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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Cortana now supports Google Calendar

The mere idea of a personal assistant is to do things for you with minimal effort. That is, you do not need to go to the application of time to see if it's going to rain or Google Maps to find the nearest coffee shop, but you can ask it out loud, with a mere interaction.

That's why Google responds to "Ok Google", Siri to "Hey Siri" and Cortana, in theory, should respond to "Hey Cortana". In Android it already did, but the permanent listening system caused incompatibilities with Google Now and has been deactivated since the end of 2015. Microsoft continues to expand the functionality of Cortana. After the Redmonder has already integrated its digital assistance system into Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Office and even launched variants for the competitor platforms Android and iOS, the long overdue Google support follows. In addition to the in-house services Office 365, and LinkedIn Cortana can thus synonymous with the Google services dovetailed.

With the new support, the assistance system now has direct access to Gmail messages and Google Calendar entries. As a result, users of the service can be informed by voice command about incoming e-mails and upcoming appointments. Support expansion is also likely to increase the attractiveness of smart Cortana-based speakers such as the Harman Kardon Invoke.

Now, Cortana - the cross-platform personal assistant developed by Microsoft, is now compatible with Google Calendar. The Redmond giant has integrated a new Gmail connection to Cortana, which will allow the personal assistant to access the Google Calendar data. Thus, Windows 10 users, who frequently use their Gmail account, will now be able to directly access from Cortana calendar appointments and activate reminders.

The new Google Calendar support also allows the use of commands on speakers powered by Cortana, such as Harman Kardon's Evoke device, to access calendar information. In addition, the Cortana versions for iOS and Android will also be able to read and use Google Calendar information.

Microsoft's Google Calendar support for Cortana is now available for most PCs with Windows 10, and can be accessed by clicking, first, on the "Notebook" option of Cortana and then on "Adding a service".

In short, this new Cortana update allows quick access, through instructions or voice commands, not only to Microsoft services but also to those linked to Google. Thus, managing all our data and information will be easier from the personal computer with Windows 10 or another device that supports the Cortana personal assistant.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Gmail to Auto-Sync Events to Google Calendar

Google is all set to bring productivity and efficient management of precious time by collaborating its two prominent app in one of kind auto sync crossover. It had brought new feature auto sync the two major apps i.e. Gmail and Google Calendar in order to make personal life, business, travel and event management a breeze. In upcoming days when you receive the Gmail notification for any booking of flight, restaurant, hotel or other event information then its details will be automatically added to the Google Calendar. This crossover will laminate the need of typing or adding those details back in the Calendar as a reminder for later on.

Who will benefit from this crossover? 

People who engage in lot of travel related to work or happen to go on long drives, vacations or just wishes to get better management over these activities will benefit from this new feature. This new feature will get automatically enabled by default for all the people using theses Google Apps regardless of their mobile OS. With this feature Gmail will be able to auto-populate the Google Calendar in a timely fashion with information even related to the delay in the fights, check-in times, flight number and much more. This feature will work efficiently along all the mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and other along with the desktops.

Google has high hopes with this integration

Google is hopeful that this new feature of auto sync will help in providing better ways to the users for saving time and engaging with one another in a productive manner.

Another new feature has been integrated which brings an ability to reuse the old posts. This feature remains enabled by default on both the devices i.e. mobile Calendar and desktop but users can easily turn off or delete the events as per their need. In the educational field this feature can be used to form new announcements by simply tweaking the old posts rather than going through the trouble writing new post from the scratch.

Privacy will be maintained with this new feature

Google had given a huge emphasis upon the privacy and had ensured that the events and plans are broadcasted to the public in any case. The events added in the Calendar from the Gmail will only be made visible to the calendar owner. In the visibility section users can even adjust the visibility criteria along with deleting the unwanted items which might get added to the Calendar.

In order to activate this beneficial program Google Calendar will sent a one-time email notification which will give all the essential details regarding the settings as well the sharing details. Google will be releasing this new feature of auto syncing among the Gmail and Calendar apps by the end of September. This update is expected to bring a new level of productivity among the users and a lot of time will be saved which usually gets wasted in creating events based on the information received via Gmail regarding the work, personal events and tour and programs.