Friday 8 January 2016

Mota JetJat Nano Puddle Jumper

Mota JetJat

Mota JetJat Nano Quadcopter – Smallest of its Kind

The latest JetJat Nano quadcopter from Moto is not what several of the people are speculating with regards to drone.It is small at less than one square inch and a working quadcopter though small enough can crash land in the coffee cup if one is not careful.

Besides its size the JetJat is interesting with regards to its price at $40 and one can get a drone for even less if one intends to go with one of the several nearly identical models that are made available across the web. Flying a JetJat means one can also fly a big drone. There is sharp learning curve in flying a drone and hence it is not worth taking a risk crashing a $1,600 item of pro gear when a cheaper one is available.

 Flight dynamics does not seem to translate well between a small craft and a big one, though the basics seems to be the same. The Nano and its type such as the Proto’s Proto-X seems to be harder to fly than the bigger ones provided from DJI or Yuneec. From the positive side, the Nano is simple to begin with.

Nano’s Controls – `Pro-Grade’

There are no propellers to assemble, no GPS satellites to sync to, no Wi-Fi to pair with and no apps to download. With just flipping a switch on the drone and another on the remote one needs to wait for the beep and then go.Moto has called the Nano’s control `pro-grade’ and touts the `ultra-high power to weight ratio’.

One controller stick tends to handle throttle that controls the altitude while a second joystick controls turns. This mirrors the controllers of larger drone which is one reason the Nano is accessible for practicing. The absence of altitude stabilization could be the most interesting thing regarding the Nano and unlike the larger drones, it does not tend to hover when one eases off the throttle, it crashes which is one purpose to be a better pilot.

It compels one to think about everything till one adopts it and flying tends to become second nature. Generally a week of practice should be adequate. A big reason for the longer timeframe is that the Nano seems to have only sufficient battery capacity for maximum eight minutes of flight and the craft is about the size of the thumbnail.

Portable & Compact

Considering the size constraints, the flight time of Nano is impressive. It also tends to charge quickly through an included USB cable. The Nano seems to have a range of 75 foot and is essentially invisible beyond 50 feet or so.

The body is bright red and hence it is difficult in spotting when it goes down. Nano seems to be a great way of practice if one intends to look out for option of becoming a better drone pilot without flying a $1,600 drone and colliding into a tree. Mota JetJat Nano is one of the smallest, lightest drone in the world weighing around 4oz and measures only 20mm in height. It flies like an eagle, performing flips and other aerial manoeuvres

It is economical enough for a fleet of drones and is simple for learners, pro feature for experienced drone pilots. It is portable and compact adequately to be taken anywhere and can be accommodated comfortably in purses, as well as small backpacks.

Its tough construction has the potential of withstanding multiple bumps and bruises and its swift and responsive controls provides an enjoyable experience for the entire family

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