Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Foretaste of the GT Maserati Gabrini

Three designers from different nationalities have imagined all the future of sports car Maserati stamped. The group has made pioneering a concept called the GT Maserati Gabrini.

The Italian Andrea Coccia, India's Chetan Rajput and Mexican Jaime Cervantes are the three masterminds behind the concept created for the Trident brand. The word Gabrini is an Italian word meaning "summer breeze". The Maserati GT Gabrini is flanked by a resolutely contemporary design although its shape was inspired by cars of the 60s, 70s and models of Maserati Gran Turismo current. Its exterior is decorated with blue LED lights. The doors of this car controlled by a sliding door system. Under the hood, the GT Gabrini features a V12 engine. For the interior, it has four seats in an ultra modern interior.

The three designers are students of Transportation Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. They obviously refrained from designing a car to look unlikely. Indeed, they say the Maserati GT Gabrini be achievable by 2020

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