Friday 6 May 2016

British Inventor Builds Incredible Working Hoverbike


Colin Furze’s incredible Working Hover-bike

Colin Furze, Lincolnshire plumber, garage inventor and YouTuber, has developed a working hover-bike, which is an unhinged flying bike/human blender which unbelievably tends to get off the ground and truly flies, as per Furze. Furze’s YouTube video that shows his attempts at flying the bike had been posted on Thursday which has been viewed already almost 1.7m times in less than 24 hours.

The self-taught engineer who features on the Sky 1 program Gadget Geeks had built the machine in his garage. It does not have brake or seat but has two accelerators and can be navigated. As mentioned in the video, Furze does not have any formal engineering qualifications and has never flown before and that makes the achievement all the more appealing.

When the hover-bike tends to be manoeuvrable, it evidently seem to have trouble landing and Furze has to use his feet in order to stop the vehicle and jump off to avoid being injured by the whirring propeller blades. The bike seems to have gone through a range of various prototypes that have been featured in the video. Furze constantly tends to break and mangle many earlier models since he tries to land unsuccessfully.

Project Sponsored by Ford – Unlearn Campaign

This does not seem to be the first outing as a mad stuntman of Furze but he has utilised his plumbing experience to build several machines, inclusive of the world’s longest motorbike, the world’s fastest stroller made with turbojet engine as well as a jet-powered motorcycle made with pulse jet engines.

His latest project had been sponsored by Ford as part of the Unlearn campaign that tends to motivate innovation by telling people to try entirely new things. As part of the same campaign, in January, he had asked the public to recommend their craziest ideas for new kinds of transportation and had promised to build the winners.

He had received around 10,000 suggestions in less than 24 hours from Britons comprising of a heli-helmet, a turbine-powered quadcopter as well as a hovercraft-helicopter hybrid. Furze who had shared the video of his latest innovation had gone viral on social media. It is a metallic hoverbike which tends to use propellers to float a few inches off the ground level.

Bike without Seating/Brake/Steering Mechanism

Most of the people would have left it half way but not Furze who used rotor blades and two engines to make his glider. He states that it is the most outrageous thing ever ridden. Feeling it lift for the first time was a strange experience. It only just seems to lift a person off the ground.It had taken him four to five weeks in constructing the prototype.

But the bike is without proper seating, brakes or a steering mechanism, since all these substances would have made the vehicle too heavy to fly. It is incredible that Furze seems to be a plumber and not an engineer, considering that he has never created any kind of flying machines earlier.

Furze has said that his invention was intended to show that a person does not need advanced tools and degree in creating marvels. He had mentioned on his website that `the things he make are made with tools that proper engineers would laugh at but he is proof that one does not need an expensive lathe and huge welder in creating something amazing’.

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