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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Pay with Google and Speed Through Checkout

Pay with Google

Now shop easily on Android by using ‘Pay with Google’

If you love shopping online or offline shopping then dealing with cash will be a thing of past with availability of more and more mobile based payment options. Mobile based payment systems saw a surge in last couple of year with the launch of Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung Pay which brought the cashless future into reality. This was enabled by the launch and availability of the near-field communications in the modern smartphones. Google has announced that it will be launching very own way of paying on mobile devices with the ‘Pay With Google’ option. This will allows users to make use of their card to purchase any product or service using the application like Google Play, Chrome, Android Pay or Youtube.

Now pay easily on your Android devices

The ‘Pay With Google’ option will help in bringing together all the saved payment option within a single interface and it can be done by the app makers and retailers by implementing very few lines of code. Google has made use of the Google Payment API which made its debut during the I/O developer conference in May to give final shape and power the new payment method.

The aim behind ‘Pay with Google’ is to make the checkout process speedier for the users so that it can help in increasing the conversions for the retailers. This has been made possible by the tapping into any payment card of customer present in the file on Google rather than saving them onto the Android Pay specifically. This feature will also make it simpler for the users to shop on their Android devices using the Google powerful digital assistant called Google Assistant.

Google Wallet was Google’s first attempt

This isn’t the first time Google has forayed to make extensive use of the NFC-based systems. Just a while ago we had Google Wallet which was released in September 2011. Using the Google Wallet users were to make purchase online or even in the store as well as it can be used for sending money to the family and friends. During the initial phase this service found huge popularity and it was touted to leave the Apple Pay way behind in the adoption and active usage but sadly it didn’t happened.

A new era of and easy mobile transactions

During the launch Google official stated that facilitating payments will become a key capability for the user’s Google account through implementation of ‘Pay With Google’. This option will enable the users all across the globe to pay using their Google devices regardless of the device, platform or interface. Using the ‘Pay with Google’ feature at the checkout users will be presented with a list of payments cards already saved in their Google account. Users are simply required to give a click on the card they wish to use and Google will work towards sending the information right to the merchant along with the shipping address to facilitate the transaction instantaneously. More than 40 different payment providers had already partnered with Google to make the integration simple task for the merchants who wish to make use of this new feature.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Brand New Google Wallet!

New quick actions buttons will appear on Gmail, with extended interaction without opening a message option. The launch was missed out on some big announcements from Google I / O that night, but the online email client, Gmail, has also benefited from up-to-date on both sides of the Atlantic, according to a blog posted by the team in charge of the mail. All its willingness to deploy the technology more broadly based Google Now, the "intelligent" scheduler on Android; Google has incorporated some features in Gmail. A plane ticket can be confirmed in an email? Google automatically extracts data from the reservation (date, time, flight, airport, etc.) and appears at the top of the message. It helps you in doing quick action without opening the message. The "buttons fast action" also makes their appearance in this up-to-date, that allow interaction without even opening a message. If the user receives an invitation for example, he can answer it without even getting in the mail, thanks to "RSVP" function. It is integrated in a "things to do", which also includes other features like the ability to note a place where you went from his inbox, type etc. menu. These features will be gradually deployed in the coming weeks, said the giant.

This may seem little but it is relatively significant in the context of the announcements made yesterday during the Google I / O conference Now once his assistant deployed in Chrome, it may apply its ambition to "provide information to the right place at the right time", automatically displaying reminders of different services, and adapting them to the situation. Now Google could, for example, offer a route automatically on his Smartphone at a time when the user is supposed to leave to catch his plane. Yes Google Wallet integrated with Gmail. Other features may be added for developers, Google promises. The giant also revealed that they launched in United States a new money transfer system through email. As it is possible to quickly link a document Google Drive or file on your computer, a new icon appears in the message editor to allow sending money. The feature uses the Google Wallet, Google's electronic wallet system, and the user has to decide the amount to be sent and the recipient. This is the time reserved for the United States, but Google Wallet seems anyway having to expand. Payment in-app improved on Android integration default system setting to provide new APIs for developers ... Google seems determined to impose his wallet, and no doubt that the feature does not take long to get in here.