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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Airtame Connects TV And PC Wirelessly

Airtame is a replacement for cabling for TV and PC via HDMI cable. Instead, Airtame connect multiple systems on WLAN and the image can even transmit on multiple machines. Airtame is a small HDMI adapter for the TV that can receive its data from a PC via Wi-Fi.

So the wiring is not required. The project is supported through the crowd financiers Indiegogo and has reached almost their goal. For the system to work, software on the sending computer is required, which provides and ease the data communication. The unit itself is plugged with its HDMI output to a TV or projector.

Anyone who wants to transmit  the screen contents can expand it to the desktop or even transfer images to multiple computers by the manufacturer. For this purpose the software must be installed on any Windows or Linux PC or Mac system which is going to receive images. This Airtame would be ideal for training purposes. According to the startups 1080p videos can be transferred via IEEE 802.11 b / g / n.

Where no WLAN is available, Airtame can span a private network to allow wireless transmission. Currently, a maximum of stereo sound is transmitted. The power is supplied via MicroUSB, for example, via the second USB port on the TV. In addition, a full-size USB port for accessories built into the Airtame.

Also a USB Ethernet adapter can be used. The biggest drawback of the device is its inability to work with mobile devices running on Android or iOS. The Airtame costs around $ 90 plus $ 15 for shipping.