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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Samsung’s Patent For Call Switching Service




Samsung’s Patent 20140092841-AI

Samsung has proved the massive strength of its patent protection portfolio in signing cross patent contracts enabling a wider cross use of patents along with the other global IT companies.

They have joined hands with Qualcomm for mobile phones, Kodak for camera technology, and Rambus for the entire semiconductor productsas well as Sharp for LCD panel module together with deals with IBM and Microsoft MS for cross license of technologies on mobile devices operation system.

By joining in partnership with MS they have obtained a variety of basic patent rights with regards to MS technological operating system together with the synergies that are presumed to be generated during the development of the forthcoming mobile phone products.

Patent rights application for a method and an apparatus to transmit and receive converted format of digital rights object between a device and a portable storage device has been granted to Samsung.

Apparatus needed in processing a digital rights object includes transmitting, receiving module for receiving rights object expressed in Markup language from a rights user, a rights object converting module in converting the rights object in a frame which has a format for communicating with a portable storage device, an interface for connecting with portable storage device and a control module in providing the frame to portable storage device via the interface together with receiving the converted format of the rights objects from the portable storage device through the interface.

Call Switching Services 

The present invention is related to call switching services especially relating to method, device and system for the performance of call switching services without any interruptions of an on-going call.

With amazing progress done in the field of technology, mobile devices have gained immense popularity wherein it provides not only a voice call service but also video call service, data transmission service together with other additional services involving the user in a multimedia communication activity.

Progress is also being made in enabling various electronic devices rather than the traditional communication equipment for the operation of data communication equipment by assigning a specific address structure like Internet Protocol – IP address.

Based on specific address, these electronic devices have the capabilities to offer voice call services, video call service as well as various other data transmission services through the communication network to the user.

Solutions through System/Method/Device

If a user is using a voice call service through his mobile device and intends to use it continuously through data communication equipment, he may go through inconvenience by having to stop the current call and then reconnect a new call with the help of data communication equipment giving rise to new approach to call switching between a mobile device and data communication equipment.

 The present invention is to address these issues by providing solutions to the user through a system, method and device to perform call switching service in which a call switching is enabled between the mobile devices with a mobile communication network together with any data communication equipment using another kind of communication network with any interruption of a call.