Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Redshift SM: Electric Motorcycle Designed For Everyone

Redshift SM

RedShift SM  – No Carbon Dioxide Discharge

Marc Fenigstein, Alta co-founder and the CEO, has indicated that the Alta Motors’ battery powered RedShift SM is a good bike which does not discharge carbon dioxide and the company opted for electric power for performance. He stated that the purpose was to build a bike which would be faster than the ones already owned. With the application of 40 horsepower to a bike which tends to weigh around 275 pounds seems good for an 85 mph top speed though it would not be adequate to stand out in a market where superbikes tends to lead on with 200 horses accelerating at a speed of 60 mph in two seconds.

The RedShift SM that seems to look and drives like a 400-cc off-road endure machine comprises of subtler upside which it exposes not on the track but at the time of a ride around midday traffic in Manhattan. Alta had spent about 10 years on designing the bike for urban riding wherein it would take on commuter bikers varying from the budget conscious Suzuki TU250 and Kawasaki KLR to high Enders such as the MBW R1200GS. The benefits of RedShift SM consist of a narrow chassis which tends to slip with ease in the midst of traffic as well as a high seat for a view of errant taxis, device-distracted pedestrians together with other dangers

Instant Acceleration

The 5.8-k Wh battery pack seems to be good for an average range of 50 miles if intended to ride aggressively which is not much for a car. The RedShift SM tends to have instant acceleration due to the torquey electric motor and while the horsepower seems to be the main power for a lightweight bike, it is the 34 pound feet of torque which tends to matter. This seems adequate to leave cars and several other motorcycles behind at least for the first few blocks.

The RedShift SM priced at $15,000, seems small and is not cheap wherein for that price one could take away any number of larger and more powerful machines such as the BMW K1300s and Yamaha Super Tenere together with various stylish entry-level models inclusive of Triumph Street Twin, Ducati Monster 821 and Moto Guzzi V7. If one is on the look-out for an urban runabout, it takes the lead. The RedShift SM validates its price with specialization.

No Direct Consumer Sales

Unlike the other bikes, the RedShift SM tends to deliver an amazing amount of mechanical feedback, an awareness that one is on a complex machine and not a two wheeled application.On twisting the throttle, the motor tends to respond with subdued, clicking, crunching vibration before the power seems to be kicked in totally. It gives a feeling like someone seems to be feathering the clutch after moving into the first gear. However, there does not seem to be any clutch for operation, and no gears to choose.

The bikes would be shipped to dealers next year and not direct to consumer sales, BMW Motorcycles of SFwould be one among the first dealers. It would begin in California during Q2 before extending to the rest of the US later this year.

Monday, 4 July 2016

5 Things You Might Not Know About 6th Generation Intel Core Processors

Intel Core Processors

Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core Processor Officially Announced

The Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core processors have been officially announced by Intel at the IFA 2015 event in Berlin. Enhanced for Windows 10, the new 14nm chip has the potential of waking in around half a second and compared to PC from five years ago, they tend to deliver two and a half times the performance² and triple the battery life³. However there is more to the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors than the iterative speed improvement.

1. They can power more than just laptops

The Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core processors can be utilised in diversity of designs inclusive of compact tablets, versatile 2-in-1 devices, hulking gaming towers, ultra-thin laptops sleek All in One systems together with mini PCs. The architecture of the chip tends to be adequately flexible to gauge up in power for mobile workstations as well as down for smaller, plug-and play gadgets such as the Compute Stick.

2. Support USB-C/Thunderbolt

The latest 6th Gen Intel Core processor also tends to support Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C, enhancing bandwidth as well as connectivity speeds of around 40 Gbps, eight times faster than the prevailing USB 3.04standard. Moreover a do-it-all USB Type C connector tends to integrate DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, power and VGA functions.

3. Enables to unlock a PC with your face

Security is a big concern presently which is the reason why the 6thGen Intel Core processors are designed to function with RealSense camera technology of Intel. Utilising a RealSense camera with Windows Hello, one would be capable of using facial recognition in order to log in to one’s PC. Using RealSense with Intel’s True Key Technology would also remember passwords for the user.

4. Can handle 4K

In comparison to a 5 year old PC, a system upgrade established on the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors could deliver around 2.6 times improved productivity performance5, 6and around 30 times enhanced graphics6, 7. Moreover, the 6th Gen Intel Coreprocessors can export 4K video for sharing up to 18 times quicker with dedicated hardware support for 4K playback. At the latest IDF 2015 event in San Francisco, Intel demonstrated this function with an immersive triple screen gaming rig running a VRX enhanced type of iRacing video game.

5. They enable you to go completely wireless

If your laptop seems to be running on battery power and connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi but one would prefer to plug the laptop powered by 5th Gen Intel Core processors into a TV, monitor or projector, then a cable would be needed. A device powered by the 6th Gen Intel Core processors would not require one since it is well-suited with Intel’s Wireless Display – WiDi technology from the start.

Skylake H processors have been trademarked as Core i3, i5 and i7 though they are designed for workstation or gaming-rig class presentation with 35- or 45- watt TDPs together with four cores. With one CPU, the Core i7-6830HK would power a new generation of overclockable laptops and for those wanting added mobile performance than a Core i7 could gather, Intel will be introducing the first set of mobile Xeon CPUs for the workstations.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Behold, Rolls Royce’s Truly Bizarre Self Driving Car

Rolls Royce

Roll-Royce – Self-Driving Concept Car – 103EX

Rolls-Royce, the ultra-luxury automaker introduced its self-driving concept car recently known as the 103EX. It is almost 20 feet long and 5 feet tall having some of the most amazing features. This futuristic looking vehicle comprises of two passenger seats on a silk covered sofa in the `Grand Sanctuary’ of the car or interior cabin. One gets to view through a glass display screen instead of a steering wheel. The engine is said to be at the rear of the car with the luggage compartment just behind the front wheels.

 Regarding the wheels, the company has not provided any engineering reason on why they intended to cover them so. It did mention that the design tends to make the car seem elevated ensuring its passengers to have a `Grand Arrival’. The vehicle seems to have some really in-built and advanced features such as the display screen together with an artificial intelligence called `Eleanor’ which tends to act as a personal assistant.

The name Eleanor was given in honour of Eleanor Thornton, who had inspired Charles Robert Sykes to sculpt the iconic hood ornament of Rolls-Royce. The auto division of Rolls-Royce, possessed by BMW has constantly been there attempting to push it on luxury and style and the 103EX surely tends to do both. It evidently entices buyers who intend to be noticed.

The 103EX – `Grand Sanctuary’

The company has mentioned that the model would be hitting the road in 2040. The 103EX has been endorsed as `grand sanctuary’ and is said to be one of four `Vision Vehicles’ Rolls-Royce parent which was announced back in March at the time of its centennial celebration.

Presently BMW together with Roll-Royce have visions for the next hundred years, wherein driving could be referred to something more than just a pastime. Director of designs for Roll-Royce Motor Cars, Giles Taylor stated that `with the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, we were mindful not to dwell on the past’.

Rolls-Royce while carefully not dwelling on the past is looking in restoring the world to a wealth and splendour of days gone by. In order to convey the stately feel together with the importance of Vision Vehicles occupant, Rolls-Royce had designed the 103EX as big as a carriage.

The vehicle being over five feet tall will not need people to duck into it. Making use of the 20 feet build, Rolls-Royce has carved an extra storage space between the cabin and the front wheels wherein the storage compartment tends to open whenever motorist disembark from the vehicle, automatically.

Rolls-Royce Patron – Famous Figure in Future

Rolls-Royce is not certain regarding the kind of engine it would be utilising, 100 years from now though it is sure that it wishes its riders to remain to reign in luxury during that time. Taylor states that `the Rolls-Royce patron will continue to be famous figure in the future.

 The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 will pay a key role in these people’s lives, guiding and conveying them effortlessly through their life’s journey in an exquisite sanctuary where they can reflect in peace ahead of arriving in the grandest style’. Overall, this self-driving concept car can be considered as an exclusive invention and will remain to be the very first visionary vehicle created by Rolls-Royce.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Apple Gets Patent for Wrap Around iPhone Screen

Apple Patent

Apple’s Patent for 360-Degree Screen

Apple has been granted a patent recently for a 360 degree screen which would be putting a display on all sides of the iPhone, front/back and slide. The back of the iPhone of Apple would now become a thing of the past due to a wraparound display screen. The application states that `the wraparound display considerably tends to increase the available display area which can be utilised for display of icons, data, video, images and such’. The application of Apple states that the360-degree screen would enable customers to play video games or watch videos which could be played on both ends of the phone.

Moreover it would also display a still photo which could appear in a continuous circle around the iPhone. All the switches which are presently found towards the side of the iPhone would be computer-generated instead of physical buttons as per the patent application. The switches namely the volume control can be extended in size. Details pertaining to the actual plans in incorporating this feature into an upcoming version of an iPhone have not been disclosed in the patent application. Often patent have been approved for inventions which are not brought to the market by the patent holder for motives like the cost of new device or issues in getting it to function in the real world.

One of Multiple Continuations of Original Filing

Apple was seen last month getting inventive with screen settlement in its patent filings with some wild as well as wacky iPad setups. In April of last year and just published, a new patent filed describes a system of building a `portable electronic device with a wraparound display’ which seems silly as well as amazing in alike measure. Though the `new’ is a relative term in patents and Apple had first filed this concept way back in 2011, it was granted in 2014.

This is said to be one of multiple `continuations’ of the original filing. From the contents of the patent, it seems that Apple is not patenting any definite screen technology but instead a manufacturing process which tends to stick a flexible OLED display beneath a seamless piece of glass which wraps all the way around the device. The glass could be opaque in some areas in order to conceal any unsightly seams in the display.

Removable End Cap

Since OLED displays tend to lit up per pixel, any sections of the screen which are hidden by the opaque glass would not be wasting power. There is no example of where a rear facing camera could be on a device, in the drawings, probably under the glass in the back. However one of the possibilities could be of a `removable end cap’ which could be swapped for other modules.

 There are various examples of phone with secondary display towards the back and apparently the clear analog here seems to be Samsung’s Galaxy Edge phone that wrap the screen over the sides. The traditional disclaimer here states that Apple patents plenty of stuff which eventually ends up in a product.

Avanti Headphones have the Sound to Match their Excellent Design


Moshi’s Pair of Lustrous Looking Ear Headphones

It is not difficult nowadays to locate headphones with excellent performance across the range of frequency and Avanti seems to be an appropriate choice. Moshi, an audio company has created a niche for itself in making accessories for all kinds of portable devices and during the CES earlier this year had come up with their pair of lustrous looking Avanti ear headphones. Its styling is amazing considering the company’s taste in crafting attractive accessories.

They seem to be more compact over the ears than the average ones and the thin metal headband is said to be lightweight though padded adequately for comfort. It comprises of a hinge mechanism which enables the headphones to fold in for compressed storage. The gentle clamping force, soft foam pads and being light weight enables the user to have them on for a longer period without the feeling of discomfort.

Besides this they are somewhat angled to conform to the shape of your ear which probably backed the ability of noise-blocking. With ergonomics in mind, the ear headphones enable the user to enjoy their favourite track for hours without getting tired. Its curved headband is designed to place the soft adjustable earcups, forming a precise, noise-isolation seal while applying the least pressure on the ears.

Headphone Radiate Refined Luxury

Made from stainless steel together with soft leatherette, the headphone tends to radiate refined luxury in a uniquely discreet design.Though the designs of Avanti is said to be light and compact, high efficiency 40mm drivers tends to deliver a full bodied sound which competes the audio quality of bigger headsets. Its bass is said to be succinct though smooth while the mids/highs can be tuned to offer sophisticated as well as immersive soundstage with wide vibrant range.

Mids seemed to be raised nicely and the tame bass means that there is no blow up to the sound. Instruments surrounding the midrange such as cello as well as the electric guitar tend to present excellent timbre, which make them sound more realistic than one would expect from headphones of such highs. Highs on the other hand are more disruptive and one should ensure that you are listening to high quality source.

Highs/Mids – Amazing Brightness/Balance

These headphones seem to be some of the better over the ear headphones providing a vast soundstage for something so small. The box like the headphone does not have anything which is unnecessary and its neat design is something which has been carefully speculated at every turn. On flipping the top case open, one is greeted with an illustration on the flap which tends to look like it has come from a museum accompanied by an elegant carrying case which looks classy with a case, a cable and a toilet paper square worth of instructions.

Marked Right/Left, the headphones folds up for a good compact unit while travelling. The cable and the mic tend to work well though the remote seems to lack a bit with no volume control, with only just stop/reverse/forward track. The highs and the mids tend to have an amazing brightness which balances with one another while the bass though present is not overpowering. If one seems to be looking for elegant headphones for comfort while travelling as well as ideal for multiple varieties, then the Avanti is the perfect choice which are priced $199.00.