Friday, 22 April 2011

Floating and submerged house on the water

Specialist houseboats, the group neeralandais 31 Architects has designed the end of 2010 a "houseboat" attractive and designed to occupy the river Amstel.

The houseboat is called Omval of Waterville. Its feature: it has a submerged portion and a tip of the iceberg. Omval of Waterville is a houseboat with contemporary decor and luxurious. In the tip, found the living room, kitchen and parts that require no privacy. As the walls of the floating house are glass slides, each room overlooks the water and opens to the sky. For cons, the game offers a submerged underwater view and includes the rooms and bathrooms. Both floors are connected by stairs and a terrace is located on the roof of Waterville.

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