Thursday, 5 November 2015

Facebook Adds 'Reactions' to Like Button Feature


Facebook Adds New Expressions & Animated Emojis

Recently, Facebook users in Ireland and Spain could express a fuller choice of emotions online with a group of new expressions and animated emojis. They comprise of a throbbing heart for `love, a fuming face for `anger’ a teary eyed for `sad’, a laughing `Haha’, a surprised `wow and closed eyes smile for `Yay’ and the new feature is called Reactions by Facebook – FB, Tech 30.

Facebook product manager Chris Cox has stated in an announcement recently that they had studied which comments and reaction were commonly and universally expressed across Facebook and then worked to design an experience around that which was elegant and fun. He added that as one can see, it is not a `dislike’ button though they hope it would address the spirit of request more broadly.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, about a month back had announced that the company was near to testing a `Dislike’ button but did not give any specification on what format it would take. He stated that though a `dislike’ button has been one of the most asked for features, he did not desire to turn Facebook into aspace where people voted posts up or down.

Give Users Ways to Express Empathy on Facebook

According to him, the bigger goal was to give the user ways to express empathy on Facebook.He clarified that if one is sharing something that is sad, if it is something in present event, such as the refugee crisis, or if a family member has passed away, it may not feel comfortable to `like’ that post.

Facebook states that it would use tests of the Reactions feature in Ireland and Spain and improve the option with the expectations to give all users the capability of say `Yay’ and `Haha’ soon. Mark Zuckerberg, in September had made some waves when he had hinted that Facebook was working on a way of expanding its famous Like button, not with the addition of the `dislike’ option, but by making it more sympathetic, expressing sadness together with other emotions.

Facebook is rolling out `Reactions’ a set of six emoji which would sit alongside the earlier thumbs-up to enable user to respond instantly with anger, love, laughter, happiness, shock and sadness.

Reactions - On Mobile/Desktop Versions of the App, New Feed

Facebook has informed that the pop-up feature would start first as a test in only two markets, in Spain and Ireland prior to its decision of tweaking it and/or how to roll it out further. Adam Mosseri, director of product of Facebook gives his reason for these two countries stating that it was because both the countries have large national user bases without extensive international friend networks and work better as closed test groups.

Ireland is English speaking and Spain enables Facebook to test on how well the wordless emoji tend to play with non-English users. In September,Josh Constine, in the wake of reports which Facebook seemed to be working on a `dislike’ button had foretold that Facebook would offer instead a small section of emojis identical to the reactions buttons Path that was offered in 2012.

 It turned out that Facebook had also filed a patent for how these types of emoji response feature would work and look. The new set of reactions is said to appear on mobile as well as desktop versions of the app and on all post in the News Feed. These could be from friends, pages/account one tends to follow or advertisers.

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