Friday 1 April 2016

Iron Nitride Transformers Could Boost Energy Storage Options

Iron Nitride

Energy storage is one of the greatest problems faced by the researchers in the modern advanced society. A simple example will help in illustrating this point, if you have solar panels installed on your roof but it has limited energy storage capabilities, which can’t be enhanced unless you are willing to spend some extensive amount on the moderation. A group of researchers has found a smart way to develop magnetic materials, which can act as a cheaper but immensely greatly performing transformer of high frequency. This can help increasing the widespread adoption of the renewable energy on the global level, which will help in getting a cleaner planet for our future generations.

How this particular material has been created? 

Researchers at the Sandia’s Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department have created iron nitride, which has the potential to be easily deployed on the modular system with ease and perfection. Iron nitride is manufactured by carefully ball mining the iron powers in the liquid nitrogen and at later stage in ammonia. This power is later brought in the consolidated state by performing one of a kind low temperature field assisted sintering technique, which is also known as FAST. This process helps in converting the power into solid material, which sometimes even require application of pressure and heat.

Using the FAST manufacturing method researchers was able to create transformer core within few minutes. Researchers have asserted that this particular can be utilized at creating high frequency powerful transformers, which happens to 10 times smaller than the currently available transformers.

No machines will be required

FAST manufacturing method also paves a way shape the parts as per the need. In simple words iron nitride powers can be effectively utilized to form specific sized parts with ease and simplicity. Creating transformer core will be lot easier with the FAST method and it will certainly require the use of heavy and complex machinery also. Transformers made up of iron nitride will be more compact as well as lighter than the currently available transformers. They will also have much better efficiency and power handling capability, which is mostly needed today.

Future prospect of these high frequency transformers

This great invention by the team of researchers at the Sandia’s laboratory can help in boosting the renewable sector. Renewable energy products sector is going through lukewarm success period due to higher costs and lower returns. It will take years before one will actually start seeing the benefits of the renewable energy due it expensive installation and onset costs. Having these high frequency transformers made up of iron nitride will help in getting more juice out of the renewable energy products, which will ultimately help in getting better returns within a short along with immense power generation.

It will also help in bringing improved power electronic power systems in future. These system will be able to perform exceptionally well at the higher temperatures and frequencies alike. Researchers had already filed a patent application for the materials used in the synthesis process.

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