several built in Plugins that are installed predefined. For example, various plugins for java, Silverlight and so on. But most of those plugins are remain unused; in such a case you can improve the speed of the browser by disabling the plugins in the Google Chrome Browser. This will solidly improve the browsing speed of the system. Before disabling the plugins, you should view the use of the plugins and after that disable the plugins for better performance.

2. Clear the Browsing Data: Browsing data are the data which are similar to cache memory that helps you access the websites through stored cookies.Cache memories are stored in the database of your system which allows you to store the history of the website that is visited by you. By clearing the browsing data, the speed of the internet connection can be improved.

3. Disable Extensions: These are the Small programs on the Google Chrome Browser, which is available in the Google Chrome Web store and these small programs adds an extra features to the Google Chrome Browser. These extensions are very useful, but if the number of the extensions increases then it would ends up in slower browsing speed of the personal computer. You can even disable this plugin to improve the browsing speed of your Google Chrome Browser without uninstalling the extensions from the Google Chrome Browser. Even you can found some of the extension in the tool bar of your Google Chrome Browser, you can simply right click those extensions and you can simple uninstall or disable them in a click. And also you can visit the settings menu and then tools and then click on Extensions to enter into the extension menu for the Google Chrome Browser. You can uninstall the program which is not necessary for you and also you can disable temporarily for improve the speed of the browser.

If you follow these three simple steps, you can see the changes in the speed of the internet connection.

Best 5 Android Apps to Make Free Calls

In internet there are some online services for making calls. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to have contact with your loved ones and buddies all over the world without any cost. In this post, has provided the best 5 android application to make free calls in your android application and here it goes;

1. Skype App

In earlier Skype cannot be used by all the platform users. So they developed further more. And now we can use Skype in all platform mobiles. It offers instant messaging service, voice call, video call service, photo sharing service and video messaging service.

2. Google Hangouts App

After the release ofGoogle talk, Google introduced the Google hangouts which optimizes in all mobiles. Hangout allows chatting one to one or group chat, photo sharing, video calls etc. it can be used in iOS devices, Android Devices and windows phones. You can make video calls at a time with your 10 friends. You can also find the peoples who are in hangouts. It is represented in green and grey color. Green represents the people who all are in hangouts. And grey represents the people who all not in hangouts.

3. Yahoo! Messenger App

Yahoo Messenger application is the best application to make a video call. It is a cross platform application. And it works in all platforms. You can do chatting with your windows live and Facebook friends. It offers messaging service to the mobile numbers for both local and international at free of cost.

4. Tango App

Tango application allows you to connect with your buddies & families or you can make new friends. You are allowed to make the video calls and voice calls. You can send text messages and play games. Everything at free of cost. It can be considered as a social networking application. Because it provides the service to communicate and interact with so many friends as many you want. This app became very popular at very short period of time. Once you created the account, next second the app will show the friends using the app. It can be used in various platforms. You are able to do a group chat up to 50 members. You can do chat with animated and fun icons. You can share your photos too.

5. ooVoo Video Call App

OoVoo application introduced multi-stream video calling, which means you can do video call at a time with 12 members. All over the world 75 million users are there. This application has self-capability of adjusting the video call according with your speed. So you can continue your conversation without any intervention. You are able to set your video status messages. And also you can set speed dial for your 5 best friends. This application allows you to see the friend’s profile.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Google Snaps Off Titan Aerospace From Facebook

Google Drone
Google has take over the company Titan Aerospace, which develops the drone to bring Internet access to remote areas. Actually Facebook is supposed to be bought the Titan aero space, which also had interest in the similar area.

Titanium Aerospace manufactures drones, which are powered by solar energy, can stay for five years in the air and fly at high altitude. The company has now taken over for an unknown price by Google. It has about 20 employees and is intended to remain in New Mexico, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

Titanium Aerospace developed two unmanned aircraft to supply Internet and connecting larger areas. The smaller Solara 50 has a wingspan of 50 meters. An Airbus A320 has a wingspan of 34.10 meters. The large wing area is equipped with solar cells that are to win the necessary operating power for the aircraft.

At first it looked as if Google set for the Internet supply of remote areas on weather balloons, while Facebook is more interested in high-flying drones. But now Google seems to delight even for the technology. The Titan acquired by Google Aerospace builds drones. Industry rumored Facebook was also interested in the company.

Both the weather balloons and the flying drones are going to replace satellites and float in the upper atmosphere and staying relatively longer period. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the team of Titanium Aerospace will now work on Google's weather balloon hotspot Project Loon. The balloons are designed as floating Wi-Fi hotspots to bring the Internet into inaccessible regions of the world.

They are to be used at an altitude of 20 kilometers, where the wind speeds are relatively moderate. A balloon can provide an area with a diameter of about 40 kilometers. The balloons are powered by solar cells. Google had also taken over the past year with Makani a company that builds a flying wind turbine to generate electricity.

Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT) is called Makani and it was taken over by Google himself earlier. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle, on which several wind turbines are mounted. The aircraft is similar to a kite; it is attached to a cable on the ground on which it is held in the air.

The advantage is that the wind is blowing steadily at a higher altitude. Facebook had taken with Ascenta a company that developed an unmanned solar-powered aircraft. The team worked some with even at QinetiQ.

The company developed the Zephyr aircraft, which is already in use for several years and a wingspan of almost 23 meters, has a weight of only 50 kilograms. In 2008, the solar plane managed an unofficial drone world record when it was in the air over 82 hours. 2010 was the QinetiQ Zephyr for two weeks circling over the southwestern United States.

Oracle Going To Check 30 Vulnerabilities In Java

Java Update
Four weeks after the release of Java 8; the first patches are available to check the vulnerabilities and this time there are more security threats blocked. There are around 37 gaps, it the highest danger level encountered by Oracle. Today, on April 15, 2014 will publish extensive patches for Java Oracle.

In the software, which was recently published in Issue 8, there are four more across the supported versions, 37 holes, 35 of which can be used from a distance. Oracle classifies all vulnerabilities in its software on a scale of 1 to 10, at least one of Java vulnerabilities carries the highest risk level of 10 in the scale. Oracle does not specify; How many out of the 37 errors are so serious.

The patches appear for "Java Platform and Standard Edition”, just Java SE, in the versions 5.0u61, 6u71, 7u51 and 8 similarly, there are updates for Java SE Embedded, JRockit and JavaFX. In each of the packages, one of the 37 gaps stuck, more precisely, Oracle has not been described about the errors in detail. However, the company indicated generally the update as critical. Many other Oracle products, the company updated with the upcoming patch day.

So there are 2 patches for the database server, but the resulting closed gaps cannot be exploited remotely it seems. There are about 13 gaps in the Oracle Fusion customer’s side but that is the case, there are a total of 20 patches for this software.

Also in Oracle MySQL insert 14 security bugs, two of which could be used remotely. In this case, however, the risk level is less it seems, unlike the previous Java 6.5.

Further updates are available for the Sun Systems Products Suite, Siebel CRM, Hyperion and PeopleSoft. A summary of all patches listed in Oracle to the exact nature of the error but there are no security advisories.

How to Create a Hidden files in Android

We all know that, the android technology is becoming a greater one while comparing to other operating system such as iOS, Windows and so on. Since Android is an open source operating system. People use to love it due to the millions of applications and tons of enchanting features in the Android Operating system. In this post, has brought you best information that gives a detailed report on how to create a hidden file in your android operating system. But providing privacy is one of the main issues that are mainly found over the android operating system. By using third party applications only, we can hide the certain files in the android operating system. In this post, I have provided a manual way to hide the files that are found in the android operating system.

In order to hide files in the android operating system, you need to create a file folder caller HIDDEN. From your file explorer, create a folder called HIDDEN. If you don’t have a file explorer in your android device, download it from the Google Play Store. I would suggest you to download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store. Using the downloaded file explorer, create a folder.

Now copy the files which you want to hide from others and move it to the folder which has been created by you. Now open the folder using the file explorer, then click on rename button. Now place a DOT (.) in front of the folder name. That’s all, no application like video player or image explorer cannot open the files which are inside the HIDDEN folder. Suppose, if you want to access the files which are present in the folder, then remove the DOT (.) which is provided in front of the folder name in the file explorer.

There is one more method to hide the files from the gallery in your android operating system. Open the Notepad on your computer and then it’s time to create an empty file from your computer. Now rename the empty file as .nomedia. While saving the file, do not forget to select the files which are to be saved in the notepad file. Then using USB connection, copy all the files which are to be hide into the HIDDEN folder and also copy the .nomedia file in the HIDDEN folder.

If you were feeling too bad while doing these actions from your computer, then you can use apps that are available in the Google Play Store.

You can use this following application for hiding files in your android operating system.
1. Hide it Pro: Premium version that allows you to hide the files in the android device.
2. Hide Pictures in Vaulty: This application allows you to store the files in the vault and you can protect it by providing password in the application.

If you were using this technique, you can hide your files in the android operating system. Stay tuned for more information on