Thursday, 9 February 2012

Facebook keeps your deleted photos

We know Facebook not quite comfortable with the issues of data security and above all on respect for personal data. The social network seems to encounter a new problem raised by the site ArsTechnica. 

The source said some of the photos deleted by users of the service are always available for almost three years after their supposed removal.

No change from 2009

Already in 2009, ArsTechnica had addressed the issue and the result was the same. For the test, several site editors had deleted photos and found that their access was always available via the URL. At the time, Facebook had defended himself through his photo backup system, for which he was working on a new method. Except that since then nothing has changed.

Mark Zuckerberg's site was quick to present a statement referring to a new system offering a maximum detention period of 45 days. It only remains to wait (3 years?) To watch the new results.

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