Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Windows 8 will be available in 2012

Microsoft, currently working on Windows 8, announces that the new version of its operating system should be available in 2012. This is Steve Ballmer who said that, taking all tests at opposite and other experts who did not expect the system before late 2012 or early 2013.

The Redmond Company before in fact maintained a religious silence on the issue of the release of its next operating system, leaving the deal rumors estimates and other dates given too quickly. However, during a lecture in Tokyo, Ballmer could not have been clearer in stating that "the next generation of Windows will be released next year," before citing clear Windows 8, at the same time confirming the name that will carry the system.

Later, Microsoft issued a press release, explaining that its CEO would have "misspoke" and that he was not talking about Windows 8 in his sentence. "We look forward to the next generation hardware that Windows 7 will be available sometime in the next fiscal year. To date, we have no official announcement on a date or a name for the next version of Windows. "

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