Monday, 2 December 2013

The Smartphone controlled Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane
Today, paper airplane controlled by a Smartphone glide for a longer longer distance. Thanks to Powerup 3.0, which is the driving and receiving units for the paper planes. It is controlled by the position sensor of the mobile device. The production is funded through aKickstarter.

Previously, we have folded a paper airplane and rejoiced at it, when he flew the way we wanted to. If not, was reworked with more wrinkles. Today there are no more wrinkles and worries. The paper airplane is smart.The Newyork based toy company Powerup is the mother for this Powerup 3.0 which controls the paper airplane with the help of the Smartphone.

This is nothing but a pilot less remote controlled aircraft . The Smart Module is made of a rod which is placed into the fuselage. At the front end is located a micro-controller with a radio receiver and battery, the other end of a small propeller and a rudder unit. Still load quickly now the corresponding app on the iPhone - and the paper airplane can be controlled remotely.

An artificial horizon with compass and ads about the charge level of the battery as well as the range of the flyer will appear on the screen of your Smartphone. The Paper Airplane is controlled via a virtual lever and with the help of the position sensor of the iPhone. You can steer the lever controls, monitor the rate and also judge and move the plane to go up or down. You can steer the plane to the left or right by tilting the Smartphone in hand.

 Powerup 3.0 - the drive and radio unit for the paper gliders (picture: Powerup Toys) The commands are transmitted to the flying aircraft via Bluetooth. To save battery power, the standard Bluetooth Low Energy is utilized. With the help of the charged lithium - polymer batteries the plane can fly for about 10 minutes at a stretch. The batteries can be charged via a micro USB port. In order In order to recharge your Smartphone and the Lithium polymer batteries an optional accessory is available.

To push the production of paper airplanes drive Powerup Toys has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Kickstarter. First, the flier can only be controlled with an iPhone (version 4S) or an iPad Mini. An Android app has also planned. A power-up Module is now a commitment of U.S. $ 30. The expected market delivery is scheduled for May 2014.

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