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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Get Ready for Google Game Developers Conference

Google Game Developers Conference
Google is all set to have their annual Game Developers conference in March. Since the last several years Google’s game developer conference has centered around the mobile and cloud services. A recent blog from the tech giant has detailed what this year’s conference has in store. The company has various divisions offering a variety of services. Google game developers conference is all set to bring in these various divisions under one banner.

Activities lined up in Google Game Developers Conference: 

A series of innovations from each Google division team is all set to be a part of the keynote. These will include innovations from Google Play, Google Cloud as well as Stadia. Last year around there was no separate keynote for Stadia. Like all the keynotes, Stadia too will have a live stream for those who can’t attend the function this year. Speaking of the function, the Google game developers conference is all set to be held in San Francisco this time.

Starting from March 18 – 20, the tech giant will have a Games Booth which will have demos, 1:1 plus a few “surprises”.

Start of the Conference: 

The first day is normally devoted to the latest in Android games and cloud services. On Monday evening one session of Stadia is lined up. However the bulk of such talks are scheduled for the next day. Google Cloud will be conducting all these. There’s also a talk on Semantic ML tool which helps create realistic characters and in game AIs.

More of the itinerary will be given later. Attendance to any of these sessions will require a Google game developers conference pass.

Few of the many Topics Lined Up: 

These are some of the Topics that are in store for attendees-

  • Open Match- this is an open source matchmaking project. In this session, you will learn how game companies are incorporating this product in their various games. Next lined up is a talk on Google Cloud and Stadia. In this talk you will see how both these complement each other to give you the best experience while playing games as well as developing them.
  • Destiny2- in this talk a senior developer gives his account of how he built Destiny 2 for a brand new platform. From testing to graphics to tweaking and latency, you’ll be walked through the entire process.
  • Vulkan Graphics- in this session Google will be talking about their Vulkan graphics API development. They will also talk about what’s in store with the 1.2 release as well.
  • Cloud Gaming and all that it beholds- In this talk Stadia’s partners will take you through what it took to bring their games to a new platform. You will also be given a low down on the capabilities of Stadia in creating newer game playing experiences.
  • Google’s Machine Learning and Game Development- This talk is mainly geared at showing how various experts have used machine learning in a variety of ways to better their games.
Google has more sessions line up which they will release later.