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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Short Clicks Vs Long Clicks


Long Clicks – Short Clicks – Determines User’s Satisfaction

Various search engines and Google regulate search result rankings by looking at huge amounts of user data and scrutinise user activity within the results. The search engines examines large sets of user data observing a variety of things in determining user’s satisfaction with the search results which are the long clicks vs. short clicks.

Internal metric Google utilising to determine search success, is time to long click and to comprehend this metric,it is essential for search marketers to assess changes in the search landscape. Moreover it is also beneficial for optimization of policies.

Long clicks take place when users perform a search and clicks on a result, remaining on the site for a long period of time. In the ideal scenario, they do not tend to return to the search results to click on some other result or to reframe their search. They do not return back to the result set immediately in order to click on another option.

Long clicks, in general are alternative for satisfaction and success. A short click on the other hand takes place when a user tends to perform a search and clicks on a result and then returns to the search results quickly to click on another product. They are an indication of dissatisfaction and failure.

Search Engine Result Page - SERP

Short clicks is when a user performing a search gets back and forth between the search engine result page – SERP, for the search option and sites displayed within the result.

In this case, the user does not come back to the result page immediately to click on other search option or to change the search option. From the point of view of Google’s perception the outcome which ends with longer clicks successfully fulfils the search query.

Moreover, a search engine also determines the time taken between clicks as a means of satisfaction which would decrease the chances of providing results which do not deliver valuable content for a specific search query.

This data can be stored for each search query and compared to the normal short click behaviours by a SERP rank page. For instance, if Google finds that the first result for a search query tends to have a remarkable high bounce rate, this information is read as negative signal by the search engine’s algorithm.

Google – Measures Short Click – Leveraging Tracking Mechanisms

Subsequently, the search engine tends to reduce the page’s rank within the SERP in its future algorithm update. For the result to be highlighted, it would perhaps need a statistically above average short click rate.

Google tends to measure short click activity by leveraging the prevailing tracking mechanisms. The long clicks are important to Google since it provides a means to measure the satisfaction of the result established on downstream behaviour.

 Google is aware that the search algorithm is still not quite smart and could tend to make mistakes. This could often lead to wrong path by forceful search engine optimization.

Feedback mechanism is provided by long clicks, a kind of human quality assertion which could be lacking in the algorithm. The talk from Google could be a part of the algorithm, though what the future holds in store remains to be seen.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The New Search Engine for the Pornography Lovers

New Search Engine
In the country like India pornography is basically in not socially accepted and it’s termed as the illegal activity. The user is often scared of watching pornography online as they might be termed as doing unethical activity. But the emergent technology has developed a website where the cookies are not trapped or any other tracking technologies are not used.

Boodigo is such a search engine which does not use the cookies and thus are not being able to be trapped or track. The individuals who are fond of watching pornography or unsolicited videos and images can use this search engine to fulfill their desires.

Boodigo was launched in the month of September and was widely used and spread at a pace of a rocket. Google has been planning to set it up as the adult web portal. Though watching pornography is banned and termed unethical, but still as per the goggle statistic it is discovered that pornography is highly popular on the internet and about eighty 80% of the hits are discovered on the porn sites.

Know More about Boodigo

Boodigo is a well-organized and systematized search engine; it works on double process of checking or verification. It checks the content of the site and the worthiness of the linked website. The website is designed keeping in the mind the user’s antinomy and privacy of the user to the fullest.

 The only reason to build up the Boodigo website was that it helps to maintain the privacy of the user to a large extent. This website was developed by the former employee of the Google and was well appreciated worldwide.

This website has made the life of the individuals who are fond of watching pornography online but are afraid or were unable to do that out of fear of being caught. The cookies, which used to link the pornography site can be syndicated and recognized which can easily list out the unethicalness of the site.

But with the Boodigo website if any individuals search for program or for any content which deems to link it to the website or to the page of pornography the server would not be in a position or situation to locate its source which makes the server hard to locate and identify the content.

The unique feature of Boodigo has made it very popular among the internet savvy and internet user all around the world. It is into huge demands and across eighty percentile of user prefers to search with help of this search engine.

The preference for this site has shown a steep rise in the demand for it. Being the search engine highly testified and technology developed, its functioning ability is incomparable and till date no complains have being received in this regard. The success rate of this site is tremendously high and incomparable.

Thus we can easily conclude and declare that the boodigo is the most trusted site for the adults to watch pornography online.