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What is Wi-Fi 6E?

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Nowadays, it is very typical to have Wi-Fi 6 hardware. Therefore, users may have a version 6 network. But the demand of people is something new: Wi-Fi 6E that can decrease congestion.

The Federal Communications Commission allows using the 6 GHz band without a license on April 23, 2020. However, some of the 6E hardware devices were available in the market from 2021. All countries have not created the same decision, though. It is the reason why 6E is experiencing regulatory barriers in some nations.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E is a standard that you can operate on the 6 GHz band. But its earlier generations use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands.

This 6 GHz spectrum works similarly to version 6 is used over 5 GHz. The difference between them is that the latest device provides extra non-overlapping channels. As per Wi-Fi Alliance, there are "14 additional 80 MHz channels and seven additional 160 MHz channels." As the channels won't overlap with each other, it helps to decrease congestion.

Devices compatible with the 6 GHz spectrum can be version 6 devices. No previous devices are available using version 5 (802.11ac) standards or something else. The devices that used the 6 GHz channels will speak a similar language. Besides, these may use version 6’s new congestion-busting features.

What are the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E?

The 6GHz band provides more than 1Gbps internet speed. Besides, this increased spectrum indicates lower latency. When you play online games, video calls, or virtual computing sessions, you need a response from the keyboard, voices, or mouse click of less than one millisecond instantly.

If you have quicker connectivity, you can experience the benefits, especially for home network capacity. Whole-home gigabit coverage and multi-gigabit capacity indicate that normal users get the chance finally to enjoy next-generation computing experiences. This network allows you to enjoy virtual reality gaming in your home. Besides, you can even participate in augmented reality business presentations while other family members watch Netflix or YouTube. You won't see any lack of bandwidth here.

How to Get Wi-Fi 6E:

You can feel that it is a must-have technology soon. Some nations like the US, Brazil, and Korea have opened up the technology already. But multiple countries haven't opened up the wireless spectrum for commercial use yet.

The 6E devices support the previous versions, but if you are willing to use the new 6GHz channels, the technology should have a 6E router and a 6E client device. It indicates that you should have computers, phones, smart home devices, etc. Whether you use a new version 6 router, you still have to upgrade this to a version 6E model.

Should You Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E?

The answer is No. The 6E routers have hit the market very recently. Prices will decrease in the forthcoming year. Plenty of 6E-compatible devices is there that can be attached to the router.

However, it is not helpful if you want to expand the work-from-home capabilities to your backyard. Whether you are searching for a new router in the market, you will require something future-proof.

Over 6 GHz Needs New Devices:

Suppose you are using multiple version 6 devices and a 6E-enabled router. But it doesn't matter as no device will communicate over the 6E. These devices will take the help of version 6 on the 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz channels.

The pre-CES 2020 of the Wi-Fi Alliance acknowledges the 6E. It indicates the 6 GHz as "an important portion of unlicensed spectrum that may soon be made available by regulators worldwide."

When Will the Wi-Fi 6E Hardware be Available?

The headquarters of FCC is in Washington, DC. At the beginning of this year, the hardware has become more common. When it was the last quarter of 2021, you could purchase the Asus band's routers and mesh networking systems.

Netgear, TP-Link, and other manufacturers announced more of the 6E routers. The hardware is compatible with Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Google Pixel 6. However, no Apple device is compatible with it.

A company like Intel is now promoting the hardware, known as "GIG+." Intel is now including the feature in all its devices. As a result, most Intel-powered laptops allow using the 6E.

When it comes to technology, you will always find something new. 6E is the latest one when it comes to Wi-Fi. You should know one thing is that version 6 is not the newest update for network speed.

But if you use this, you will find extended battery life and less wireless congestion. Besides, the latest hardware is not widespread also. For future proof, a 6E router can be purchased. However, to use wireless devices, this 6E is not compatible yet.

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