Friday 1 April 2016

How to Stay Safe from the biggest JEE blunders

Whether you are appearing for the first time or have appeared before, you already are aware regarding the utmost importance of JEE examinations whether Mains or Advanced. Most of the students prepare by heart and work very hard to clear the examination in first attempt. Are you too sailing on the same boat this year and all set for the big test? With hardly a few days left you must have done the preparing and now busy in revising your topics. However, it is very difficult to keep everything in mind. The Joint Entrance Examination isn’t a cakewalk! You will have to leave no stone unturned for successfully qualifying jee mains 2016 with best scorecard.

However, to err is human! JEE aspirants do commit some serious mistakes or rather blunder during the course of preparation which needs to be avoided so as to succeed in the examination.

Taking adequate nap before the exam eve

It was found through a study and research that most of the examinees who are appearing for the Joint Entrance Exam do not get enough sleep on the eve of the jee mains 2016 date primarily due to stress and tension. They keep on studying the entire night or sleep very late which should be avoided. Most candidates do feel dizzy during the examination hours because of which they are either not able to complete their paper within time or do tend to forget important facts which they have to write in the paper. Moreover, adequate sleep also helps you to remain fresh.

Pay Thorough Attention to the Instructions Part

When you have downloaded jee mains admit card from the internet, it is extremely important to go through each and every instruction written there. You have to follow all the said instructions very strictly. The common instructions are-

  • Reaching the test center well in advance and according to the reporting time mentioned in your card 
  • Not carry calculators and other such devices inside exam hall 
  • Not to adopt any unfair means to get the answers to questions 
  • Carry an Identity proof along with the admit card 
  • Not to smoke around the exam center
Ignoring these instructions can lead to expulsion of candidate from the hall

Read the Question Paper Twice Thoroughly

Another common and huge mistake which most of the candidates commit is not reading the question paper carefully. Usually the examinees start solving the paper as soon as they get it without spending time on which questions to attempt. Of course, you should always choose to answer the part first which you have well prepared but select the questions wisely in case of subjective paper. If you are attempting MCQs then think twice before choosing the correct answer. Focus not on jee advanced cut off but on completing the paper within time.

Spending Much Time on One Section 

This mistake is committed due to poor time management. There are candidates who fail to properly access their total allotted time and hence in the end they find that they will not be able to complete the paper if even they know the answer. Here are a few tips to overcome this problem

  • Do not go for the lengthy process and complicated calculations in mathematics 
  • Do not do the calculations hurriedly • Attempt all questions first which you are quite confident of 
  • Do not sit back and think if you do not know the answer. Move on to next question.
This problem can be sorted out by taking mock test and solving jee mains and advanced question papers.
Solve paper with Cool Head

Always try to solve jee mains 2015 question paper with a cool head without panicking much about anything else. This will certainly give your more confidence and better result.

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