Tuesday, 12 April 2011

MXS: an extreme off-road for all seasons

Designer Matt Bellefeuille has presented a concept that will not go unnoticed by fans of extreme sports. This is a personal vehicle off-road practice in both summer and winter. The vehicle is called MXS. Outwardly, he vaguely recalls DTV Shredder with its handle and its caterpillar. 

The difference is that MXS has a broader platform is supported by wheels or skis. Indeed, depending on the season and area to cover, the driver can choose between two all-terrain wheels or a pair of skis to equip the rear of the craft. MSX is also motorized. It is unclear how its electric motor is powerful, but they will probably be adapted to perform acrobatic feats.

More ergonomic handle is flexible and allows a better line when the user is tilted or inclined. From sand to snow through the mud, MXS can walk any surface while doing freestyle.

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