Monday 18 April 2016

There's now a Sofa you can Control From Your Phone


Sofa – Controlled from a Smartphone 

In the quest of connecting everything to the internet, we now have a sofa which can be controlled from a smartphone. The Lift-Bit is said to be the world’s first Internet of Things – IoT sofa which has been developed by international design firm Carlo Ratti Associati. The sofa is said to be made up of various modular segments which can be moved around in creating various seating arrangements. The individual stools which tend to make up the sofa are motorised enabling them to be lowered and raised.

Carlo Ratti had informed Wired thatLift-Bit is presently a prototype and embeds a linear actuator which enables the seats to move up and down. Each of the elements of the module is controlled through a tablet as well as through a touch-less gesture of the hand. The closeness capacity-based sensor tends to detect a hand hovering above at various heights, enabling the change of the height. The stools range from 480mm tall to 780mm at the maximum height. Lift-Bit’s app comprise of a number of predetermined shapes together with a tool enabling the owner in creating new combinations. Ratti has stated that they just want people to be creative with it and start acting like designers of their own space.

Developed In Association with Swiss Design Company Vitra

Ratti who also works at MIT had stated that the future interior designers could make furniture which could adjust to how humans seem to utilise space. He added that the design could create `a living, tailored space’ which could be moulded to what people desire and need. The connected stools is said to be presented at the Milan XXI Triennale International Exhibition from April 12 to September 12. The Internet-connected stools had been developed in association with the Swiss design company Vitra. After the exhibition, the stools would be put on sale and those behind it are presently working with a manufacturer on mass production. Pre-orders on the organisations’ website, come in four various colours of blue, mint, red and yellow and will be priced at €799 prior to shipping or taxes. A king-sized bed of 18 stools comes at a price of €12,000.

Part of Customisable Furniture 

The Lift-Bit is a part of customisable furniture which only limits to your imagination and can transform itself into any shape with the swipe of an iPad screen. According to Gizmodo report, the shape lifting sofa is made up of a series of hexagonal stools mounted on motorised actuators which can be raised or lowered with the use of an app.
 The customisable stools can be ordered by the piece. Ratti has designed the Lift-Bit to get `bored’ when it is left alone and it will begin shape-shifting on its own when it is not in use for an extended period of time. Ratti stated that `architecture has often been described as a type of `third skin’, besides our own biological one and the clothing. But for too long it has functioned rather like a corset, a rigid and uncompromising addition to our body. Lift-Bit tends to draw the potential of Internet of Things technologies in transforming the interior landscape and providing a kind of an endlessly reconfigurable atmosphere. Presently, the Lift-Bit is available to pre-order online and those fascinated in designing their own Lift-Bit configuration could do so on the Lift-Bit simulator.

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