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IBM Will Train You in AI Fundamentals - For Free

IBM Will Train You in AI Fundamentals - For Free

The AI Fundamentals program of IBM is made inside its SkillsBuild learning portal. There are a total of six courses, and the credentials will take about 10 hours to complete across 6 courses. IBM contributes unique solutions and strategies to lead an evolution in corporate citizenship. These solutions and strategies help to transform & empower the global communities.

IBM Will Train You in AI Fundamentals - For Free

IBM discussed the difficulties of balancing technology with great ethical responsibility. The major topics are:

  • the five pillars of AI ethics,
  • the importance of fairness and avoiding bias, and
  • AI systems have to be transparent against attacks.

The things emphasized by the session via data minimization & differential privacy are:

  • Governance,
  • The protection of personal data, and
  • The significance of privacy.

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Learning Plan:

This learning plan enables you to explore the history of artificial intelligence. Then, you get to learn how it is capable of changing the world. In today's world, artificial intelligence helps to make predictions. Also, it is capable of making predictions, understanding pictures and language & learning using circuits inspired by the human brain. After a hands-on simulation where you create & test an ML model, you get to know about how to find your career in artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (1 hour 15 mins):

Artificial intelligence has already experienced three waves of transformative development. In recent times, AI is capable of providing the most powerful tools in order to analyze complex data. The function of these tools is to find meaning and learn without human intervention. This course lets you know the history of artificial intelligence. Also, you will be able to explore ways that it is capable of shedding light on unstructured data.

Natural Language Processing & Computer Vision (1 hour 30 mins):

You may already know that a few artificial intelligence systems analyze human language and identify visual pictures. Also, they can make original art. However, do you have any knowledge regarding how these systems do it? If you do this course, you get to explore the theory of natural language & vision processing. Also, you can learn the way technologies drive real-world mechanisms like chatbots & photo analysis.

Machine Learning And Deep Learning (2 hours):

This course is based on how machines learn and make awesome predictions. In this course, you get the chance to explore the actual logic based on which computers learn something. After that, you can learn about new ways through which AI systems are able to solve difficult issues.

Run AI Models with IBM Watson Studio (1 hour and 45 mins):

This course lets you use IBM Watson Studio, which helps you practice how to create an AI machine-learning model in a series of simulations. It is hands-on time, which lets you perform actual work with AI.

AI Ethics (1 hour and 45 mins):

Sometimes, artificial intelligence-based systems misinterpret data or suggest solutions reflecting human prejudice — you could have heard about the issues. If you see real-world examples, you get to know about AI ethics. Also, you can learn the way they are implemented. You can also learn why AI ethics are valuable when it comes to building reliable AI systems.

Your Future In AI: The Job Landscape (1 hour):

Are you one of those who are thinking of a future career in artificial intelligence? When you learn this course, you will be informed regarding the rapid growth of the AI job market. Also, you get to know the skills that are necessary to succeed in this field. While you get to know how real professionals got their start, you are also able to find resources & learning chances, which will help you to work alongside them.

A lot of people around the world have been inspired by artificial intelligence. However, AI has provoked several questions about how it is likely to impact the world of work. We can see the change happening very quickly. According to research from IBM’s Institute for Business Value, executives who estimate almost 40% of their workforce have to reskill over the next three years because of AI &

It is required to address the challenge of equipping the workforce with the skills to achieve success in the future. It is crucial that each person gets an equal chance to participate & thrive. That's why IBM recently announced a new commitment. They will give training to two million learners in AI in 3 years. Their focus is mainly on underrepresented communities.

As equitable access is the main focus, they are ensuring that everyone including even those who have been left behind during the old technological advances, gets benefits from the latest developments in AI.

Free Course Offerings In Generative AI For Everyone:

IBM experts developed AI education, and this free education program, IBM SkillsBuild, helps learners across the world to get benefits from AI education. Their aim is to offer the newest things in cutting-edge technology developments. 

These courses are designed to build on each other. Therefore, learners are able to deepen their understanding the more they go along. After completing the entry-level learning plan, "Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals" comprising 6 courses, learners could earn a digital credential. This program allows learners to explore how AI understands language & images. Also, the learners get to know how AI learns using Deep Learning, neutral networks which can simulate the human brain.

IBM SkillsBuild courses are designed in a way that they become interactive. As a learner, you are able to build an ML model and run it with IBM Watson Studio in one hands-on simulation. A new generative AI roadmap is announced beyond the fundamentals. It includes:-

  • new coursework on Prompt-Writing,
  • Getting Started with Machine Learning,
  • Improving Customer Service with AI and
  • Generative AI in Action.

However, remember that AI doesn't only mean to be smart with technology. It's also about building trust as well as developing models. When you complete the course, you will receive IBM-branded digital credentials, recognized by Potential employers.

Using AI to Improve the Learner Experience:

You can have a better learning experience because of the AI features within IBM SkillsBuild. With the help of AI-powered solutions, students' aptitudes, in which they are interested and their accomplishments are analyzed. Then, they propose credentials to pursue. When you begin your educational journey, you will get a learning path that is generated by artificial intelligence. It depends on your personal choices, experiences, & academic level. Chatbots will support the learners throughout the journey. AI technologies are used in different ways in order to make IBM SkillsBuild better. With the help of AI, the feedback from learners can be reviewed, and the performance of the program is analyzed.

Expanding AI Skills Training Through Partnerships:

While online courses are available to everyone, IBM partners with different organizations worldwide play an important role to increase the reach of skill training. Local partners help in equipping learners from underrepresented backgrounds to help them to learn how to succeed in this career. For example, IT Experience in the United States works with women, Black & other minority communities in the technology sector so that they can get the opportunity to improve their skills and gain experience. 

Celebrating Longevity in Broadcasting:

In Broadcasting, it is important to celebrate longevity. The reason is that it highlights the experience & knowledge which are brought by the professionals. Also, it shows that they are capable of adapting to changes in technology and the industry.

IBM’s AI Fundamentals Training:

Now you know that IBM is offering a free 10-hour AI fundamental training program, and it will start this year. The program is specially designed for those people who want to learn AI in depth. This training program will inform you about the ethics lessons on the importance of AI's responsible use. Once you complete the program, you will get a certificate of completion.

Like IBM's training program, LinkedIn is offering a similar AI training program. Microsoft and LinkedIn call this program Essentials AI training. However, to access the learning portal of LinkedIn, a membership is required. If you are interested, you can go to IBM's Skills Build learning portal to benefit from the training programs. And the same happens for LinkedIn's learning portal. If you are someone who wants to get smart on AI & make informed decisions about the implementation of it, then these are good to go. In order to know more about the training program, you should go to the IBM website.

Certificate of Completion:

Once you complete the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can use this to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge. No matter whether you are an IT professional or a person thinking that AI could change your career — this IBM program is available to everyone who is willing to learn about AI. So, interested people can navigate IBM's Skills Build learning portal to sign up.

The Bottom Line:

Artificial intelligence comes with the potential to make work better for all. But remember that people have to get it right. In order to meet the challenges of the workforce in the future, it is essential to acquire AI skills for everyone. IBM SkillsBuild helps to turn this game-changing technology into a tool which works for the betterment of as many people as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn artificial intelligence for free?

The free online course, which is available to everyone, is called

‘An Introduction to AI’. It lets you learn about AI and other related things.

Is IBM skills free?

SkillsBuild, an online platform that comes with more than 1,000 courses, was launched by IBM. These courses are based on several topics, including artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, data science, cloud & software development. The best thing is these courses are free as well as available in twenty languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, and so on.

Does IBM have training for freshers?

As soon as your academic and practical courses are completed, freshers will get the chance to become corporate trainees as well. Credentialing with IBM Training as well as Certifications are an excellent way to demonstrate the skills.

Sunday 29 October 2023

5 Chrome Address Bar Updates To Speed Up Your Search

The most used web browser — Google Chrome, is getting a few important updates, which focus on the address bar. Google has announced five address bar updates that let you efficiently use the address bar of the browser.

If you look for any site, this browser lets you find it even when you make typos. Besides, Chrome helps you find the website you want though you forget the URL or you require suggestions.

 The address bar of Chrome is getting upgraded with several new updates like "smarter" autocomplete, typo correction, bookmark search, etc. These new changes might help to reshape the way people discover websites as well as land on them. Fortunately, with the help of these five latest improvements, you can browse faster.

5 Chrome Address Bar Updates To Speed Up Your Search

5 Chrome Address Bar Updates To Speed Up Your Search:

Let's have a look at these new address bar updates:

  1. Smarter Autocompletion:

Previously, when you typed the starting of any site correctly, the browser would autocomplete the links in the address bar. For instance, therefore, you should know one thing: the Google Flights site begins with Starting in Chrome on your desktop, users can now see the address bar auto-completing the URLs, depending on any word used earlier by the user to search a site. Suppose you type “flights,” and then you can see that Chrome will autocomplete to “”

  1. Automatic Typo Corrections:

Have you misspelt a URL name in the address bar while typing? Now Chrome can identify those typos. In addition, it is capable of showing you suggestions, relying on the websites you visited earlier. People using Chrome now can use the new feature on desktop, Android & iOS.

  1. Searches Within Bookmark Folders:

As a Chrome user, you are capable of searching within bookmark folders from the address bar on desktop and mobile. You only need to add the name of the folder in your search. Then, you can see the available suggestions from the collection.

This update will be a game changer for those who depend on bookmarks for tracking their favorite web pages. Now, Chrome will permit you to search within your bookmark folders, and you are able to find those tucked-away pages easily. If you have an extensive collection of bookmarks or wish to access any particular page, you should use the feature to stay organized. Thus, you can find what you need easily. You should keep in mind that adding a bookmark folder name is essential in order to search bookmarks via the address bar.

  1. Suggestions For Popular Sites:

Suppose, your friend has recommended a website to you, but you can't remember its name. Now, when you use this browser on your desktop and mobile, it will suggest popular websites despite the fact that you have not visited the website or you have mistyped the URL.

Suppose one of your friends has told you to check out Google Earth to scout how hard the hiking trail is. If you are going to type “Google Earth” for the first time in this browser's address bar, you will see Chrome is suggesting the Google Earth website in the drop-down.

  1. Simpler-to-read Results:

It is possible to read the Chrome desktop address bar easily, and all credits go to an improved visual layout. As this one is very responsive, you will get faster outcomes once you start typing.

While typo correction, autocomplete, & folder search features are available, a few features are yet to roll out, including popular site suggestions and visual updates. According to Google, these latest changes would save time for those who are using Chrome, and also help to reduce frustration when they navigate the web.

The Bottom Line:

As per Statcounter, Chrome has 63.45% of the global browser market share. Overall, Chrome is the most popular browser. After seeing the new updates to the browser, you can easily understand why Safari & Edge have got the 2nd & 3rd position, respectively.

Saturday 7 October 2023

New Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Phones


New Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Phones

Recently, Google engineered the new Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro, built with artificial intelligence at the center to offer a better experience. These newly released Smartphones are coming with first-of-their-kind features, powered by Google Tensor G3. Besides, these will include seven years of software updates featuring security updates, Android OS upgrades, and regular Feature Drops. Let's have a look at this article to learn more about the features of these new phones.


Latest Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro Features:


Comes With A Polished Look:


Both smartphones, which are designed elegantly, come with excellent metal finishes, softer silhouettes, & are made of recycled materials. The size of the Pixel 8 is smaller than the previous model, the Pixel 7, because of which it will feel great in your hand. This model comes with a 6.2-inch Actua display to offer real-world clarity. Besides, it is 42% brighter than the display of the previous model. In addition, Pixel 8 comes with satin metal finishes, along with a polished glass back. The available colors of the model are Rose, Hazel, and obsidian.


On the other hand, the Pixel 8 Pro has a 6.7-inch Super Actua display, which is their brightest display yet. Therefore, users will love how the Ultra HDR images look in direct sunlight. This model comes with a matte glass back as well as features a polished aluminum frame, and is available in three colors: Porcelain, Bay, and Obsidian.


There is a new temperature sensor on the back of the Pixel 8 Pro that can be used for scanning an object quickly to obtain its temperature. You can use this feature to check the temperature of the pan to ensure that the pan is hot enough so that you can start cooking or to confirm that the milk in the baby's bottle is at the appropriate temperature. An application of them is submitted to the FDA to take the temperature by enabling Pixel's Thermometer App and save this to Fitbit.


Camera Improvements:

Both smartphones come with powerful as well as upgraded camera systems, which can be used for capturing exceptional images & getting enhanced video quality.


When it comes to Pixel 8 Pro, each camera on this mobile can be found as upgraded. For instance, the main camera can capture improved photos and videos in low-light settings. It is equipped with a bigger ultrawide lens to provide improved Macro Focus, whereas the telephoto lens is able to capture 56% more light. In addition, this lens can take photos ten times better at optical quality. Moreover, the front-facing camera comes with an autofocus feature that helps to capture the best selfies on a Pixel phone.


Pixel 8 includes the same updated main camera. In addition, there is a new ultrawide lens that can be used to enable Macro Focus. Besides, the camera app features an intuitive as well as a redesigned interface. 


If it comes to talking about Pixel 8 Pro, you can access Pro Controls that deliver the camera's more creative control with settings such as shutter speed, ISO, 50 MP photos, etc. Sometimes, it happens that you have a perfect group photo with your family members or friends, and one of them is not looking at the camera. In this case, the on-device algorithm is beneficial to produce a blended image from multiple images to get the best look for everyone.


In Google Photos, Magic Editor is a new experimental editing experience that takes help of generative AI to bring images in line with the moment's essence when you try to capture. It is possible to reposition & resize subjects, or you can make the background pop by using presets. And you will be glad to know that everything can be done with some taps.


Audio Magic Eraser enables you to reduce the level of distracting sounds in your video, such as noisy crowds or howling winds. Advanced ML models are used by the computational audio capability to sort sounds into distinct layers so that you are able to control their levels.


The Pro model is expected to get Video Boost later this year. This feature can pair Tensor G3 with strong data centers for applying cutting-edge processing to your videos. It is able to adjust lighting, color, stabilization & graininess, resulting in stunning videos. This feature allows the Night Sight Video to activate on Pixel to achieve improved low-light smartphone video quality.


Features That Will Help You To Save Time:


Now, users are able to get additional context as well as they can dive deeper into a webpage. Pixel is able to create a webpage summary using the Summarize feature so that the users can understand the key points. It is also capable of reading aloud & translating web pages. Thus, listening to articles is possible.


Pixel can easily understand the nuances of human speech to allow you to talk to it more naturally. When you say "um" or take a pause, it will wait until you are done, before it responds. In order to quickly type, edit, as well as send messages, you can use your voice.


Call Screen lets you receive 50% fewer spam calls on average with the help of improved AI. It can answer calls silently from unknown numbers to engage the caller with a more natural-sounding voice. This one is capable of separating the calls the user wants from those calls that the user doesn't want. You will get contextual replies from the Call Screen to tap on to respond to simple calls, such as appointment confirmations, without answering the phone.


Seven Years Of Updates For Keeping You As Well As Your Personal Information Secure:


Titan M2 security chip is used by Google Tensor G3 to protect personal information so that Pixel can become more resilient to sophisticated attacks. Now, on pixel 8, the Face Unlock feature can meet the best Android biometric class so that you can access Google Wallet or other compatible banking and payment apps.


With Pixel, you can get exclusive updates & features with the help of which your mobile will get better over time. The software support of 7 years is coming for the first time for both models. Several updates like OS upgrades, security updates & regular Feature Drops will be available.




The starting price of the Pixel 8 pre-order is $699, whereas for the Pixel 8 Pro, it starts from $999. If it comes to talking about the Pixel 8 Pro, if you pre-order this, you can get a Pixel Watch 2. It is also possible to pre-order these new Pixel phones on Google Fi Wireless to receive the best deals. In addition, you are able to enjoy secure phone plans like full connectivity for the Pixel Watch 2 without any extra cost. Both devices will be available from October 12 at the Google Store & the retail partners.


Availability and Price:


The company made both models official on October 4, 2023. So, if you have been waiting for a long time, you will be glad to know that there is no more need to wait to have one of these phones in your hand. These devices went up for pre-order officially once Google wrapped its event. While Pixel 8 is available in the US & Canada, you can also buy it in Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, & the United States.


It is one of the widest launches for the company's mobile division yet. The price hike for both models is seen where the cost of the Pixel 8 starts at $700. On the other hand, the Pixel 8 Pro hits the dreaded $1,000 mark. It is necessary to refer to the local region for pricing. However, devices in the EU & UK experienced similar increases. If someone preordered a Pixel 8 Pro, he/she will get a Pixel Watch 2. Whether you are a Pixel 8 buyer, you can get two buds for free.


Google Pixel 8:

This model is shrinking down its budget flagship phone to a smaller size, though it includes a few good specs. It comes with several high-quality features like Tensor G3, AI-focused skills, an all-new camera sensor, etc. However, its cost has increased by $100 compared to the Pixel 7.


Google Pixel 8 Pro:

This one, the latest flagship of Google, features a new Tensor G3 chip. In addition, it comes with 2,400 nits of peak brightness, including an object temperature sensor. The cameras have improved a lot to capture even more light. However, the real power lies in the Tensor chip of Google. It can provide enhanced picture quality. Besides, there are a few image editing features, such as Night Sight for Video & the Best Take feature, which you can use for blending plenty of group shorts into the perfect image.


Google Pixel 8— Design And Specs:

While the Pixel 7 has unveiled its I/O already in 2022, Google waited until October for announcing the Pixel 8 series officially. But people didn't need to wait for long for official images. It means that people got to know exactly what the Pixel 8 looks like before almost a month of its release.


The corners of the screens of the mobile look more rounded & more in line with a Galaxy S23+ compared to the S23 Ultra's squared-off corners. When it comes to materials, you do not find anything out of the ordinary. Although Apple uses titanium on its latest iPhones, Google sticks with aluminum and classic glass. You will find the Pixel 8 Pro available with a matte finish. It also retained brushed aluminum for the camera bar & frame. However, the Pixel 8 comes in a matte aluminum frame with the glossy back glass.


Regarding the camera bar, you can find this a bit redesigned. Besides, there is a new sensor on the Pro's visor. This one is a thermometer used to measure the temperature of the surfaces.


While the Pixel 8 has a new Actua display, the Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with a Super Actua display. Both of these should offer better quality brightness levels as 1,400 and 1,600 nits, respectively. When you are outdoors, these will support 2,000 and 2,400 nits.


The Pixel 8 has 1080p resolution, with an upgrade to 120Hz. A 1440p LTPO OLED panel is still used by Pixel 8 Pro to ratchet down to 1Hz.


The current lineup of protective shells of Google could pale if it is compared to its old-school fabric cases. However, the Pixel 7 series was at least a noticeable step up from the models, shipped in the year 2021. Pixel 8 cases have similarities with the basic mobile colors, alongside the addition of a Coral option for both models.


The recent Tensor G3 chipset can improve efficiency, performance, & AI capabilities. On the regular phones, it is paired with 8GB of RAM, whereas on Pixel 8 Pro, it is paired with 12GB. The device with a smaller size has storage of 128GB or 256GB. On the other hand, the bigger model can offer both sizes and includes upgrades to 512GB or 1TB options. Both mobiles still use UFS 3.1 storage, not the 4.0 storage that you can see on Samsung's top-quality smartphones.


Google Pixel 8— Cameras:

Camera is something about which we have to discuss when the topic is the Pixel series. The company built its successor to the Nexus program on the image capabilities that combine cutting-edge software, awesome hardware & AI-powered photo processing.


While there are three sensors on the Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 8 has a new main sensor. The 50MP lens is the same in both models. It can crop in to act as a 2x zoom. The use of the lens is seen on the smaller Pixel 8 for Super Res Zoom.


The ultrawide remains the same on the Pixel 8. The 48MP f/1.95 lens is impressive and provides a 125.5-degree field-of-view. You can also find a periscope telephoto lens with a 48MP sensor & an f/2.8 aperture. In both models, you can see a front-facing camera with a 10.5MP lens with an f/2.2 aperture. However, you should know the Pixel 8 Pro is compatible with the autofocus feature.


The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have mentioned every detail about the Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro. The company plans to make up for the shortcomings of earlier releases with some impressive software tricks, stats, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the latest Google pixel in the market?

The company launched the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.


When did Pixel 8 come out?

It will launch on October 12.


How is the Pixel better than the iPhone?

Pixel comes with a 48MP ultrawide & 48MP telephoto camera. On the other hand, the iPhone includes a 12MP ultrawide & 12MP telephoto camera.

Sunday 1 October 2023

Google Gemini

Google Gemini

A small group of companies has recently got permission from Google to access an early version of conversational AI software that is highly anticipated. As Google allowed outside developers to access Gemini, it can be said that the tech giant is now close to incorporating this in its consumer services as well as selling this to businesses via the cloud unit of the company.

 The intention of Gemini is to challenge OpenAI's GPT-4 model, which has started to create meaningful revenue for the startup. The reason is that financial institutions invest money to access the model & the ChatGPT chatbot it powers. Sundar Pichai, at the Google I/O developer conference in May 2023, announced Gemini, which is Google's upcoming AI system. Google DeepMind division developed the large language model (LLM). It is able to challenge AI systems such as ChatGPT from OpenAI. Let's learn about Google Gemini.

What Is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is a large-language model collection that is able to power everything from Chatbots to features that summarize text or create original text depending on what people are willing to read, such as email drafts, music lyrics, or news stories.

This one is an underlying technology of AI chatbots. According to the company, it will let users create content depending on text inputs. Besides, it will help software engineers to write code. Google said that this language model was made from the ground up to become multimodal, efficient at tool & API integrations. It is made with the intention of enabling future innovations such as planning & memory.

Google To Take On OpenAI:

Gemini is one of the biggest bets of Google to take on OpenAI which developed GPT-4. In order to bring returns to the company, the model has begun its tasks already because Microsoft has incorporated the tech into OpenAI's GPT-4, Office 365 apps, and DALL-E models. Apart from financial institutions, other businesses also pay to access this model.

Some reports said that Google was playing catch-up after ChatGpt was launched by Microsoft-backed OpenAI last year. Sundar Pichai said that Google was willing to ensure its models' safety before these get released for businesses.

 The company is making some plans to bring Gemini to power several services like Bard chatbot, enterprise apps, and so on. Google hopes now that by doing so, it can challenge Microsoft Azure in a better way in offering AI capabilities to apps.

Can Google Gemini Leapfrog GPT-4's Revenue Stream?

OpenAl, with its GPT-4 model, has been generating waves in the financial sector. Google, the tech giant, has invested millions in computing resources & personnel to make this model a market leader. Google also aims to integrate this model across Bard chatbot, Workspace software, etc.

All New Updates Of Google Gemini:

We have given here all the new updates related to Gemini:

  • Google Gemini Will Be Multimodal:

According to the statement of Pichai, Gemini has the mixed strength of DeepMind’s AlphaGo system and extensive language modeling capabilities. You should know that the AlphaGo system is popular for mastering the complex game Go. Its design is from the ground up so that it becomes multimodal. It can allow for additional natural conversational abilities. The CEO of Google gave hints at future capabilities such as memory & planning which may enable tasks that require reasoning.

  • Gemini Can Use Tools And APIs:

Jeffrey Dean, who is the Google chief scientist, said in an update to his professional bio over the summer that Gemini is going to be the next generation model.

According to him, it would use Pathways, Google's new AI infrastructure, to allow for the scaling up of training on diverse datasets. He gives a hint that Gemini is going to be the largest language model till now. It may exceed GPT-3's size with over 175 billion parameters.

  • Expected To Come With Various Sizes And Capabilities:

The CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, gave information about additional details. He said that techniques from AlphaGo, such as tree research and reinforcement learning can provide the language model with new abilities, such as reasoning & problem-solving. As per the statement from Hassabis, we get to know that Gemini is a "series of models," which will soon be available in various sizes & capabilities .

According to him, this language model may use memory, and fast-check against sources such as Google Search. It can improve reinforcement learning for increasing accuracy and decreasing hazardous hallucinated content.

  • Early Gemini Results Are Promising:

Hassabis reiterated in a September Time interview that the language model's target is combining scale & innovation. He said that the incorporation of planning & memory is in the early exploratory stages.

He added that in order to improve factual consistency, the model can employ retrieval methods to output entire blocks of information, instead of word-by-word generation.

He revealed that the model builds on DeepMind's multimodal work, such as Flamingo, which is an image captioning system. He said that Gemini is showing promising results.

  • Advanced Chatbots As Universal Personal Assistants:

CEO of Google, Pichai, in an interview with Wired gave an indication regarding how the model, Gemini, can fit into Google's product roadmap. He said that Bard and other conversational AI systems are not the end state, but waypoints will lead towards more advanced chatbots.

Pichai also expected Gemini & future iterations to become personal assistants globally, and these will be integrated throughout human's regular lives in work, entertainment, etc. He also reiterated that this model will mix the power of images and text.

  • Competitors Are Interested In Gemini’s Performance:

OpenAI CEO tweeted and reported that the model might outperform GPT-4. But officially, Elon Musk didn't respond to the follow-up question on whether the numbers that SemiAnalysis has given are correct.

  • Select Companies Have Early Access To Gemini:

According to a report, Google will soon be ready for a beta release as well as integration into services such as Google Cloud Vertex AI.

  • Meta Working On LLM To Compete With OpenAI:

Although the news related to Gemini is promising, Google is not the only company that is ready to launch a new LLM to challenge OpenAI.

The Wall Street Journal thinks that Meta is now working on an artificial intelligence-based model that will compete with the GPT model powering ChatGPT. Recently, Meta announced that Llama 2, which is an open-source AI model, will be released, in a partnership with Microsoft.


Google, the tech giant, has reportedly permitted a small group of companies to access Gemini, a next-generation foundation model. This model allows users to create content, summarize articles, and help them to write codes. We expect that this model will soon be available for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Google Gemini?

It is a multimodal AI. It is expected that the model will be capable of processing images and text, permitting features like written analysis of visual graphs.

  • How do I access Gemini AI?

The tech giant, Google is planning to make Gemini available to the companies via Google Cloud Vertex AI service.

  • Does Google have AI?

A vast range of products & services of Google use Google AI research.


Tuesday 19 September 2023

Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive

Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive

Google is going to add an option allowing people to lock their files more easily in Google Drive. In order to lock files, users need to right-click the file and choose "File information." Then, they need to tap on "Lock". When a file is locked, it ensures that reviewers are unable to change a file. Besides, adding comments, edits and suggestions to the locked documents will not be possible. The procedure of restricting files in the drive, which is simplified & streamlined by this update, was earlier available via the Google Drive API or via file approvals.

How Will Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive Help Users?

Users will get benefits from the feature when many documents (that are viewable to the public) are used & shared. As soon as you see a file locked, it will go into read-only mode. Therefore, people with access to the file will be able to view this only. Earlier, users were able to lock a file or document via a Google Drive API call. Now, the locking process is simplified by the new feature.

End Users:

  • If you want to lock your Drive file, you need to have edit-access to the drive file.
  • When you hover over a file in Drive, you need to right-click into the context menu. Then, your task is to select "File information." After that, you should choose the "Lock" option. Now, select "Lock" to ensure that you are willing to lock the document.
  • As soon as a file is locked, no one will be able to make edits to the Doc until it is unlocked. Unlocking a file is possible through the context menu.

Rollout Pace:

  • Rapid Release domains: Gradual rollout for up to fifteen days to view the feature started on September 5, 2023.
  • Scheduled Release domains: In this case, the Gradual rollout starts on September 20, 2023.

Google Drive Lock File Availability:

All Google Workspace customers can get this feature.

Duet AI in Workspace apps:

Recently, Google announced that it is adding some AI-powered enhancements to the Workspace apps. Google Duet AI assists users in generating results based on text prompts in Gmail & Google Docs.

The drag & drop feature was added last month by Google to Google Drive multi-instance support on Android devices that have large screens. These let you share files & folders between two different accounts quickly. Google also added an extra feature that allows the users to empty a shared drive's whole trash folder for making the management of shared drive files easier. Thus, users do not need to remove items in the trash folder manually.

The option to lock files more easily in Google Drive will prevent accidental edits to ensure the authenticity of files. The tweak doesn't have any admin control. This latest upgrade to Google Drive will be useful for its customers all over the world. Moreover, Google has introduced a new 'Spam' folder to the sidebar, working the same as the spam folder.


Now, all Google Workspace users can lock files in their Google Drive. In this way, this new feature prevents company employees from editing as well as making any comments on documents. In addition, they can't add unwanted suggestions to locked documents.