Friday, 3 August 2012

When comparing the Samsung with iPhone…

The court action against Samsung and Apple takes a different course each day. Today, an internal memo from Samsung, the Korean brand would not be admitted at trial, indicates that some brand managers considered the iPhone as "Paradise. You know that the Omnia is complicated to use? , "Wrote JK Shin, head of Mobile Communications division at Samsung. "When you compare it with the original version of the iPhone in 2007, can you say that the Omnia, released in 2009, is better? If you compare the user interface with the iPhone, what's the difference between Earth and Heaven. "

The metaphor is striking in many respects, as to justify its competitor Apple was inspired to create products of its range of phones Galaxy S. "I hear conversations like" doing something like the iPhone, '"wrote the leader. "When everyone is talking about user interface, they compare to the iPhone. The iPhone has become the standard, it is a fact. "If Samsung defends himself thus indicating that this kind of competitive analysis is commonplace in the industry, Apple's response indicating that less than a year after these mails out the Galaxy S, accused of plagiarizing the products of the Apple brand .


  1. Hey, nice piece of info. Presented well. Im not into technology IP warfare so much, but this is good to know. I would really appreciate if u could tell me as a user(using internet, ppt, fm radio, multimedia stuff a lot, not interested in games, preferring ebook reading etc) which phone would serve better, a galaxy note or iphone 3gs? Ur review would be helpful!

  2. Samsung is better specially the S3.


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