Tuesday, 19 November 2019

How to install Google Play Protect – Things You Need to Know

How to install Google Play Protect
There are always these applications such as Google Play, Google Play Protect, Google Movies and such varieties of apps preinstalled in our android phones. Most of us have never used these applications. We never even thought about using these applications. We don’t know the functions of these apps. However, we don’t delete these applications too. Today, in this article, we will talk about one such application known as Google Play Protect. We will know how to install Google Play Protect and other essential things about it.

Before we start, What Google Play Protect is? 

Well, Google Play Protect is a security application with the reliability of Google. This security application will protect your device from harmful applications in it. It will scan and verify almost fifty billion apps every day. It will also provide you with cloud-based security for your device. With the reliability of Google, you can now be safe with this fantastic application. We will talk about how to install Google Play protect on your device in the article later. Before that, let us discuss the advantages you will have with the Google Play Protect application on your device. We have provided a list of benefits of the application.

List of advantages of the application: 

  • On Device Protection: The On-Device Protection is divided into the different parts such as the PHA scanning services. Google Play Protect includes the on-device services that integrate with some cloud-based components, which allow Google to push the updates and improve the functionality of the applications. 
  • PHA scanning: The application includes a cloud-based application verification service that helps in defining the Potentially Harmful Applications. Google Play Protect check for the possibility of PHA in the device once every day. A notification will pop up in the device, asking the user to remove it. It can also do it on its own and block future installs of the PHA from the device if it has no benefits for the user. 
  • The offline PHA scan: This PHA scan occurs if the device has lost its connectivity. The Google Play Protect for those cases has an offline scanning that helps in preventing the well-known PHAs from installing. 
  • Cloud-Based Security: All the android applications undergo the testing before appearing in Google Play. Our app, i.e. the Google Play Protect, can scan more than 50 billion applications daily and that way, it makes sure that everything is running great. Now with all this information you know, you may want to jump into the installation process as asap. So here is how to install Google Play Protect? Check out the steps below.

How to install Google Play Protect in simple steps: 

We have derived how to install Google Play Protect in your device with three simple steps below. Check it out.

  1. Turn on your android device. Open Google Play Store application. 
  2. Tap on Play Protect Settings. 
  3. Turn the Scan device security threats on. 


It is that simple. So now you know how to install Google Play Protect on your device and the advantages of installing it on your android device, what are you waiting for? Save the device from the harmful applications now.

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