Saturday 16 January 2016

New Sleep Number technology watches you while you're awake, too

Sleep Number

SleepIQ API - Maximize Sleep Experience

The latest addition to Sleep Number smart beds had been on display at the CES recently. The new Sleep Number `It’ bed analyses how you sleep as well as keeps track of what one does during the course of the day and how to maximize the sleep experience. This smart, connected bed has been created to help individuals get better sleep at night.

It is the SleepIQ API that builds on the prevailing sleep-tracking SleepIQ technology. Besides utilising biometric sensor in order to track presence, movement, heart and breathing rates, the SleepIQ API tends to link the bed to your device through Bluetooth or the cloud through Wi-Fi, tracking your activity all through the day. By providing the `It’ bed with the data on when one eats, exercises, your agenda and much more, the mattress tends to recommend a perfect, adaptable firmness level and concepts on the adjustments of daily habits in order to obtain a better sleep pattern.

 Vice President of sleep science and research at Sleep Number, Pete Bils had commented that the company has been working on making partnerships with certain companies who had already tracked things like exercise and eating.

Provide Predictive Analytics

He stated that they are aware that lot of people seem to be tracking about everything and that they want to add sleep on to it. Users would be unable to manually input their daily activity but according to Bils, with all the stored data, together with the biometric reading which occurs hundreds of times per second, the `It’ would be capable of providing predictive analytics depending on reoccurring incidents.

He further adds that `it will identify markers in your life which tend to affect your sleep and if you drink coffee or work out late, and have restless sleep, it would provide recommendations to give you the best sleep’. The SleepIQ API is considered to have insights, making suggestions wherein the biometric sensors that are built into the bed, tend to track the whole body several times per second, the heart rate, breathing together with movement. Its technology provides you with the personal insights and understanding in adjusting for the best sleep at night.

Capable of Connecting to Cloud Service

Based on the individuals’ activities and sleep the `It’ beds enable you to understand your perfect level of firmness, support and comfort daily through your Sleep Number setting. It can also connect to your cloud service, tracking the daily routine each day and night.

 It also has insights, providing suggestions enabling you with good sleep with a sense of restful sleep at night. It is said that the new SleepIQ API would be pushed out to all SleepIQ mattress through a software update in 2016. The `It’ bed which is offered with this technology seems to be a relatively barebones model with two adjustable sides on models which differs from full to eastern and California king.

The six sizes from twin and above are about 8 inches thick and would be made available for online delivery anywhere in the U.S. which would commence during the second half of the year. The queen size would be about $1,000 and seems to be one of the least expensive beds available through Sleep Number. Sleep Number recommends a solid, flat base, stating that the bed does not tend to work with its FlexFit adaptable base.

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