Saturday 12 May 2012

One Glove - a glove as a phone

After the project "Talk to the can" to Monkey Wrench Design, artist Bryan Cera offers another way to call in an original and above all practical. Man has devised a 3D printed glove acting as a mobile phone.

The concept is called One Glove. Made with a 3D printer, it looks like a manual articulated exoskeleton. The speaker is built into the thumb and little finger in the microwave. The buttons to dial phone numbers are at the other three fingers.

 All the electronics are integrated on the back of the hand. One Glove uses recycled electronic components and circuits made ​​pieces. It charges via a mini USB. A hand-shaped logo is backlit by an LED when the glove is used.

For now, One Glove is not operational, the prototype images is an opaque body without the electronic component required for use as a phone. The creator will soon publish a tutorial for performing his glove phone itself.

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