Friday 27 May 2016

Smart Home Speaker, VR system, Chat service from Google

Google I/O

Google’s Virtual Reality System/Chat Service

Google has come up with a new smart home speaker, known as Daydream a virtual-reality system and a chat service called Allo. Over 7,000 people would be attending the showcase of Google in Mountain View California and in an effort to overtake Apple, Google has been adding in some more features to the next version of its Android operating system, comprising of a security method which tends to enable one to encrypt specific files instead of the complete phone. In a shot at Amazon, the company had declared Google Home, an Internet-connected speaker which tends to listen to your voice commands to play music or to control lights as well as thermostats in the home.

It is significant of Amazon’s Echo and would be made available later in the year for an unexpected price. The chat service, in the meanwhile would be using the computers of Google to predict how one would prefer to respond saving the typing stress. Allo would be competing with the popular chat services like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp which are also owned by Facebook. Google Home and Allo would be tapping into the computing ability of Google. Artificial intelligence, is a term used in describing efforts in developing software that acts and behaves like humans, has been a central point of Google for several years.

Android Powers 80% of World’s Smartphones

Development made in the field has assisted the search engine of Google in understanding the intent of the inquiries of people much faster and vastly improved the understanding and responsive of its voice recognition services. Reporters as well as bloggers from across the world are attending to make sure that whatever the company reveals will also be featured in pictures, stories and videos that will be delivered to the massive audience of consumers.

The three-day showcase tends to attract thousands of computer programmers, providing Google with an opportunity of convincing them on why they should design applications and other services which tend to work with its gadgets together with an array of software that include the Chrome Web browser as well as Android operating system for mobile devices. Android tends to power around 80% of the world’s smartphones, mainly since Google gives away the software for free to device manufacturers. Google can manage to do that since it designs Android to feature its search engine, maps together with other digital services, providing more opportunities to portray the digital ads which tend to generate most of its revenue.

Google – Distributing Guidelines for Latest Controller

Apple iPhone tends to carry more importance with affluent consumers and present features which Android tends to copy. Apple would be holding same conference in June to reveal its fall software plans.The entry of Google in the still-emerging field of virtual reality came two years back when it had revealed a cheap headset that was made of cardboard. The company is said to be poised to get more thoughtful considering far more sophisticated option available for sale.

Together with Daydream, other manufacturers comprising of Samsung, HTC and Huawei would have smartphones adept in handling it. These tend to be more comfortable and immersive than the cardboard headset. Google would also be distributing guidelines for the latest controller together with few buttons, a touchpad as well as sensors in tracking its orientation and where it would be pointing.

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