Saturday, 30 August 2014

Microsoft Research Invented Video Game Time Travel to Repair Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming
In spite of huge efforts from companies like OnLive and Nvidia, the cloud based gaming still seems to be difficult dream to be fulfilled. Even though there are latency issues, remote server based games are now making more sense at a time when low power Smartphone’s and tablets are continuing to grow. Microsoft’s research team seems to have got solution in video game time travel. They are calling it DoLorean.

Existing cloud gaming platforms might have to strike a balance between value and latency. Based on the user input and the data transfer over internet before you can get the end result seem to be causing quite a long delay. This is basis for the frame to get rendered. To keep the round trip time (RTT) sensible, Cloud gaming will have to rely on rough compression and low resolutions. DoLorean has been developed keeping all these factors on mind.

How DoLorean works? 

It actually performs four tasks which have been developed to improve response and lower the RTT. The tasks are

1. Future input prediction

2. State space sub sampling

3. Mis-prediction compensation, and

4. Bandwidth compression

These tasks will improve and eliminate the lag upto 250ms and it will be cloud based game accessible even on mobile connections example being Doom 3 and Fable 3. Let’s say if a person is playing a cloud based shooter game, before anything can be done, DoLorean based server will be able to initiate three of the slaves in one instance. These are used for rendering frames as you progress in the game. These are all saved in the main server and it will send the correct frame whenever there is an input sent from the player’s end. Depending on the past behaviors, algorithm method has been used to make this as accurate as possible. The space sub sampling along with GPU computation play a significant part.

What to expect? 

If only few known instances of the cloud game, DoLorean seem to unable to deliver all likely future. Mis-prediction compensation comes into existence if the prediction of the future is no correct but it is close to the correct answer. DoLorean can use the interpolation to match the output with the rendered frame. This is very fast when compared to rendering on frame from initial point. It can also opt to compression of bandwidth to maintain a lower latency. According to Microsoft, video encoding system can get this job done even with fewer artifacts. 

Very high end software was being used by Microsoft to get the DoLorean running. This server comprises of quad-core Intel Core-i7, RAM of 16GB and Nvidia GTX680 along with VRAM of 4GB. In order to get the game running on DoLorean, the server was manually configured to artificially develop delays; a slight change might be required though. But still the future of gaming might be lying on this at the moment.

Apple Planning 12.9-Inch iPad for 2015

Apple is now planning to promote and launch it’s much whispered 12.9-inch iPad in initials of 2015 as reports received from Bloomberg. Intimations of the tablet, which has been labeled as the "iPad Pro" in gossips and rumors was firstly made available i.e. it appeared around mid-2013, with a forthcoming 2014 launch date. Latest gossips and rumors suggested that targets and plans for the tablet had been put on halt.

The new iPad is expected to have a screen measuring approximately 12.9 inches crossways, as said by the members, who specially asked not to be getting identified publicly because the details aren't open yet. Apple is currently producing iPads with range varying between 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch displays. The Cupertino, California-based Corporation has been working with providers for at least a year to create and develop a new wide range of bigger and larger touch-screen devices as said by them.

Conferring to buzzes, the bigger 12.9-inch iPad will comprise a high pixel density with a display that approaches ultrahigh definition feature. It will most probably implement many of the design fundamentals that are offered in the existing iPad Air and iPad mini like an ultrathin framework and slender side bezels.

Bloomberg recommends that the bigger tablet is a power to wobble up the iPad streak as deals of the iPad have been on the deterioration situation for the previous two quarters. The bigger tablets may demand profoundly to businesses, a marketplace that Apple is also targeting for with its latest IBM enterprise.

Along with a bigger iPad Pro Apple is also occupied working on a second-generation iPad Air and Retina iPad mini both of which are likely to comprise highly advanced processors and provision for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor application. Even this concept of apple is amazing and high tech driven.

So let’s hope that both of these products will be launched soon in the market. But the main criteria is budget because now there are many brands which provide awesome features and that too in very low and cheap price with good quality but no doubt the apple market has never been affected by any brands because it’s quality and features are far ahead from any other brands. The user interfaces of apple products are considered to be the best of all. So no doubt people buy it without even giving it a second thought.

So these are some latest gossips about the 12.9 inch iPad which apple is planning to launch in the start of 2015. The protocols and features have been set into action although it is known that the work is on hold for some time but we never know that what apple is planning inside so let’s get prepare for the surprise.

Hope apple will launch its new product soon and no doubt the competition will reach the peak if it will be success. So that’s all about the tech gossips and If you have any other news related to this topic then please share it with everyone by commenting below.

Largest Online retailer to Buy Best Tech Gadgets

Online retailer
One of Australia’s largest online retailer for computer and electronic and a renowned provider have some of the most amazing products made available for the convenience of their consumers providing them with a one stop online shopping opportunity at their portal. Mwave is one of those providers who have been recognized as an industry in the tech online world with the means of shopping and saving on purchases done at their online portal offering their customers with some of the most tempting offers, deals and discounts which could be of great benefit to their consumers.

The company originated in late 2006 and has made steady growth and is presently one of the fastest growing companies in Australia ranking 15th in the BRW Fast 100 for the year 2011. With their focus on advanced concept in business, together with vast experience and accompanied with an on-going emphasis on system development as well as quality improvement across the business, they have the capabilities of providing a wide product range and good selections on computer products and electronics, with professional services to their valuable consumers both for general as well as for business. They have been continuously making headway to develop and utilize their potential as one of the most popular online providers of tech production in Australia.

Moreover they are in an optimum position to continue their growth with further strategic partnerships and planning. Some of their products are mwave and desktop related products, laptops, gaming, tablets, hardware and parts, ultra portable, storage devices, SSD,software and much more. Since technology has been playing a very important role in the present world, most of the activities are also dominated by technology in this fast track world of today. Consumers keen on saving and for a convenient way of shopping for products of good quality could check at the site and browse through the various options in each category of products that are listed at the site. To further enhance their shopping experience, users could also avail the option of the clearance sales which are regularly updated for the benefit of their viewers. With a huge selection on popular computers as well as electronic products from reputed manufacturers, consumers could rest assured on the best quality of products which are offered with the reduced offers.

To further enhance their shopping experience, users could also avail the option of the clearance sales which are regularly updated for the benefit of their viewers. With a huge selection on popular computers as well as electronic products from reputed manufacturers, consumers could rest assured on the best quality of products which are offered with the reduced offers.

With keen focus on logistic operation together with strong online service platform, they have been paving the way in making it convenient and easy to handle multiple items per assignment with high volumes on orders daily, ensuring that the time frame on delivery is implemented in the quickest possible time schedule. Consumers are also provided with all the support that may be needed with regards to the products besides which the products are also accompanied with the essential specification, description which could provide useful insight to consumers intending to purchase products available with them. Guidance could also be sought with gaming options, on upgrading of the computer, or on the need of ultra portable which is provided by their customer service through their live chat or via phone.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Test Out the Latest Chrome OS Features

Google has always given incredible technology driven products to the world. Electronic mails, search engine, cloud, analytics and so many Google products are available for different platform of computing technology. This time Google has come up with remarkable Chrome operating system and it is available in beta form currently. From the very beginning Google is known for proposing products to the people under the "beta" tag. For so many years Gmail was just a beta product and also Google Glass is presently under beta tag.

Now talking about Chrome OS, Google has allowed users to select the choice of running a beta version of the Chrome operating system if they wish. Basically there are three different channels available in this operating system which a Chrome OS user can select, each following a pattern of different update schedule and each channel offers different and fantastic features.

The Stable channel is one of the channels and it is set default for Chrome OS and it is the most consistent and reliable one. The best part about this channel is that it is updated in every few weeks with bug fixes and in every six weeks new features and changes are added.

Now coming to the next channel it is Beta channel which is for those who love to work with the advance and latest technology and features. It is updated in almost every six or seven weeks but I think it receives new changes and features a month before the Stable channel receives.

And now coming to last channel it is the Dev channel. Here new features are available but also errors and bugs are more here. It is updated around once or twice per week but still it has more bugs.

Switching from the Stable channel mode to either the Beta channel mode or Dev channel mode is an unproblematic progression, with the major portion of your time consumed waiting for the update to get download.

Now the most crazy and difficult part is to decide that which channel you want to switch and move to because selecting a good channel is must so that it coordinates with your requirements as well.

So here is a piece of advice that you can take while moving on to new channels. While moving on to less stable channels (meaning: moving from Stable to Beta or Beta to Dev channel) it is possible to move without losing or corrupting any information stored on your system. But if you are moving from Dev channel to Beta channel or to stable one, it will ask you to entirely wipe your Chrome operating system device.

So based on my experience I would recommend you to first start with Beta channel and then if you feel more exciting then you can go down to Dev channel to enjoy other features. And after you select a channel the Chrome will automatically download all the updates and after completion it will post a notification. And then with simply restarting the device the process of updating will finish.

So if you want to try any new OS then give it a chance, perhaps you will like it more than your current operating system. If you want to share your experience with this Chrome OS then please comment below and let everyone know.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Software- Solve the Touch screen Problem of OnePlus One

OnePlus One
OnePlus has now launched latest software updating for the popular OnePlus One Smartphone. This installation is apparently made to solve a number of problems that the customers have reported concerning the OnePlus One Smartphone.

The major problem that the users of this OnePlus One Smartphone have informed is the issues regarding the touch screen of the model. Moreover, many owners have reported that they face problem at the time of locking their phone and also at the time of using the apps.

The newest software prepared for the OnePlus One is thus, actually designed to the problem, as well as a lot of other troubles with the handset and the update that is being released is known as the over the air or OTA update.

The new software includes the version CyanogenMod 11.0 XNPH33R, according to Android 4.4.4. It directs various types of bug issues together with power consumption problem and provides security update. OnePlus informs that the update offers significant security updates and solves some other issues.

Various changes for the updates

• Changed image quality

• Fixing of touch screen problem. However, it is not much helpful in spite of the fact that the update solves unsystematic touches problem, which seems to check unlocking of the phone. Besides, the grounding matter yet exists.

• Less power use in idle state

 • Audio updates

• CVE-2014-4943 and other update for security

OTA downloading method

At first, download the version of XNPH33R OTA for OnePlus One. After downloading the link, reboot the mobile and click the button ‘Volume Down’ when it is booting. The word ‘Start’ would come into view on the screen. After that, press the button ‘Volume Up’ for a number of times until you get Recovery button.

Now click Power switch to enter the mode of recovery. You can see the Android with a red sign. Now push ‘Volume Up’ along with ‘Power’ buttons and a menu would then appear.

Link your OnePlus One to the PC by means of USB cable.Make sure that you have the newest adb version that holds the ‘side load’ command. Then, get downloaded the Android SDK. Place the downloaded file on PC and get a command prompt in the similar directory like the zip file.

Solution of different problems

The XNPH33R probably fixes the problem concerning the touchscreen, which caused it to overlook a number of inputs on the display screen right away while they were close to one other.

There was even a trouble with the grounding that made the touchscreen to create when the mobile was placed on particular surfaces, for example a pillow.The grounding problem also made it hard to utilize the touchscreen.

The new alteration can fix that trouble, although various users have stated that the touchscreen yet does not function appropriately for inputs adjacent to each other. This can create problems while you are typing letters or playing any game.

The OTA download connections are available only to those users who have not yet got the update notification.