Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Airtame Connects TV And PC Wirelessly

Airtame is a replacement for cabling for TV and PC via HDMI cable. Instead, Airtame connect multiple systems on WLAN and the image can even transmit on multiple machines. Airtame is a small HDMI adapter for the TV that can receive its data from a PC via Wi-Fi.

So the wiring is not required. The project is supported through the crowd financiers Indiegogo and has reached almost their goal. For the system to work, software on the sending computer is required, which provides and ease the data communication. The unit itself is plugged with its HDMI output to a TV or projector.

Anyone who wants to transmit  the screen contents can expand it to the desktop or even transfer images to multiple computers by the manufacturer. For this purpose the software must be installed on any Windows or Linux PC or Mac system which is going to receive images. This Airtame would be ideal for training purposes. According to the startups 1080p videos can be transferred via IEEE 802.11 b / g / n.

Where no WLAN is available, Airtame can span a private network to allow wireless transmission. Currently, a maximum of stereo sound is transmitted. The power is supplied via MicroUSB, for example, via the second USB port on the TV. In addition, a full-size USB port for accessories built into the Airtame.

Also a USB Ethernet adapter can be used. The biggest drawback of the device is its inability to work with mobile devices running on Android or iOS. The Airtame costs around $ 90 plus $ 15 for shipping.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Nexus Smartphones vulnerable to DoS attack via SMS

Nexus Smartphone
A vulnerability in Google's Nexus Smartphone with Android 4.0 and newer versions has discovered a Romanian system administrator. Apparently it is possible to paralyze the devices with a certain type of SMS. In denial- of-service (DoS) attacks, most IT users think hardly of Smartphones. It is quite possible to paralyze Nexus Smartphones with about 30 flash SMS.

Affected are the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 running 4.x with Android - including the current Android 4.4 Kitkat. This has discovered over a year ago and now according to a website made public at a security conference, since the vulnerability in the newer versions still exists, according to the Romanian system administrator Bogdan Alecu .

By attacking the Smartphone, the Smartphone will be forced to restart. If the user does not realize that he is not normally accessible because the device hangs stay with the PIN prompt. The DoS attack works according Alecu not with ordinary SMS, but only with the so-called Class -O or Flash SMS. These sms are displayed but not saved automatically.

Usually they are used to transmit information from the provider, such as one-time passwords. The SMS go for the affected Smartphones without a beep and then superimpose until the system is overloaded and reboots. Bogdan Alecu says he has reported the problem a long time ago to Google. Actually, the company wanted to close with Android 4.3, because of the vulnerability, but what is not happening.

Monday, 2 December 2013

WhatsApp, The Broadly Utilized Informing Administration Between The Mobiles

Whatsapp is the most broadly utilized informing administration between the mobiles. Additionally it likewise permits clients to impart pictures, motion pictures, music documents and so on. Indeed the most recent form of Android additionally underpins sound informing. At this moment there are more than 200 million animated clients on Whatsapp which conveys more than 20 billion messages over the globe. Regardless of having other informing accessible visit, clients favor Whatsapp over the other one because of its effortlessness and texting administration.

At the same time you may have confronted the issue that you can't utilize more than one Whatsapp accounts on portable. Double Sim clients dependably wish to utilize two separate accounts on their versatile. Prior it was extremely challenging yet now it is conceivable with the assistance of Switchme various accounts App. Indeed single Sim clients can utilize this application to utilize various accounts. 

SwitchMe user account:

Much the same as we have different client accounts, we do have same thing for Android. For that we require Switchme various client account application. Switchme permits you to log done and finished with different client spaces similarly as you might on a desktop machine, with every record having its own particular framework settings, applications and information. Be that as it may a root access is must for it. By utilizing this application you can make numerous accounts like one for electric cell sparing which holds crucial applications just or one for high execution. Every record will have its own particular settings, provisions and information. The information from the other profile is not approachable to current profile. The free form of Switchme permits just 2 records without any security emphasize. For different accounts, you have to use not many bucks to get Swtichme various accounts key. We should perceive how to utilize different Whatsapp accounts on your mobile.

Step by step instructions to get Two Whatsapp account on an Android Device

First, introduce Switchme application; you can get that on Google Play Store

The first profile will hold your present System Settings, Apps, and Data. It will go about as Administrator naturally, and it will run your first Whatsapp account.

The Second profile is Virtual and new, this profile will have its own particular System settings, Apps, and Data. Open the Switchme requisition. Assuming that it solicits the Superuser asks for, Grant it.

Now make two diverse client profiles to arrange 2 Whatsapp accounts. Each of these records will have their own framework information and applications.

The first profile you made will be the manager account which will be holding the applications and settings you have presently. Assuming that you are utilizing Whatsapp as of recently it will be accessible in this profile.
The second profile will be the new one. Switch to this profile and commission the Whatsapp application again from the Google Play store.

After the establishment, enroll new Sim for your Whatsapp account.

Done with Installing Switchme application? In the event that yes, accompany the steps gave beneath.
Open the Switchme application and make two diverse client profiles for running two distinctive Whatsapp account. These client profiles will have their own framework settings, applications and information.

CMOSIS offers Upgraded CMV12000 with 300 fps at Full resolution

CMOSIS recently demonstrated that it has a CMOS sensor that achieves a resolution of 12 megapixels and can record 300 frames per second. The first samples are already available for manufacturers. CMOSIS brings the CMV12000 an image sensor with unprecedented performance features in the market.

The company recently showed a version with a capability of 300 pictures can be made per second at a resolution of 12 megapixels. Mass production is scheduled to begin in June 2014, while now only one sample copies to be delivered to the manufacturer.

The older version of the sensor reaches 150 frames per second. The sensor is attractive not only for film and television, but also for monitoring solutions and engineering manufacture, according to CMOSIS. The CMV12000 offers image color depths of 8, 10 and 12 bits. The high-speed mode of 300 frames with 4,096 x 3,072 pixels per second is supported with 10-bit.

The CMV is equipped with 12000 pixels with an edge dimension of 5.5 x 5.5 microns and held in the APS -C format. In addition to an RGB version and a monochrome version is available. Applications range from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius, which allows the usage in the industry.

The Smartphone controlled Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane
Today, paper airplane controlled by a Smartphone glide for a longer longer distance. Thanks to Powerup 3.0, which is the driving and receiving units for the paper planes. It is controlled by the position sensor of the mobile device. The production is funded through aKickstarter.

Previously, we have folded a paper airplane and rejoiced at it, when he flew the way we wanted to. If not, was reworked with more wrinkles. Today there are no more wrinkles and worries. The paper airplane is smart.The Newyork based toy company Powerup is the mother for this Powerup 3.0 which controls the paper airplane with the help of the Smartphone.

This is nothing but a pilot less remote controlled aircraft . The Smart Module is made of a rod which is placed into the fuselage. At the front end is located a micro-controller with a radio receiver and battery, the other end of a small propeller and a rudder unit. Still load quickly now the corresponding app on the iPhone - and the paper airplane can be controlled remotely.

An artificial horizon with compass and ads about the charge level of the battery as well as the range of the flyer will appear on the screen of your Smartphone. The Paper Airplane is controlled via a virtual lever and with the help of the position sensor of the iPhone. You can steer the lever controls, monitor the rate and also judge and move the plane to go up or down. You can steer the plane to the left or right by tilting the Smartphone in hand.

 Powerup 3.0 - the drive and radio unit for the paper gliders (picture: Powerup Toys) The commands are transmitted to the flying aircraft via Bluetooth. To save battery power, the standard Bluetooth Low Energy is utilized. With the help of the charged lithium - polymer batteries the plane can fly for about 10 minutes at a stretch. The batteries can be charged via a micro USB port. In order In order to recharge your Smartphone and the Lithium polymer batteries an optional accessory is available.

To push the production of paper airplanes drive Powerup Toys has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Kickstarter. First, the flier can only be controlled with an iPhone (version 4S) or an iPad Mini. An Android app has also planned. A power-up Module is now a commitment of U.S. $ 30. The expected market delivery is scheduled for May 2014.