Thursday 9 November 2017

A New Set of Eyes in Your Home: Cherry Home

There are a range of high security cameras out there, this one is a little different in monitoring your house. Cherry home made by Cherry labs, a startup company is the latest in AI technology. Besides this gadget being the eyes in your house it also senses your every movement and the layout of the room that it is in.

The cherry home cam can even identify you wherever you are in your home. The Cherry home sensors are able to detect your eye color, proportions of your body and even hair color. This gadget can do all this and more with its processor and sensors.

This gadget can also sense your laugh, scream and squeals and analyses them to see whether there is any danger. The info is then passed onto to an app that can be installed on any smartphone. The cherry home cam can also dial 911 in case of an emergency.

With the latest in AI technology, this gadget is able to triangulate the room it is in and give real time data to an app on your smartphone. So an individual can see all that is happening in the room that they are monitoring.

The gadget also notifies you in case there is an incident such as a person falling down. It is able to discern an individual’s laughter and scream when they are in danger.

Right now the Cherry home cam can do all these things but the startup company has also promised more in the future. According to the company, the Cherry cam will be able to sync in with your smart home and turn on lights when you need them. Another feature of cherry cam that is in the pipeline could be a breakthrough in what a security cam can do. The Cherry labs is reportedly in talks with pharmaceutical companies in trying to get the Cherry cam to identify when a person is in the process of getting a stroke and then to dial 911 or emergency services.

The gadget is packed with a binocular camera, infrared sensor for night time monitoring, an altimeter, a compass and an accelerometer. So how does this thing actually work? The cam sends data to a central processor with a high end PC to analyze all the data. It connects to other cameras in the house through a mesh WiFi network. It only connects to the cloud when it needs to transfer data to an app on your smartphone.

This Gadget also comes with a coin sized battery that is recharged by the processor cherry cam houses. There are also two batteries that are spares in the camera.

Now for the most important question at what price can a consumer get the incredible Cherry cam? The prices of the Cherry cam are not so conducive to buying them. A starter pack is available for 900$, a camera in this range would include 2 sensors and a processor while a pack of 4 sensors would cost you 1200$.

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