Saturday 9 January 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950


Lumia 950 – First Phone of New Microsoft Windows 10 Software

The first top of the range Lumia after the Lumia 930 and the first phone of the new Microsoft Windows 10softwarehave finally arrived. The Microsoft Lumia 950 with its bigger screened sibling, - 950 XL has showed up. With the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, it acquired a company with the strongest industrial design team in Europe possibly as effective as Apple with regards to visionaries like Marko Ahtisaari.

It also purchased a company with astounding reputation for invention and hence this new phone seems to be amazing. Microsoft seems to have discarded the day-glo colours of the 930 and others for a quieter design and the metal edging together with the coloured back of the 830 and 930 have been replaced with a monochrome plastic back and edge.

The only visible features are the silver Windows logo along with the matching ring which seems to surround the camera lens. The plastic back can be removed and third party manufacturers are intending to come up with more colourful and striking colours.There is an iris recognition system to unlock the screen.When one tends to stare at it, it opens automatically and the message onscreen says `Hello’.

Slower Than Fingerprint Sensors

It is much slower than the fingerprint sensors on the iPhone 6s and Sony Xperia Z5 and works most of the time without any difficulties. There is no double tap-to-wake system on the phone.

This method has been pioneered by Nokiaon its heavily underrated affordable Asha phone series and was then moved to some Lumia phone. It has now been taken up by several Android phone manufacturers though not on the latest phone. Another wonderful invention of Nokia was the way some of the Lumia handset reacted to touch inspite of wearing gloves which is useful in cold climates.

Things tend to get familiar once the user gets started with the phone with the Windows Phone system now known as Windows 10. The same set of apps covers the screen in an alphabetical list when swiped to the left. Windows universal apps provide a wide range of apps designed which tend to look the same on the phone as on a Windows 10 PC, which is one of the main features that Microsoft seems to be banking on in order to generate more approvals.

Features USB-C Connector

The battery life on the Lumia 950 seems good to get the user through a full day though not more and intensive usage of the phone as a laptop standby could reduce this. The 950 is one of the first phones featuring a USB-C connector and hence none of the old chargers would be of any use. Besides this, there is also a wireless charging if one has a compatible charging pad and unlike the Samsung’s new phones that work with two charging standard, this one seems to be restricted to Qi.

The phone feels a real break away from the Nokia-centric past for Microsoft and with the Windows 10 on various platforms together with the potential of using this phone as a decent computer, it would be appealing to several users. The camera seems great with good sensor, dedicated shutter button together with fast launch where the display is eye-catching.

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