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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Apple Patent – Electronic Backup of Application

Patent has been granted to Apple on Electronic Backup of Applications No.US 20140059469 A1. The disclosed implementation is related to storing and restoring of digital data.

Updated graphical user interfaces enables a huge number of graphical items or objects which can be viewed on a display screen at the same time and operating systems like Apple Mac OS offer user interfaces wherein a number of graphical user interface window are resized, viewed, overlapped, configured, moved and reformatted as per the requirements of the user or a certain application. Menus, taskbars, virtual buttons together with other user interface elements offer mechanisms to access and activate windows while they are hidden behind other windows.

With the availability of sophisticated tools, users can now revise or improve over a period of time, besides creating and saving a variety of items in their computers. For instance, a user working with a particular file who later on would want to save the file’s current version on a storage device and then, the following day inclined to change his mind about the revision or probably come up with other options and then open the file again.

Word Processing Application Program – Undo Features

The revision process is straightforward if the user tends to do more addition of material to the file or make certain changes to the existing file.

It would be difficult if the user who had second thoughts about changes which were previously done and would need the file back to its previous version. For word processing, application program enables the user to `undo’ the earlier edits of text to a predefined number of past revisions and the undo feature is usually configured in order that the previous revisions can be undone in reverse chronological order, which means that the user should first undo the recently edited text then the second edited text and so on.

Should the user save and exit from the document and later on open the said document again, the same may not be possible to automatically undo the previous edited text.
Methods/Systems – Storing/Restoring Digital Data

Methods and systems are provided for the purpose of storing and restoring of digital data which includes receiving a first user input requesting that a history view connected with the prevailing view of the application is displayed, retrieve data connected with the history view, to determine a presentation format for the data as well as display the history view in response to the first user input with the presentation format, of earlier version of the present display of application.

All this can be done while a current view of an application is displayed in user interface. Other embodiments with regards to this aspect would include corresponding systems, computer program, products, and apparatus together with computer readable media. The patent helps in the history view including consolidated data associated with at least a first visual representation of the previous  versions of the latest view of the user application.

In one aspect, a method is provided which includes identifying of application data to store during an initial backup operation which includes a variety of application files and index, storing of application data during the first backup operation as well as storing a backup index which is a subset of the index.

The aspect also include initiating a second backup operation which includes storing changed application data related to the first backup operation as well as updating the backup index which can be an email application.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Apple Patent – Routing Based on Detected Stops

A mobile device with some implementation helps in transmitting traffic information to a server for analysis and the traffic information could give indication of movement information which could include the detected stops as well as the duration of the detected stops.

Moreover this traffic information could also be used in analysing and detecting traffic patterns which could indicate the location of stop signs and stop lights. It could also help to determine the duration of stop signs and stop lights wherein the duration could be connected to the time of day or the day of the week.

The traffic information would be helpful in tremendous ways based on the traffic congestion and saving on time while travelling from one location to another. Updated mobile devices comprises of navigational software and hardware enabling users with the assistance needed while travelling from one location to another wherein on input with regards to a desired destination, the mobile device has the capabilities of presenting one or more routes from start to finish indications regarding the desired location.Apple has been granted patent on `Routing based on detected stops’.

Mobile Devices – Capabilities of Transmitting Traffic Information 

The route information would include distance from the beginning of the location to the end of the location and at times the route information would also be inclusive of the estimated time span needed to travel to the said distance which would depend on the distance and the speed.

The user could select the route based on the distance or the estimated time limit though this would not be accurate due to the volume of traffic which may or may not be known or included in the time limit. Mobile devices, in some implementations, also have the capabilities of transmitting traffic information to server for analysis which could include movement information with detected stops as well as the duration of these detected stops.

 Moreover the traffic information could also be analysed in detecting the pattern of the traffic indicating locations of stop signs or stop lights as well as, to determine the duration of stops at stop signs and lights.

Graphical User Interfaces

The duration of the stops can be related with time of day or day of the week and navigational routes in some implementation can be considered based on stop signs or stop light information which may include the delay related to the detected stop signs and stop lights.

Certain implementations provide better accurate travel time estimates which can be calculated when stop signs or stop lights information is included in route information.

 Faster routes with better options are determined when these information are included in the route determination as well as the best time to travel in order to avoid stops, can be determined with the help of this information.

The disclosure explains several GUI - Graphical User Interfaces in carrying out various features, workflows or processes that can be presented on various electronic devices which may include but not limited to desktop computers, laptop computers, computer terminals, tablet computer, television systems, smart phones and e-book readers.

Some of the electronic devices also include touch sensitive surface which can process various simultaneous functions of inputs like processing data related to pressure etc. These processes could facilitate gestures with various fingers inclusive of swiping and pinching.