Sunday 15 November 2015

In The Rearview Mirror Car Designer Warns On Google Game Changer


Automobile sector had long enjoyed the success of the traditional and affordable segment of cars, which includes the popular Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. But the times are about to take a huge turnaround for the automobile sector as tech giants like Apple and Google are making foray in the automobile sector with their revolutionary products. Both companies are determined to change the way people own and drive cars in the upcoming years.

Reasons to fear upcoming self-driving technology

Celebrated high-end car designer of Japanese origin Ken Okuyama who is famously known for Ferrari F 60 Enzo and the Porsche Boxster has given out the warning signs for the Japnases automobile industry. He believes that the bringing of game-changing self-driving technology in the cars will bring direct to the Japanese position as a major car producer.

Okuyama has asked the Japanese automakers to up their ante by bringing similar or advanced kind of cars, which are soon to be offered by the tech companies. Otherwise, Japanese automakers will end being just suppliers for these companies.

Google game changing cars

Google is developing a fleet of its own self-driving cars which even includes a highly modified model of the Toyota Lexus sport utility vehicle. Google has also presented a pod like and completely driverless car as a prototype. Both of these are going through various rounds of extensive road tests to ensure more security and better driving for the users in US. Apple on other hand has revealed its plan for launching the first driverless car in 2019 and it has also been doing a large amount of research and testing in the past few years.
Honda on other hand is developing a new automatic setting for its cars, which can be really helpful tool in the congested traffic. This technology can easily pre-program the cars to drive automatically during such scenarios.

Automobile market is all set to split in future

Okumaya presents a future where soon the rise of self-automated cars will split the automobile market into two different camps. One will comprise of the vehicles fulfilling the public transportation need and other will consist of the super luxury cars. Automated cars will find itself in the first camp while high-end models will see themselves in the second camp. This would result in the annihilation of car ownership for the affordable traditional cars like Honda Civic models.

Okumaya is urging the Japanese automakers to focus towards finding the different kind of new technologies, which can bolster their cars prospect in future and can bring it on the same ground to compete against self-automated cars. Self-driving cars are bound become common place in upcoming future and it will eat upon the sales and popularity of the traditional cars. Even companies like Toyota and Mercedes are looking for way to counter the sudden challenge for the futuristic breed of cars but Google had already gained a huge lead against them.

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