Monday 28 October 2019

Google Pixelbook Go is Stylish and Sustainably Made

Google Pixelbook Go
As with all Google events, there were gadgets over new gadgets introduced. There were the likes of the Pixel 4, clearly, the spotlight was on this gadget, truly wireless Pixel buds, a nest mini speaker, nest Wi-Fi, and the Pixelbook Go. The Pixelbook Go isn’t something people were looking out for, but you know as they say you take what you get. But even so, the Pixelbook Go does not disappoint. It looks to be a pretty good machine with all the specs you would need for performing daily tasks and more. If you’re just looking at a Chromebook for small and menial tasks then this is your go-to Pixelbook Go.

But Where’sPixelbook 2? 

Pixelbook was launched back in 2017 along when the Pixel 2 was launched. Let me tell you it was a damn good machine. It had an outstanding display, its two in one shift abilities to transform it into a tablet with all the associated Android apps at your disposal and it also came with a Pixelbook pen. Yeah, it was expensive but then again it was the best Chromebook to buy.

Come 2019, the Pixlelbook is looking old. What with its not – bezel-free display which is not up to 2019 standards and the lack of a finger print scanner and face ID all make it look older than its two years. Besides that, you have to shell out nearly $900 for a two-year-old Intel processor.

But Google stills wants both the older Pixelbook and the new Pixelbook Go to co-exist. Which makes no sense as the newer albeit cheaper model is the best buy for now.

But what’s Wrong with the Pixelbook Go? It takes a lot to make a good laptop and yes the Pixelbook go has all that it takes. But the point that I am trying to make is that when you already have a really good laptop- Pixelbook is the said laptop in question, why make an altogether new one.

You could just as easily turned up the bezel-free display and put in some of dem biometric authentication tech and updated some of the internals to get Pixlebook 2. Maybe it’s over-simplistic but it works.

Where did the Pixelbook Go come from? Maybe Google might say to cater to a growing mid-range population. That may be true too but when you have Microsoft releasing laptops such as the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 wait there’s one more Surface pro X too, then you’ve got to bring you’re ‘A’ game too.

If not 2019 then 2020 right?

As for the Pixelbook Go…

Google’s Pixel laptops tend to be outside most people’s budgets. But the Pixelbook Go costs just around $649. Yeah, it’s still more expensive than some of the completion but then again it’s not your ordinary laptop either.

What gets me with laptops is its hinge. You have to open a laptop with both hands, which is kinda irritating. But with this one, you can open it up with just your finger. The hinges on the Pixelbook Go are made so that you can do this. Plus it’s not too slack either that it just falls forwards when you open it. Call it a pet peeve or whatever but this part of it I really like.

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