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Leaks point to two 2016 Moto X phones with modular add ons

Moto X

Leaks reveal that the upcoming Moto X series could up the ante for competitors 

Motorola faced a terrible phase back in 2012 when Android and iPhone won penchant in the market, and Moto failed to compete against the leading manufacturers. However, this international company faced a turning point when Google oversaw the launch of new and improved Moto X series. With Motorola now acquired by Lenovo there are a host of features in the Moto X that is liable to undergo a series of drastic changes. One of the top trends of 2016 is modular phones which is something to be looked forward to with regard to Moto X now.

Some major tweaks are in the offing: 

One of the major revelations is changes to the way looks are likely to undergo tweaks in the Moto X range. One of the major leaks the Moto X range will undergo some serous changes in terms of its look. The flat metal back panel was not much preferred by the Motorola fanatics, and the absence of the Moto dimple made it look even shoddier. Rather, people had expected the Moto X with a panel of curved plastic, leather or wood like finish and hence there has been a re though on this aspect. The dimple was preferred primarily because it allowed a decent finger hold and allowed for a hand held stability.

There was also a leak about the bottom rear panel having connected modular system called amps. Similar accessory attachments have been seen on the LG G5; however the Moto X is slated to be much superior in this respect. This accessory attachment allows one to change from a camera grip to a hi-fi audio module. All in all compared to the G5 the Moto X changes a much more user friendly.

Major enhancements could give competitors a run: 

Reliable sources have disclosed the news that there will be some new and enhanced attachments in the Moto X series. These include a pico projector, extraordinary camera module, optical zooming, and a simple and trendy cover available with the handset itself, stereo speakers, handy battery pack and wide angle camera lens with sturdy case. Leaks have also confirmed that to make it even more user friendly, the accessories can be snapped onto device with any rebooting. The Amps can be fixed onto the rear of the mobile device, and they would be held in place with the help of magnets.

Motorola never fails to surprise its fans, and thus will be launching two different handsets this year will the advanced add-ons. The Moto X Vertex will have Snapdragon 625, 1080p AMOLED, 5.5 inch screen, along with a 3GB Ram. The Moto X Vertex thin will have the flagship 1440p AMOLED, 5.5 inch, a startling 4 GB Ram, and Snapdragon 820. The Vertex thin is super slim, 5.5 mm and thus will have a 2600 mAh battery, however the Vertex will have 3500 mAh and is thicker, 7mm. the latest feature incorporated in both the handsets will be the finger print sensor that will be present on the bottom front of the devices. Even though Vertex comes will 2600 mAh, users can purchase battery Amps for convenience.

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