Monday 10 September 2018

Antennas for Extremely Fast Wireless Internet


Wireless Internet to make Internet browsing Faster

As talks of 5G do the rounds, there is talk of much faster internet speeds and data speeds as well. For all those speeds newer connections, newer frequencies and newer tech needs to come out. Talking about one of those speeds- internet speeds, now. A new spin- off MaxWaves is set to be tested out that will give us are super- fast wireless internet. This is a new form of antenna that directs the electronic signal electronically in the right direction thereby optimizing the signal in whatever weather conditions, be it rain, sunshine or snow.

In a few years- time as people switch on to faster data such as 5G or 6G even, there is need for better tech. As data transfers increases, the amount of data rates too will increase and in 2025 is poised to increase by more than 100 times the current amount. What this means is that antennas at the current base stations will have to transmit much higher amounts of data than what they are currently doing.

Talk of New Tech: 

The new tech to increase the transmission rates of data or for extremely fast internet speeds is being developed as we speak. Researchers have developed a new form of antenna technology in which base stations can communicate electronically to wirelessly transfer internet or data between themselves.

This new form of wireless internet will allow large amounts of data to be transferred that is not currently possible. The amount of data that can be transferred will take place at never- before- seen- levels between mobile base stations. This wireless internet will give 5G and 6G networks their fast transmission speeds.

Dual Purpose of this new wireless internet: 

This wireless internet that came about by the new antenna technology will be much faster than your average day speeds and the antenna technology that goes into making this new form of wireless internet will supposedly have a dual purpose as well.

This antenna technology will allow the radio beams to change direction electronically for optimum transmission so that the dishes holding these antennas will not have to physically move to enable transmission.

Wireless Internet to Adapt to all Weather Conditions: 

This new form of wireless internet that uses new antenna technology can adapt to all types of weather ensuring the best internet speeds irrespective of the weather.

This new form of wireless internet also uses much less energy than what is consumed at present making it much more effective. The electronic control that is used in this wireless internet can be adapted to work best in wind, storm or rain.

The electronic beams that are used in this form of wireless network ensure that no cables are needed underground and the entire system can be configured using electronic means.

This means that the size of network connection can be scaled up at a short notice, temporarily, like for example at a major event.

This new feasibility study will build up on what was learnt with the first fewtests and will begin commercialization shortly.

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