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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Facebook keeps your deleted photos

We know Facebook not quite comfortable with the issues of data security and above all on respect for personal data. The social network seems to encounter a new problem raised by the site ArsTechnica. 

The source said some of the photos deleted by users of the service are always available for almost three years after their supposed removal.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Facebook flaw: the photos of Mark Zuckerberg hacked

Mark Zuckerberg is the victim of a security problem on its own social network. Many of her private photos were found published after the discovery of a vulnerability in Facebook profiles.

Published on the forum site of bodybuilding, the method of access to private photos is very simple. Just see the pictures of a person as spam (even if you are not friends with her). Facebook proposes to report the offending photos and displays the images of the private individual.

It was enough that the principle is applied directly to the profile of Facebook founder and several of its private photos can be found posted on the Web.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Facebook monitors 51% of online purchases

A recently published study by the firm Sociable Labs shows that 51% of online purchases are made not of users who are connected to Facebook at the time of purchase. This allows the social network to collect an additional data on these users about their shopping habits.

More than half of online shoppers are also connected to Facebook when making a purchase. Most commonly, it is thanks to Facebook Connect, which allows the social network to collect data on the navigation of its members. This has two advantages for Facebook, as commerce sites.