Sunday 6 May 2012

Sony: The Playstation hack that allows the PS Vita removed

Sony has just withdrawn a PSP game from Sony Entertainment Network (formerly NSP) because it allowed those who were downloading could circumvent its protections to hack the PS Vita.

Super Collapse was nothing very special in appearance, and was sold as a download, like many other PSP games on the PlayStation Store destination for PSP, PS3 and PS Vita. But this week was the last of this game on the platform, since Sony decided to remove it to prevent some crafty to operate a flaw discovered in the title.
It indeed allowed running programs "homebrew", that is to say, developed by amateurs without the consent of Sony, and that typically freedoms beyond those permitted by the manufacturer, whose launch is part of pirated games.

Generally, Sony fills these gaps through the dissemination of updates to the system consoles; preventing hackers continue to exploit loopholes. Now, the firm will have to also be wary of its games, which seem to open up unimagined possibilities for hackers of all stripes. Ultimately, if the practice becomes too common, the risk is that Sony simplifies his task by preventing altogether the PS Vita to play PSP games like the PS3 had lived with the game compatibility for PS1 and PS2 cost reasons.

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