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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Samsung SSD 840 Series mSATA Evo has up to one TB space

Samsung 840 EVO mSATA SSD
Samsung's new mSATA SSDs score now with large memory. A terabyte is currently the record for small SSDs. Samsung's small SSD mSATA series 840EVO weighs just 8.5 ounces and is only four millimeters thick. Super -thin laptops and tablet PCs often need special thin SSDs, they are too thin for conventional hard drives.

Therefore, manufacturers build SSDs in the mSATA format. They are not only thinner but also more compact. A pleasant side effect of this case is more space for the battery. The can be so slightly larger and lasts longer. The only disadvantage of the smaller SSD size is that the mSATA SSDs often did not offer as much space as an SSD in the traditional 2.5 -inch format.

The largest model in the Samsung 840 Evo mSATA stores a terabyte. The new SSD not only provides much storage , Samsung also promises a lot of pace - more than 500 megabytes per second and nearly 100,000 read accesses or write accesses 90,000 per second ( IOPS) should be possible.

That would be much faster than for example the OCZ Vector 150 The mSATA version of Samsung's 840EVO series is four times smaller than a notebook hard drive and easily fits into the Ultrabook. The new SSDs will be available in December. In addition to the expensive one- terabyte version for 615 Euros, there are three smaller sizes also.