Friday 4 August 2017

Code Quality And Selling Call Option As Major Parts Of Technical Debt

Majority of developers are looking for technical debt, when they are associated with the engineering department. The front office members are always in lookout for work, directly with the traders and exposed in real time for covering their software needs. While planning to sit with traders, you can check on immediate impact of recent forms of feature additions. The feedback loop seems to be quite tight.

In the past, the engineers have come to work and received feature request early in trading session. It further works with change in code, deployed to production level and seen profits as part of same trading day. During such environment, you might think about caring more on the added features than what you need to do for creating that elegant software.

Cannot ignore code quality

You cannot even ignore the quality of your code, mainly because of its impact on current delivery speed. You will always come handy with constant form of internal personal struggle, which is associated in between keeping quality alive and delivering features at level, which can enable high speed delivery service. The technical debt seems to be quite visible and reminders are given to ensure that you get the chance to address technical debt in future without fail.

Importance of reminders

You cannot deny the importance of reminders in place of technical debt. As mentioned already, these reminders are designed to help to remind you of the technical debt to be solved in future. There are same reminders, used for prioritizing technical debt payoff, which can be quite beneficial for the team. The traders are quite aware of the value associated with technical debt. It is during such instances that you need to get some questions answered first. Do you have to spend more time while paying down technical debt? Get the answer to your question first before coming to concluding point.
Issues to focus on

Working in such an environment where traders are able to learn more about technical debt and know ways to pay it off is really great. However, this might give rise to some issues, which are part and parcel of technical debt. If you want to know more about the issues, then it is mandatory to visit here and get yourself the needful details. Remember that not all bad codes are technical debt. It can even be un-hedged call option. So, it is important to know more about the types first before you get to learn more about it.

Selling call option is great

While going through the types, you might have an idea of selling call option. It is quite a great metaphor, but the problem lies somewhere else. Can selling a call option work well in average workplace? This is the point for you to focus at before you harp on working on the call options. This is going to act in your favor and present you with long lasting response. Just be sure of the consequences and everything else before you get down to the solutions now over here.

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