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Friday, 20 December 2019

Juice Jacking Cyber-Attack and Some Tips to Avoid

Power Points and Juice Jacking
Before going any further, let us fathom the definition of Juice Jacking. Well, it is nothing but a cyber-attack, where the charging point is involved. During that time, your charging points works as a data connection. Most of the time, it engages with malware or access to sensitive data.

So, you can understand that it is pretty significant to avoid this situation. Or else, there is a possibility that your personal information will go in the hands of hackers.

Tips to Avoid Juice Jacking

Therefore, we will present you with some tips, which will help you to avoid juice jacking. So, here are the tips that we are talking about.

Charge your phone when you are not using it 

Make sure not to use your phone while charging. It doesn’t matter if you are at your home or your office, whenever you are charging, try to stay away from your phone. It gives hackers a chance to extract your personal information. To be precise, make it a habit as it is a safe option for you.

Make sure to carry your charger 

These days, chargers are pretty portable. Therefore, you don’t have to face any issues while carrying your charger. Also, you can opt for a power bank. It is a pretty handy device that helps you to charge your phone whenever you want. Besides, you can also charge your phone wherever you want. So, buy a power bank and enjoy the perks of it.

Make sure to lock your phone to avoid Juice Jacking 

Well, securing your phone is the most important. Almost all of us lock our phones. We don’t want to show our data to anyone else. It will protect your phone to some extent. Also, it will deter your devices to get paired with other devices. Therefore, you can see the functionality of this feature.

Power off your phone 

Another thing that you can do is to shut down your phone while charging. We can understand that you have some important calls to receive. Well, we are suggesting that if you can do that, it will be beneficial for you. When your phone is switched off, no one can get access to your data. However, some devices allow the USB circuit to get connected with the flash storage, even if you switch off the phone.

Use the USB cables that only circulates power 

Well, some of the USB is capable of power transmission. To be precise, in the case of the traditional USBs, there are two wires. One is used for power transmission, and the other one serves the purpose of data transmission. So, choose a data cable that consists of only one wire that can transmit power. To be specific, those chargers will charge your phone, but data transfer through them is impossible.

So, these are some of the things that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid the Juice jacking. We assure you that if you can follow these points, you can easily prevent the juice jacking.